HoR Chief Whip Lambastes Saraki For Saying IPOB Isn’t A Terrorist Organisation

On September 19, 2017 49 Comments

The Chief Whip of the House of Representatives, Alhassan Ado-Doguwa, has condemned Senate President Bukola Saraki for saying IPOB isn’t a terrorist organization.

According to him, Saraki’s declaration was “a mere political statement” that portrayed the nation’s Number Three citizen as “a controversial leader.”

“I am sure the Senate President was only expressing his personal opinion, which I further believe was not a good one in the given circumstances. The Nigerian Armed forces in my opinion are doing their best professionally and in the best interest of a united Nigeria. Even the south-eastern state governors have declared the activities of Kanu’s IPOB as illegal and therefore proscribed. He (Senate President) can’t cry more than the bereaved.


“For me, the recent comment made by the Senate President on this matter was a mere political statement that would only portray him as a controversial leader. Considering the attacks meted out to innocent Nigerians by the IPOB group in the South-East and indeed the nationalistic conduct of the northern governors and the prompt action they took to stop possible reprisals in the North, the Senate President’s statement was to say the least unnecessary.”


Comments (49)

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  3. Mentus says:

    Please ask them where is there president Buhari at the 72nd United Nations General Assembly debate New York City, He was not invited lie lie government apc i am watching it live here on CNN your Buhari Nigeria president i can not see you here lie lie apc

  4. Wilson Mike says:

    How primitive are the zoo leaders, ipob has it’s HQ in Germany, ipob is every where in the world even in Arab countries but only in the zoo an illiterate will say ipob is a terrorist organisation meaning all Igbo’s and south south and beyond are terrorist, hmm shame on buratai and Buhari the lion king of terrorist.

    • Usman Mai Nema says:

      Pig Brains Idiots,why do you complained where we gave you Notice?had it been you welcome it we have done this agitation peaceful,but because you have an hidden agenda that you have been supported in and outside Nigeria to bring down the present administration,and to show hatred and the evils you have against the Hausa/Fulani you started reprisal attacks on our people living in your region,You have to confront the soldiers that attacked your albino good for nothing Nnamdi,so after sophisticated thinking we were told not to attack,for any crisis in more than 5 states in a country at once will be call by international community to the government of that country to step down,So we reason well more than you people who use tissues to clear your yansh/anus while you Use water and detergent to wash your toilet pits.

    • Augustine Okoye says:

      Those Hausa Fulani people what is ur problem, if u do some thing good, thy will against it,if u do something bad they against it also, which way Nigeria,which way Hausa Fulani, u will sport him Co’s of ur illiterate and ur bad behavior, idiot

    • Usman Mai Nema says:

      Okoye how many times did you visit your parents at your home?does that mean since you did that thing which stopped your education that makes you writes thrash in Facebook,never allowed them to forgive you?example of you trashed write up,you said those people instead of these,you said sport him instead of support,because of illiterate instead of illiteracy,Go back to school because it is an abomination to igno race that always proud what they don’t have.

    • Usman Mai Nema says:

      Support what thank god?we support now as we gave you quit notice,yet you complained,you said is unconstitutional,while same was given by Niger delta to northerners and Yoruba but you kept muted,start parking Kawai let’s everyone vacate to his region,you still resides in the north but shouting we don’t want you to leave,(hypocrisy at 100%)Go now,or did we blocked your ways linking to the east?cow and pig on debate.

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