Nigerian Army Launches Free Medical Exercise In Abia

On October 5, 2017 429 Comments

The Nigerian Army has launched a free medical outreach in Ovim, Isuikwuato Local Government Area, Abia, as an integral part of the ongoing Operation Python Dance II exercise.

A statement signed by the Deputy Director of Public Relations, 82 Division, Col. Sagir Musa said that the programme followed a directive by the Chief of Army Staff, Maj.-Gen. Tukur Buratai.

“One interesting aspect of the exercise is the generous donations of rice, dental and optometry services, malaria and de-worming tablets, eyeglasses, treated mosquito nets to the locals, among others. In addition to the de-worming tablets, school children were given packets of biscuits, chewing gum and chocolates,” Musa said.

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Comments (429)

  1. BiafraUnited says:

    These Hausas in uniforms are morons and stupid. Some day in my life time, they will regret all their actions. I hope the good Lord wipes them out of the face of the earth.

  2. Emmanuel Mbah says:

    War n humanitarian services re two opposite words now someone that wants to extinguish u by military action n d video liked n d world has condemned it now they turn around to be doctors. Pls don’t u see that wrong prescription of drugs can kill pls beware nothing good comes from d devil.

  3. Dr. Peter Ejirika,CPA says:

    Nigeria’s Healthcare System or a component thereof is the equivalent of a roach motel where patients check in but they can’t check out alive so Biafrans should be aware of this categorization. Besides, the military has only doctors trained in Nigeria and to all intents and purposes, a practical nurse trained in the United States or Netherlands has more knowledge than such general biologists. Nigeria call doctors.

  4. Monday Onyekwere says:

    Please be careful Biafrans n Christians of dis country with dat Nigerian Army’s free medical care!If u allow them inject u or ur children,after some days,weeks or months,u will start seeing spots or rashes on ur body n the next thing is ur death!They wanted to kill all Biafran youths.Please shine ur eyes oo!!Don’t allow them to inject u or ur children oo!!!

  5. Anayo John says:

    Pls Biafrans be careful, I advice we boycott the program for our good, imaging people that kills us with pride, tag us terrorists, and rained on all sorts of evils, now organising a thing like this, so what do think they are up to ,so think…. Biafra nation is fully sure Amen

  6. Remigius Ezeh says:

    Taa,don’t drink or take any injection from the same people who shot you GUN.Open your eyes my people, they bury ur people in mass grave.This time if they succeeded in getting u,they will bury u in quantum. Onye gbara mmadu egbe adigi awaya mgbô.Ndu-unu dim mkpa rinne.

  7. Phillip Charles says:

    So you hava a very good doctor, but you never treated buharı untıll he dıe in london and now you want us to pay the prize, you see one thıng l Love most about the Igbo My trıbe ıs that we dont belıeve ın general hospıtal and we always belıeve that general are for the poor, talkless of now that every famıly ın Igbo land are rıch, so God punısh you and all your generatıon, amen

  8. Titus Ugwuoru says:

    Go and establish such in your zoo country where leprosy and other different type of sicknesses are found, we are healthy in our land. Moreover, let me warn my people, nobody should attend that hospital as you may go and meet your death through poisonous drugs. Do not say you were not warned.

  9. Kenneth Nwanedo says:

    The spirit of our dead members will forever fight against anybody that will accept that poison called drugs from Nigerian army.May Chukwu okike Abiama punish their generations for killing armless Biafran civilians.

  10. Uche Iwuchukwu says:

    Biafrans in Abia state be VERY CAREFUL. The army have come with poison this time. There is nothing they cannot do to kill Biafrans. They want to continue from where they stopped, those that escaped their bullets they want to poison them.

  11. Michael Ekebi says:

    What business has the Army with medical treatment? One is guilty conscience, but it is too late to beg. The damage has already been done. We are not forgiving them. The other point is to indirectly poison, infect and kill biafrans. So pls don’t accept their medication. We don’t need it. We have been surviving all these years without their help.

  12. Chinedu Ani says:

    Guilty conscience,ur cheap propagandas can’t work,no amount of cheap propaganda and deceit will cover the killings and genocide u have committed against Biafrans,the Zoo republic called Nigeria is in trouble

    Biafra all the way

  13. Ewuzieh Kelvin says:

    Please my beloved biafrans we should not allow the nigeria army to treat our people this is the statismtic they want to use and kill the rest of us, so please be brave never you allow them to check on you left alone treating you. this is one of the opportunity they will use and infect us with all kinds of diseases for us to die, there’s an adage which says see your enemy befor your enemy sees you so wake up fellow biafrans thanks.

  14. Lazarus Ezeh says:


  15. Ifakunle Ifayemi says:

    Only god? can help us in this world but he gave some people power to control. people problem, what are you facing in your life that is bordering? your mind pls tell baba araba? today there is a solution to the problem call him on 08098460807 or 08036981114 call baba you we be very very happy.

  16. Emmy Gold says:

    So they want to use poisonous substances to kill those they could not be able to kill with bullets,
    My people be wise enough to reject any such thing,
    They should take it to their Hausa people that have so many sicknesses that are troubling them

  17. Sunnie Chimaroke says:

    One of its kind. Another death reap for Abians. Nigerian army …are you not done killing innocent Abians? The North …that is where you have the sick people …menegitis, leperosy, blindness, VVF, madness etc. When you are done, give the balance to your professional beggars to n make them better people. #LeaveAbiaAlone!!!

  18. Adelabu Teslim says:

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  19. Cynthia Jacob says:

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  20. Obi Eminence says:

    Abia people should be very careful wit dat of their stupid free medical. It might be bad chemical,acid ,poison or any other bad treatment.youths of abia should pls be wise ever

  21. Festa Ekeogu Nwadike says:

    Are they going to launch free revival of the innocent murdered in cold blood? The BLOOD of those people massacred are crying right from the start of IGBO killings in Nigeria. This time they may introduce lethal weapons as drugs. My people be wise do not trust someone who loves to spill BLOOD because he will do it over and over again.

  22. Tochi Vinco says:

    TWO THINGS MUST INVOLVED 1, to poison Biafra’s through injection. 2 , to gather information about Ipob leader Mazi Nnamdi kanu no body should near them he who have ear should hear

  23. Sparkle Kings says:

    Thunder go fire you fools and that medication exercise…..anyway it’s only fools like you people can attend that useless thing…it’s not gov’ it’s army …it’s the army the ones rolling the country……please tell them to go to there they will see their fellow ones that needs such attention not here in our land….cos our God created us much stronger than every other…..go to the northern side and give them the treatment…bikonu ?????pls

    • Jennifer Okojie says:

      They are poisonous medication to eradicate the biafrans since they can’t shoot for now.buhari leave biafrans alone because u will surely die the death of Ahitophel in the mighty name of Jesus Christ iseeeeeeeeeeee

  24. Jennifer Okojie says:

    They should be careful and not b part of it because when an enemy suddenly becomes a friend over night there is something optimistic about it,it could be those stuffs are poisonous,off course anything can happen in the zoo

  25. Favour Heike Kalu says:

    Hmmm this is another way of making baifrans not to multiple again so that another generation will not rise up and fight the evil government .please my people let us be careful oooooo .I pray that their evil plans against us will not work in Jesus name amen

  26. Christ Is-love says:

    This is not an issue of poison. Any Biafran or Igbo that received this medical care from same enemies that killed our people has received death and the blood of innocent biafrans will kill him. Only a stupid person can welcome this idiots

  27. Chukwuemeka Samuel says:

    Nobody in any part of Igboland should listen to Nigeria army with their free medical treatment, this might be another stratagy of depopulating us since God has been exposing them we need to be careful – they tried herdsmen and operation python dance all failed so Igbos be warned

  28. Eugene Augustcomte says:

    Nobody should goooooooh , northerners have come with another way to kill the Igbos . The poor northerners needed FREE THINGS more than the Igbos . Every body should warn their parents not to GO . They have planed with the governor to kill more Abia Igbo people . God forbids ONYINYE MAMIWOTA

  29. Eze Kenneth says:

    They don’t need ur free medication u have crushed their bone and make their children fatherless in d name of keeping Nigeria one which you were not there when British falsfullly join d union
    But what I have you guys is May d souls of our fallen comrades be required in ur heads
    Biafra lives on

  30. Ifeanyichukwu Madunagu Frank says:

    Biafrans don’t receive any free medical from Nigeria military force of terror this is an easiest way of killing innocent unarmed biafrans by Nigeria military force of terror be warned unless you want to die in there hands of Nigeria military free medical

  31. Bigway Hart says:

    Abians should boycott this so called army free medical (death) exercise because what they (the Army) did not achieve with their bullets during their python dance that left many Abians dead, they may want to achieve through drugs. Abians should not betray the people of Ebonyi state that boycotted the same exercise for their sakes. A word is enough for the wise.

  32. E King Eze says:

    Our Igbo people should be avoiding anything from Government boat from the state and federal even as Obiano was going around the market people should start running when the see the because the are all evil, avoid any gift from the because that is the means of taken your destiny in exchange nothing

  33. Cletus Achuna says:

    Igbos pls nobody should receive or collect anything being medicine or food whatever nigeria military is given to u is a poison imported from Saudi Arabia to use to kill Igbo Christians in nigeria

  34. McChuqs Kings says:

    Take your child, run away from any form of Charity from the barbaric and murderous Nigeria military. They can’t offer anything good to the good people of East. They can only kill. That’s all they are trained to do in the East. Free medical care is another method of silently killing our people by the Nigeria govt through their military agents. Beware of any free medicare from nigeria military.

  35. Stephen Azubuike says:

    As longer as know nigeria army declaration of free medical care in south east is a ploy to terminate igbo race by president Buhari but he has failed woefully ,all we are saying give us referendum.

  36. Patrick Aneke says:


  37. Uche Keke says:

    Avoid the northern military like a plague. The are bent on killing the igbos using any strategy possible. The are radical islamist and terrorist. God bless and protect Biafrans

  38. Chidex Hillson says:

    I trust my people and I know dat d same treatment given to these janjaweed army will be extended as was done in Ebonyi state where they were totally humiliated and disgraced last time. Let them take dia medical poison to northern Nigeria where d people is infested with incurable communicable diseases. Ur time of occupation of Biafraland is running out. Shameless murderers

  39. Uche Keke says:

    Avoid the northern military like a plague. The are bent on killing the igbos using any strategy possible. The are radical islamist and terrorist. God bless and protect Biafrans

  40. Okwuchi Austin Isaac says:

    My people don’t go. Buhari and his army don’t mean well for us oo, after killing innocent people who are they coming to treat. Let them go with their treatment. Let them carry it to their people in IDP

  41. Ezeh Emeka says:

    hahaha new methods to destroy biafrans plz folks beware of their weapon of mass destructions…this our biafraland has become a preffered ground for hausa foolani cattle rearers..God forbid

  42. Anyanwu Emmanuel says:

    Be careful. The Python could not swallow you. They will poison you with drugs. There are so many ways the New World Order wants to reduce the population of the world and the Hausa Fulani is an integral part of the New World Order. Avoid their free Medical treatment. You are at a very big health risk

  43. Nwota Ani says:

    Forget all this ur useless pretence all we want is Biafra all we ask of is Biafra, all we demand is Biafra all we must get is Biafra.after killing our leader mazi nnamdi kanu. No going back on Biafra u can stop it

  44. Onyemaechi Tony says:

    Is it the responsibility of the military to conduct medical care? Hopefully the APC, buhari de terrorist, Fulani herdsmen, etc r loosing the gripe of the zoo experimental test.
    Thanks to MAZI NNAMDI KANU & IPOB.

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