JUST IN: Nigerian Army Caught On Camera Allegedly Looting Nnamdi Kanu’s House Today [Video]

On October 8, 2017 135 Comments

Men of the Nigerian Army allegedly stormed the residence of the supreme leader of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu earlier today.

The soldiers reportedly carted away some properties belonging to the pro-Biafra group leader.

An eyewitness stated that the soldiers took away generators, bags of rice and some of Nnamdi Kanu’s clothes and other properties.

The incident has also been confirmed on Twitter by former aviation minister, Femi Fani Kayode. The soldiers allegedly destroyed the CCTV cameras shortly after.




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Comments (135)

  1. Cassidy Aniede says:

    Thieves oo thieves oo thieves oo!!. The whole world is seeing the thieves now Nigeria military is the main thieves and terrorist. They are terrorizing and at the same time stealing valuable properties from our leaders house in Abia state. Let the whole world be on alert.

  2. Chinedu Gloria says:

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  4. Jude Chinonye says:

    That’s what they know how to do, they strong in mindless looting and against the weak and vulnerable, in other climes, the military engage in activities that impact on socioeconomic well being of those countries, but here, it’s looting and extra judicial murder, intimidation and civilian harassment

  5. Anacho Uzomba says:

    Mrs Regina Obianyor who her mother is from Umuahia, Abia State, a Catholic, and Redeemed Church members started living together as soon as she buried her husband in Enugu State because of 2.4 billion naira GT Bank fraud suicide loan. The man leading the Redeemed Church members is not an Igbo indigene to talk of being an Anambarian, an abominable relationship. They used Acetylene gas fire and chemicals they put inside our ceiling to try to murder our Japanese family. From our observation, Lagos State with all its governors from 2005 till date are fully indicted in this fraudulent, attempted murder crime. As you can see the fire has not burnt the end of her building but our own side, both the rooms and the roof is already on fire; click the burning house cover photo in my timeline Anacho Uzomba for easy understanding.

    2.4 billion naira GT Bank fraud loan points to the group (some are government officials) destroying our business since 2005, is the reason for their desperation to send us to an early grave before our death and criminally tag the debt to our name inside their bank. You can imagine how many Nigerians, especially Igbo business men they have murdered with this useless fraud. As usual the 419ers agents mainly for Nigerian Police, will carry their fake rumor that the man was killed by his business partner, everywhere creating confusion that will distract people from the actual truth. The time to return the arsonists’ group to court is now, let the judge decide. This should be exposed at all times, till justice is done to us. Kindly read full details of Update: for great Trump by clicking on the photo, URL or our page. Anacho Nnojap https://www.facebook.com/anachonnojap/photos/a.939443622787290.1073741858.125331030865224/939443729453946/?type=3&theater

  6. Obiora Sabastine says:

    Nigeria army said, kanu hv no means of livelihood, js few days after, Nigeria armies are cut on camera stealing from whom don’t hv means of livelihood, between Nigeria army and kanu, who don’t hv means of livelihood nw?

  7. Rodriguez Pence says:

    Dear nothing will happen, Nigeria killed more I500 within 5 days in AbA, till to day nothing happened to them. Ipob stage a protest in the temple of the UN. With the evidence of the massacre including the videos, no official statement has been released by UN. to were been hearing about NA routing at NMK. Buhari has paid for the impunity, which is enjoying now. threatening to bycot UN, if ever dp any thing to save guard the biafran from oppression. Why you people understand the hand writing on a wall

  8. George Nwankwo says:

    Minister of petroleum and jubrin of Aso Rock looted $26 billions of NNPC money to fund his Boko Haram . He commissioned his military to loot Nnamdi kanu, s property. It is a shame! He must produce Nnamdi kanu dead or alive .

  9. Samson Kanayo says:

    From bayelsa to Cameron from Cameroon to Malaysia from Malaysia to London from London to France from France to Turkey..Nnamdi Kanu is now a spirit..Burutai provide Kanu in court or come and tell us who send you to Kanu house

  10. Kalu O. Emmanuel says:

    The Zoo army are in confusion. Hahahahahaha. Whether they like it or not, they must bring our leader out. IPOB has come out for the restoration of Biafra and there is no going back. It is as simple as that !

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