Turkish Diplomat Speaks On Nnamdi Kanu’s Whereabouts, Makes Revelations [VIDEO]

On October 8, 2017 110 Comments

Turkish Diplomat, Abdulkadir Erkahraman has said that there is no cause for alarm over Nnamdi Kanu’s status.

In a video made by the businessman, he assured IPOB members that their leader is alive and well but his location would remain a secret for security purposes.

He also advised the group to avoid any form of protests in Nigeria given the show of force reportedly adopted by the Nigerian military.




Comments (110)

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  3. Patrick Lgboeli says:

    i dont know why posting this turkish man,is this not thesame turkish gorvement that against kurdish freedom in iraq becs of oil,let us forget all this,their thesame arabic mentality.the popularite of kurdish are christian,so let us stop inviteing turky in this strugle got notin to offer biafra rather collabrate with to arm us,call on western to come an asist us.forget turk now they went to came lran come an block wit them against kurdish Refreem.which we know lran against christian.

  4. Tony Law says:

    Pls call all your family, tell them not to participate in any free medical care by Nigeria Govt, they want to reduce S/East population, they did it in Bayelsa, that was the result of the monkey pox that is killing children right now , it is a virus. Send it to people you know in S/East. You might save life.

  5. Atata Jazrinwwe says:

    The Nigeria army killed him and taken his body but we keep asking them where is the body of kanu dead or alive. after all if we don’t see him or hear from Nigeria then the terrorist they called us will unmask.

  6. Emmanuel Chukwudhi John says:

    Now you’re calling him Turkish diplomat again, tomorrow you will turn around and say the entire igbos is calling him diplomat. He said he’s the President of international trade organizations and the IPOB public representatives to the middle East. So be consistent in your reports. I red both reports here.

  7. Zimmifechukwu Light Ekenobi says:

    Carol Munday I don’t understand this…. Video. I am sensing something. I can’t see the Biafran flag that is use to be in his office. His tone of voice has changed. Does it mean this man has been bought by Nigeria govt? I am suspecting something

    • Carol Munday says:

      I don’t know, we did hear him and his family were threatened and we were asked to call on the world for his protection, maybe he is being more conservative and less in your face as to how much Turkey is helping Biafra. I’m not in agreement that we should know everything. I know he pledged his oath to Biafra above all else.

    • Zimmifechukwu Light Ekenobi says:

      But I list expected him to say that Nnamdi Kanu is fine, that he knows where our leader is, knowing fully well that Ifeanyi Ejiofor the lawyer has made a case asking army to produce our leader on 17th October. And also Orji Uzo Kalu saying publicly that Nnamdi Kanu has run to London. I don’t want anything that will backfire our innocent Biafrans in police detention. Or our ipob members. If this man is not working for the good of ipob it is better we disassociate from him. Tell Uche Mefor our deputy leader to verify this man before he betray all our efforts.

    • Ken says:

      You’re very observant. That’s the first thing I searched when I opened this page. Only heavens know the amount of money Nigeria has spent fighting Biafra. No wonder the country is broke.

  8. Okafor Kingsley says:

    As much as Nigeria government control independent national electoral commission if you win election with 100% in Nigeria you will still be declared looser. Chukwu emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu loose election in his father compound in Nnewi Anambra state. Once any political party is organized, we are lost forever.

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