Okorocha Unveils Multi-Million Naira Giant Statue Of Jacob Zuma In Imo State [Photos]

On October 15, 2017 213 Comments

Governor Rochas Okorocha has unveiled a multi-million naira giant statue of South African president Jacob Zuma in Imo state.

This happened during Jacob Zuma’s visit to Imo state where he was conferred with a chieftaincy title.

The purpose for President Zuma’s visit was for him to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between their two Foundations which primarily aimed to provide free education to millions of less-privileged children in Africa and possibly for economic cooperation between the state and the country.



Comments (213)

  1. Julie Ogbu Ebuenyi says:

    Okorocha God will punish and continue to punish you and your entire generations. You are busy spending money building and bringing evils and demonic statues from all over the world to Owerri when the worker’s salary have and will not be paid for months. Ala owerri ga akugbu gi rochas Okoroawusa. Ala owerri ga ama gi nma na azu. Since you are supporting the killing of innocent Biafrans and Igbos in biafranland and in South Africa, calamities will surely visit you and your cohorts.

  2. Onyinye Tina says:

    This man is stupid but I don’t know he is this stupid
    Someone that encourages the killings of Nigeria
    Someone south Africa can’t wait to push out of seat because of corruption.okoroawusa may God punish u

  3. Chima Iheke says:

    But why not the status of Dr. Sam Mbakwe? What has this man done for Ndi-Igbo? Nigerians are been killed in SA, President Zuma is facing corruption charges back home, Why will a sitting Governor be trading with the destiny of millions? I weep for Nigeria… #NnamdiKanuisright.

  4. Ifeanyi Ekezie says:

    okorocha is an empty i feel so bad when i see people’s feeling happy when eva he comes out in my state to make his empty promises to my people a promise dat he has neva talks and do for one’s

  5. BiafraUnited says:

    One of the need for Biafra is to get rid of some of these useless Igbo criminals like Okoroawusa, Orji Kanu, Obiano, etc. They know it and that is why they the IFEAJUNAS have proscribed us as terrorists. God will send thunder from haven to eliminate them, amen.

  6. Adewale Samuel says:

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  7. Chiebuka Benneth Onuorah says:

    Am not marvelled at all because his quest for the seat of President cum 2019 can make him do silly things, maybe Zuma has promised him aid or he wants to seek aid from him……Or Don’t you guys think that his is being manipulated by the Imo state Ancestors, cos so many curse has been placed on him…..

  8. Isaacs Ikemba says:

    Absolute nonesence.
    What has Jacob Zuma contributed to the wellbeing of Imorites or Igbos in general to deserve that honour.
    This is a callous waste of state funds that could have been channelled into a more productive project that will impact the people’s livelihood.
    Zuma has done nothing to stop xenophobic attacks in his country that has claimed the lives of countless Nigerian youths particularly Igbos.
    Just like Okorocha, Zuma is high handed and unpopular among the people he governs.
    A President who has survived several impeachment attempts and currently under investigation for corruption and building personal mansions with state funds is not a character to be emulated and celebrated.
    Such honour should be preserved for our founding fathers, great Igbo leaders and heroes.
    How many development projects has Jacob Zuma and his government sponsored in IMO state to deserve such an honour.
    Okorocha has the Hausafulani system of oligarchy and imperialism in his blood.
    Recall the recent brutal demolition of the ancestral Eke Ukwu market in Owerri, the way he called in soldiers into civilian affairs that eventually led to the killing of a ten year old boy.
    That statue , mosques and other personal landmarks biult by Okorocha with state funds will surely be brought down.
    No foriegn imposter will institutionalise himself or erect unmerited statues of himself, friends or personal associates on our land.
    Where has it been heard in the history of Nigeria , Africa or the world, that a state governor, without parliamentary approval, erects a statue of a foriegn country’s President with state recourses. Okorocha should know that Imo state is not his personal estate and that he has barely 19 months to bid farewell to the State House.

  9. Chikezie Nelson says:

    What makes us unique is our resolve to right past wrongs, willy nilly. We have made up our minds to reject Nigeria and embrace our home sweet home – Biafra. Nothing can stop us. They came to our peaceful lands and violently took away our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They went ahead to proscribe and outlaw us. Our so-called governors in the East connived with them to kill us all. They shot at our unarmed youths and tortured others. They ransacked the house of our leader and made away with valuables. The only crime we have committed is peacefully agitating for our freedom. They have failed to stop us. They cannot put out the fire in us. We shall restore Biafra. These atrocities inspire us. The dead brethren, missing leader, and unlawful proscription of our body are the real reasons why we must restore Biafra. They took our leader at a time his message had germinated in us all. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had finished his part of this liberation project before that invasion. What these oppressors should fear is the message, not the person. The message has been propagated effectively. Biafra is the message the world hears today. It is too late. And as long as the message is alive, the messenger has not died. We must draw the curtains on this fake enclave called Nigeria. Biafra is the breath of fresh air that we desire. Biafra will end our sufferings. Biafra will retire these selfish politicians that misgovern our lands. All we need is Biafra.

  10. Samson Ovenseri Fidelis says:

    It maybe as a result of Zuma’s assistance, when he helped APC to scuttle GEJ’s attempt to buy arms through the black market to fight bokoharam. If not, of what relevance is Zuma to Imo state, with his credibility under question in South Africa, his country

  11. Tony Chibuike says:

    Korocha is half Igbo half hawusa don’t know what this man want to turn IMO state to workers are not paid there money but all he Okorocha could do is to spend IMO money the way he like which love do South Africa has for IMO people shameless Aboki Governor

  12. Elovick Okafor says:

    This man no well .what is this and u still have on paid workers mumu they u blood that why I like the northerns .the would have mode queen of england when she came to abuja or name a road by her name

  13. Ifakunle Ifayemi says:

    Only god? can help us in this world but he gave some people power to control. people problem, what are you facing in your life that is bordering? your mind pls tell baba araba? today there is a solution to the problem call him on 08098460807 or 08036981114 call baba you we be very very happy.

  14. Kenny Donald Anumege says:

    Oh my people perish for lack of knowledge, the governor feel his people deserve the statue of Zuma than meaningful projects that will better the live of its citizens. This is a good one coming from a change governor

  15. Oluyomi Akintoye says:

    The people of ur country are suffering Jacob Zuma invested his country money to cater for his citizen ur people are dying of hunger u wasted the money u supposed to put food on d poor man table to erect Jacob Zuma status that is meaningless to ur state income u are truly okorohausa indeed

  16. Ethelbert Akaniro says:

    When a man has nothing to offer, and no good intention towards his people, he ends up wasting the meager resources. in the state’s coffers on frivolity. It’s the same ‘Roaches’ Okoroawusa that spent over N500m to erect a Christmas tree in Owerri, and now he has spent several millions of Naira to erect a statue of Jacob Zuma also. Oh God, please remove this mistake of a governor from our land in Jesus Name.

  17. Pius Charles Chinonso says:

    What remarkable thing has Jaccob Zuma done in Imo state that warrants such monumental statue;this type is meant for great Heroes who have impacted life to the people by such a great magnitude? Does Rochas Okorocha aware of what he’s doing? Has he put up, the statue of our fallen heroes of the state in Imo state, has he, immortalised, Samuel Okparaji, Sam Mbakwe, or Ojukwu or Zik or the former Chief Justice Oputa or even Nelson Mandela who was an enigma of freedom and true democracy in Africa?

  18. Praise Okani says:

    , as much as I hate Rochas okoroawsa he played a brainy politics here, I see the politics behind this south African president statue erection, Rochas is using it to get him consider he Igbos in south Africa, over xenophobia attacks, because stopping xenophobia is in the hand of the government, any time, any day

  19. Stiv Ejimadu says:

    How will this benefit the masses over there? Money you suppose to use in repearing roads, schools, market places and payment of salaries. Am totally ashame of you as a leader. This eye services to top leaders can’t take you to become Nigeria president till you enter 6 fit. Many Nigerians mostly imo people are angry with you. Adviser please talk to him thanks

  20. Ugbala Joseph Uzoma says:

    what is the meaning of this? ….is this not the same Jacob Zuma that keeps silent while Igbos are hunted daily in South Africa? The same Jacob Zuma that has been accused of Corruption in S.A. And was about to be impeached

  21. Gift Aaron says:

    Foolishness. Always chasing the wind. You spent tax payers hard earned money to erect Jacob Zuma’s statue while he is alive. But who would care to erect yours while you are alive or dead?

  22. El Rey Del EstRael says:

    Jacob Zuma Now have a statue and a street named after him in Nigeria?
    Standing Ovation for the president of south Africa, Chief killer of Nigerians the 1st.
    Ogbu of owerri.
    Well-done…. Round of applause for this level of stupidity.

  23. Uwakwe Jane says:

    Rubbish, using imo state money to praise corrupt african and Nigerian leaders, saying it is his personal wealth. Using imo state money to buy nonsense goodwill and grandstanding,while majority of projects lay uncompleted, salaries half paid, God punish you and your useless Rochas foundation.

  24. Rony Mandy says:

    Moron on the seat of power. To show you that he is visionless how can he left Alvan Ikoku,and many great heroes of IMO origin and erect a foreigner who didn’t contribute anything to the State Building

  25. Raymond Chuks says:

    What dose status of South African president gat to do in owerri when the massacre our people over there on regular basis.. You see your life when Nnamdi kunu the leader of ingenious people of biafra called you by your original name okorohausa you started making treat to any one who calls you by the name. Aboki is aboki blood of aboki is so thick to extend that even if your father is from igbo and got marry to aboki women notin will ever make the children behave like igbos. They will all turn to be misbehaving and living one unless life aboki are very good at.

  26. Iyke Otuonye says:

    this man just marvels me, if I check d last time I did something about a billboard of apc members an obama. now he is doing this. where is magu cant this guy be shown a red card. okorocha is a fool an a coward an illiterate pretending to be an igbo man an a christian which he is none of d above.

  27. Don Iyke J Stino says:

    For what purpose , the same man who fought along side Mandela to liberate his people yet the useless Okoroawusa has been talking rubbish about Kanu for fighting for his people . It was the likes of this useless man called Rochas that were chanting jail and kill Mandela and Zuma those days but here he is celebrating him while castigating Kanu his own. Mad people everywhere

  28. Oguzie Jude Ama says:

    Please, of what economic benefits does a statue of #JacobZuma that cost a whopping sum of #520million is to IMO people? Pensioners are dying; jobs are not created; hardship here and there and Rochas Okorocha was busy erecting #Zuma’s statue with taxpayers money! It would have been acceptable had it been #Mbakwe’s statue; somebody who left his foot prints in the political sand of our time!! This is highly regrettable and unacceptable.

  29. Nkemjika Ogini says:

    Hmmm. I like that statute. Okorocha has done it again. The statute is a proof that Rochas is in deed a visionless man. Efcc should probe him and the relationship. South Africans and the world knows Jacob Zuma as a corrupt leader so there could be evident that Zuma is keeping Rochas stollen funds

  30. Val Akubude says:

    OMG! Has it gotten to that extent. Spending very huge amount on that insignificant statue for it to last for how long. After a decade what ll people say was the reason why this gigantic statue is built if at all it will still remain there. But seriously Rochas needs to be called to order.

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