Biafra: Nigerian Army Reveals What Will Happen To IPOB Members

On October 17, 2017 32 Comments

Following the conclusion of Operation Python Dance II in the South East, the Nigerian Army has revealed that it would soon commence deradicalisation programme for members of the recently proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Director, Nigerian Army Civil-Military Affairs, Brigadier Gen. Solomon Kumapaye, said this in Abuja yesterday, during a visit to the Director General of National Orientation Agency (NOA), Dr. Garba Abari.

He noted that the deradicalisation and counter-narrative initiative of the Nigerian Army was yielding result in the North-East, citing the ongoing programme for Boko Haram ex-members.

Kumapaye explained that the directorate was created to drive the non-kinetic aspects of warfare and ensure the rights of civilians are respected in military operations.


The Army chief added that there is a working toll-free Short Code: 193 which the public can use to reach his department to make enquiries.

Brigadier Gen. Kumapaye promised “prompt response on enquiries our work or complaints on the conduct of our personnel”.

Responding, the NOA boss assured that his agency would provide the sensitisation and counter-narrative materials in Borno and Gombe, through Operation Lafiya Dole and Safe Corridor of the army.

Calling for inputs from traditional and religious leaders on the deradicalisation programme, Abari hailed the Army for establishing a civil rights desk in line with international best practices.


Comments (32)

  1. Chijioke Onyejekwe says:

    Contradictions and bloody ironies all the time! It’s mohamad boohari and his ethnic, death squad militia called the nigerian army; state sponsored terrorists, savages and barbarians in military costume, that needed deradicalization!! Nonsense!!

  2. phil says:

    they are looking for this trouble and when the guys carry gun enter busy they will see hail like what is happening to them in sambisa forest.
    They killed armless people they are happy, please the zoo should tell their people to hod and have a rethink

  3. Bishop Nic says:

    How long will Nigeria government continue to expose their confused, idiotic and iberiberism ?
    The Same freedom fighters you tagged terrorist group !
    What an error to humanity Nigeria is .

  4. Chika Stephenson says:

    What can Nigeria army boost of? Not in technology advance or manufacturing processes rather killing innocent people of biafra and immunization of Biafra children with expired drugs .woe to themselves

  5. Francis Sanusi Vimtim says:

    Thunder from China will fire Nigerian Army including buhari the chief of hell fire, now I know that buhari hate igbo, why I said that because everywhere there’s army robbers cultis kidnapping in this country now he used strategy send army to igbo land as federal government see that they have killed igbo people them said let us use strategy send army to South west to keep there mouth closed, if to say buhari government they have sense they for start operation phyton dance in katsina state sokoto,kano Jigawa, zanfara, before they will come to South west and South East and South south

  6. Nnamdi Okoye says:

    Cowards military python dancers and their crocodile smiles who could not go and defend our civilians brothers and sisters that are being slaughtered every thing by the Cameron jandams, Nigerian army my yashi.

  7. Unyime Archibong says:

    Let’s them deradicalise Buhari, Okorowuasa, Boko Haram members, Fulani herdmen, Nigerian police, APC members and their cohorts including themselves. Vaccination didn’t work, now it is madnessation. Nonsense.

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