Niger Delta Militants Threaten To Resume Attacks On Oil Facilities If…

On October 26, 2017 41 Comments

A coalition of militant groups from the nine states of the Niger Delta have claimed that the leadership of the Pan Niger Delta Elders Forum (PANDEF) is acting the script of some members of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The group, therefore, warned that they would be forced to resume hostilities against oil installations if the Federal Government enters into any discussion or agreement with PANDEF.

PANDEF, led by Chief Edwin Clark, has been leading the process of dialogue with the federal government, over crisis in the Niger Delta.

The coalition of militants, led by the Reformed Niger Delta Agenda (RNDA), after a crucial meeting held along the Benin River, in Delta State, presided over by its leader, Major Johnmark Ezonbi, declared that the PANDEF was structured as an opposition tool of the PDP.

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In a communiqué issued at the end of their meeting, they lamented the lack of development in the Niger Delta region, in spite of the huge funds that had accrued to the zone.

They advised the federal government to enter into fresh talks with the Pan Niger Delta People’s Congress, headed by Pere Charles, Dr. Ayemi Botu and other respected traditional rulers and stake holders in the region, including Dr. Mike Emuh, who is the national chairman of HOSTCOM and High Chief Francis Innegbeniki, representing Edo State.

According to them, “They have our mandate from the creeks, to discuss and negotiate with the federal government, on behalf of the region.

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“RNDA, with the coalition of other militant groups in the region wish to call on President Muhammadu Buhari not to have anything to do with the disbanded PANDEF group as they cannot speak or negotiate with the Federal Government on behalf of the Niger Delta region.

“The coalition will be forced to resume hostilities in the creek in a well coordinated approach, if the Federal Government enters into any discussion with PANDEF, as the group no longer enjoys the blessings and support of militants stake holders in the region.”


Comments (41)

  1. Aniekan Awak says:

    Have they exhausted their previous paid allowances of bombing and they are looking for another one? I have come to understand all these claims freedom fighters and bombing for their pay in the name of Niger Delta Militants. What good result has come out of their action? Rather endangering they life of the innocent youths, destroying communities, burnt houses by the unprofessional military in this democratic world.

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  4. Ebei Ibi says:

    Hungry gang, ask Edwin Clark since 1960 till date what has he achieved or things that people has benefited from his long years negotiations, instead Nigeria army brutality on citizens.

  5. Ameen Odike says:

    If Niger Delta threatened everywhere has to be shaking its not an empty threat they mean business. Unlike the fake biafraud who are baseless, senseless, homeless and dreamers your IPOB commander threatened the government with some funny empty threat when the Python came calling he ran away .the Niger Delta are fighting for something legitimate IPOB what are you people fighting for ?

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