EFCC Only Fears God – Magu

On November 10, 2017 23 Comments

Ibrahim Magu, acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), says the commission has no other fear except the “fear of God”.

Magu said this in an interview published in EFCC Alert, the monthly publication of the anti-graft agency.

He restated the commission’s resolve to fight corruption in the country, adding: “The days of impunity are over, victory is certain for the common man.

“Apart from bringing corrupt public officers to justice, we are determined, in line with the stance of the current administration, to send an unmistakable message to everyone, that no Nigerian shall be regarded as being above the law or treated as a sacred cow as far as the fight against corruption is concerned.

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“Apart from the fear of God, we have no other fear, and apart from the interest of Nigeria, we have no other interest.”

Magu also said it is part of his vision to take the fight against corruption to the grassroots.

While stating that the commission has reached a level where nobody can stop it in the anti-graft war, he, however, said Nigerians must realize that “we are all stakeholders, and this fight is for the future generation”.

“We are on a fight to retrieve Nigeria from the corrupt, because winning the war, is key to our happiness, prosperity, development and dignity as a nation. Officers and men of the EFCC are resolved, focused and remain unperturbed,” he said.

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“On my watch, where hapless Nigerians are defrauded, EFCC will swiftly come to their aid; where powerless Nigerians are short-changed, EFCC will intervene; where there is impunity, EFCC will step in and level the field. The struggle to enthrone a just and equitable society has been, and will continue to be my life.”

He further denied allegations that the commission witch-hunts those perceived to be “enemies of the present administration”.

“We don’t chase innocent people, but thieves of state resources,” Magu said.


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  1. Cletus Achuna says:

    If EFCC is only fear God, then why is it that there’s no justice in nigeria. God love justice but hate injustice. Magu why is it that there’s too much killing innocent people in this present regime of Buhari nd his fulani vampires that executing Christians every day in this present government lead by Mohammad buhari so by doing this do you think that you fear God?

  2. Abubakar Mohammed says:

    We are not expecting any Igbo man or woman to appreciate buhari and his government, magu was appointed by buhari therefore, no amount of efforts by magu that will satisfy the Igbo’s. No shaking, if u’r not happy set ur self ablaze

    • Gerald Uke says:

      Abubakar the nation will only appreciate EFCC if it leaves upto its expectation. We have heard series of recovered loots and so on, how many of them have EFCC prosecuted and probably jailed. So the issue is not because it is buhari that appointed Magu or not. We need to see actions. Ok see the issue of Maina, EFCC declared him wanted long ago but he was absorbed into current regime without EFCC’s knowledge, Now they have declared him wanted again. Good performance stands out no matter what.Thank you

    • Abubakar Mohammed says:

      Gerald Uke, I seriously condemned this government on mainagate. If u recalled wen buhari came in to the system he said my major problem is judiciary, just take a look at the fund recovered in one of the judge home in river state, the world saw it but at the end of the day what happened in the court? We look at judges as final busstop for common man, Tell ur self the truth. You will not deny the fact that Efcc did not recovered a huge from government official. Is my money is ur money, Even without prosecution, Justify between buhari Efcc and PDP Efcc? U cannot expect 100% within a short period bcos of the dilapidated system, if u do that u’r not sincere to this government. Just a quick one, y do u think senates are frustrating efforts by buhari to create a special court? Remember dos thiefs are mafias, This kind of fight is a serious war, is like fighting with lions

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