Biafra: Army Arrests 3 Aged IPOB Members Sharing ‘No Election In Anambra State’ Flyers In Aba

On November 14, 2017 154 Comments

Three members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Aba, the commercial nerve of Abia State, were on Sunday arrested by Army personnel attached to 144 Battalion under 14 Brigade, Ohafia.

This was made known in a statement by Oyegoke Gbadamosi, the Assistant Director Army Public Relations, 14 Brigade.

According to the statement, the soldiers were on patrol around Alaoji Fly Over, when they arrested the suspects.

The statement reads: “Troops of 144 Battalion on patrol in Aba town on Sunday, 12 November 2017 at about 4am in Alaoji Fly Over general area of Aba arrested 3 suspected members of proscribed IPOB organization in Aba, Abia State.

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“The suspects are; Mr Nwagbougwu Okeke, aged 55yrs, Mr Chidiebere Nwaoha, aged 35yrs and Mr John Nwaogazi, aged 50yrs.

“The suspects were caught distributing flyers and posters with caption ‘No Election In Anambra State’. The suspects and flyers have been handed over to the Department of State Security for further investigation.

“14 Brigade, Nigerian Army will continue to partner with other security agencies to flush out criminality and anti social activities within the State. Members of the public are respectfully requested to pass timely information to the security agencies.”


Comments (154)

  1. Emmanuel Chi says:

    You people are fools. How many Fulani herdsmen have you stupid Nigeria army arrested ever since they have been killing and destroying properties? Only on IPOB and armless citizens you fools have power, go and showcase your strength in sambisa forest with Boko Haram not on armless citizens

  2. Uche Chidiebere Joe says:

    Hahahaha keep shivering and keep blackmailing IPOB of which you knows is stronger than the whole of west Africa, from rumour of the sack of our leader to video of some fulani dirty pogs posing as terrorists threatening to kill buhari, now to gathering man to sample them as IPOB, useless country called Nigeria being led by ocultic group called APC. Nigeria will sink with time…

  3. Michael Ekebi says:

    The leaflet is not a gun, it’s only a message. It is not forcing you not to vote. So it is not a crime. After all others are sharing their leaflet telling you which party to vote. And they are telling you not to vote. It is democracy. Everyone has rights. They are not going to kill you if you vote. So I don’t see the crime there. Pls open your eyes and don’t support injustice.

  4. Caesar Cena says:

    Nigerian government has still not wake up to the reality on this Biafra issue. This is an ideology and like they say you can’t fight ideology with guns bullets. Today they arrest youths protesting tomorrow they arrest aged people protesting and they haven’t asked themselves question concerning the agitation

  5. Edward Wayne says:

    My people instead of sharing flyers and you get caught you don’t know who is who some of them don’t wear uniforms I think it would be better you stick posters only at night. Do that in strategic places where people use everyday. Before you know it people are aware and before our enemies sees it the message would have been long passed. Stop sharing flyers because of the risk involved.

  6. Ify Edochie says:

    Why the arrest! Politicians are posting their own, there are obituary posters here & there, meetings , churches ceremonies name it are being posted here &there. Is it because it is IPOB? God will disappoint & punish all of you!

  7. Jerom Chisom Paul says:

    We Igbos worldwide will be holding Anambra people and Ojukwu responsible for killing over 3.5 million Igbos in the name of Biafra independent if only One person is found participating on 18th November Anambra election. No body or visitors should be allowed in our communities on the election day.GOD SAVE NNAMDI KANU, GOD BLESS BIAFRA.

  8. Chidiadi Chibyke says:

    IPBO as a group should have sound lawyers that would be representing them. This is an abuse of personality and rascality. In a democracy there’s freedom of speech and expression except…. Sharing fliers on what they believe is never a crime. But infringement on other people’s Rights while in the process of such is illegal.

  9. Obafemi Gbenga says:

    The way the security forces swoop on IPOB members are quite swift…one begins to wonder why they fail to do same with BH and the herdsmen. Is that the peaceful IPOB members are more of a threat than these murderous groups? Fulani herdsmen and boko haram are the only internationally recognised terrorist in failed state Nigeria. No reasonable country will buy Nigeria deception of trying to include agitators with terrorist of northern extraction. International community understand that its a trick to give the fulani herdsmen a soft landing on global terrorist watch list. Democracy is about free speech and the government of the north have yet to arrest Arewa shitbags who exercised their free speech with the shit notice. On election day is when this evil government will be able to access how much the ordinary Anambra man believe in the Biafra struggle. Nigeria is not working and has never worked. Nigeria has always lived on life support from Niger delta oil.

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