Is Biafra Now A Zoo? – Festus Keyamo Asks Agitators

On November 14, 2017 151 Comments

Vocal legal practitioner, and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Festus Keyamo, has asked those claiming for a Biafra state a salient question on the whereabouts of the leader of the indigenous peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

Recall that on Sunday, the Radio Biafra announced the sack of the Nnamdi Kani as director and his removal as the leader of the group.

The Radio announcement gave reasons of misappropriation and selfishness for the decision.

But Keyamo on his social media account queried how the group questions Nnamdi Kanu over several allegations against him before sacking him as their leader, despite claim that the Nigerian Army killed him during operations.

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He said: “So, after IPOB earlier claimed d Army killed Kanu, did they wake him from d grave to ask him questions over allegations against him b4 sacking him as their leader? Or did they sack him without hearing from him?

“Would that not be the style of animals in a zoo?

“Is Biafra now a zoo?.”


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  1. David Monday says:

    Honestly speaking…… Yorubas would’av been worst than Hausa / Fulanis if not for the earlier intervention of arowolo.” I always say it that an igbo school drop out is better than a Yoruba man with PhD holder …… Ask those that have the experience.

  2. PC Jeff says:

    Yorubas both educated and illiterate are useless.. I thank God Biafrans are ready to counter their lies and propaganda to shot their Yorubastard Mouth….It is a bitter pill to swallow if u Yorubas knows the meaning of Yoruba,,,Yoruba dictoinary which written by Samuel Ajaji Crowther, define Yorubas as a bastard,,Yoruba Yariba as a bastard and deceitful person…..

  3. Kelechukwu K K Ike says:

    Festus keyamo I pity you. I thought one time you re well educated, but now you rather went to school. Where you have just landed is not that questionable because it has been expected. Your lawyering is properly unconscionable and unprofessional if you hastily submits to gossips, rumors, propaganda or ant available second hand information or making case from unverified source as a lawyer against IPOB is busy body

  4. Chris Njoku says:

    Mr Festus Keyamo what ever point that you are trying to make here, am sorry to say it lacks intellectual merit from a supposedly QC. For that reason I must mark on your report card by saying: You must try harder !

  5. Obaino D Tempoka says:

    Festus Keyamo, grow up man, you can’t continue with this your charge and bail lawyer you are and die with it, You better removed your miserable life from Biafra issue before anyi awo gi na ala, This is not Utobo and apostle Suleiman issue.

  6. Shaizy Izuchukwu says:


    It has become very evident that Nigerian lawyers and professors may all not be qualified be addressed as such.
    Sometimes, Nnamdi Kanu reminded us how Nigerians use money to purchase most of these big big titles they put on like garment.
    How can a sane lawyer or SAN come out in public domain to discuss a matter he or she has no complete information about?

    Does it now mean that anything the Daily post newspaper or the Sun newspapers writes is the authentic information without verification.
    The IPOB has a platform, an electronic media, online media, and a spokesman.

    Can someone ask this acclaimed SAN and animal right advocate where he verified the information he is daisecting online?

    Has the IPOB come out to tell the world about this information he is talking about?

    Mischief makers are not only those who go out there to vandalize our public equipments, they include those unqualified men and women who bought their certificates and use same to ascend to high profile positions, and then use such positions to thwart informations, or to misinform the public in other to gain cheap popularity in the ruling government.

    Men like Festus Keyamo has proven not to be taken seriously in all he pretends to be doing rightly. He is one of those who see the IPOB as a ladder to ascend their dead political ambitions.
    Or an avenue to boost his Carreras as a lawyer who only engages on issues concerning financial fraud, only a case where money is involved, but he will quickly turn around to answer a “human rights advocate”

    He does not advocate anything less than MONEY.
    He is a money right advocate, but surely, his involvement in a negative spell on IPOB will give him a professional scar that will teach others like him a lesson.

    No one attacks Biafrans and don’t face the consequences…. because Biafra is a divine Project, and a Spirit as well.

    Nnamdi Kanu is the Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra. No one else is!

    Festus Keyamo, go and get your informations right.
    In the past, you guys said that IPOB has divided into TRIPOB, REIPOB, BUHARIPOB, RENIPOB, and what have you, all those foolish antics failed, now you guys have collected another “Ghana must go” money bag from APC to twist information to the gullible public.

    You are hereby informed, if you didn’t know before, that…
    2. No man born of a woman can stop the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra.
    3. No misinformation or killings will stop the quest for freedom of Biafra.
    4. No arrests or detentions can deter or stop the restoration of Biafra.

    So, go on your wayward steps until you are drowned in the ocean of your foolishness.

    God bless Nnamdi Kanu! !!
    God bless Biafrans!!!
    God bless Biafra land!!
    All hail Biafra!

  7. Charlesvie Monday says:

    So Mr Nigeria idiot lawyer I want to ask u which radio Biafra sacked nnamdi KANU ?becos our radio Biafra or ipob never said something like u and ur jubril aka buhari have sacked him how will replace him obianu or nwodo ipob is powerful movement ur died President and ur died country can’t stop us.come to court and talk that ur rubbish and face sand Biafra’s lawyer.may thunder fire you

  8. Mercy Iloelunachi Onwurah says:

    14th November, 2017

    We the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it’s leadership worldwide under the supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the prophet of our time, wish to clarify that the DSS/Ministry of Information engineered speculation regarding the position of our leader is a cheap diversionary tactics designed to test our dedication and resolve in the run up to the much anticipated boycott of Anambra elections on Saturday November 18th, 2017. Not minding the involvement of two key ministries of government in the propagation of this falsehood, we remain fiercely resolute and undeterred by the crude antics of a drowning government. They have lost every sense of shame. The only option left open for them is to periodically opt for hyper-dramatics in an environment devoid of any form of investigative journalism.

    By seeking to deflect attention away from multiple fronts of attack IPOB have subjected the Buhari regime to, DSS and their propaganda arm, the Ministry of Information came up with this laughable concoction about the dismissal of our leader, which they know, even by their own very low standards of news management, is so hilarious that no sane mind will believe it. Biafrans and the entire humanity knows that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was abducted by Nigerian soldiers on the 14th September 2017, therefore no amount of fake stories about our leader and our movement planted through government friendly media houses, will dent our resolve to restore Biafra. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the only person with absolute command over entire Biafra restoration effort, remains the rock upon which the entire edifice of IPOB is built. The preposterous and laughable idea that he has been sacked from Radio Biafra he personally established in London and IPOB he founded is tantamount to saying that the Sun is no longer part of the solar system. It is not only unthinkable, it will be foolish of anyone to contemplate it.

    The world can now see how the Caliphate cabal is running Nigeria through fabrications and unadulterated falsehood in the hope of twisting the minds of the gullible and the easily deceived. For anyone to believe that faceless hitherto unheard of individuals can wake up one evening and announce the replacement of a man that commands 50 million people with presence in over 100 countries of the world, making him only second to Pope Francis as the personality with the largest cult following on earth, is plain stupid. Anybody who peddles or believes such a story needs his or her brain examined. This is another classic DSS engineered subterfuge that fell flat on its face as all on their previous efforts to rubbish the personality of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu did. Many more weird and ludicrous stories will emerge in the coming days. The more IPOB applies the pressure, the more bizarre the antics of this shambolic APC Government becomes.

    No amount of fabricated falsehood or carefully packaged lies by DSS and Lai Mohammed’s Ministry of Information will ever erase the fact that Nigerian soldiers last September invaded Kanu’s compound and abducted him. The Minister of Defence Mansur Dan Ali on Channels Television admitted during an interview that troops went in search of our leader in his home without court warrant in a supposed democracy. This invasion led to the death of 28 people shot by Nigerian soldiers. It doesn’t take much to understand that fake stories is part of the strategy of government to stop people from asking them where Nnamdi Kanu is. By regaling the gullible few with wild stories such as the sacking of our leader, they hope to cheapen a very serious matter of abduction and possible extra judicial execution. We advice the discerning public to disregard such junk news and continue to demand for the whereabouts of our leader from the Buhari regime.

    We must not forget the case of purported splinter groups set up by DSS such as REIPOB, TRIPOB, RENIPOB, SEXIPOB etc. Non of them made it from newspaper pages into the real world. This latest show of shame by DSS and the Nigerian Army proves that they are still holding our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in their custody and are hoping to create a diversion with this talk of his replacement when they know such is impossible.

    We have all become accustomed to the crude antics of this shameless Nigerian Government and her security agencies who are so desperate to create confusion and pandemonium within the hierarchy of IPOB. That they came up with this ludicrous propaganda of the replacement of the irreplaceable IPOB leader is confirmation of their desperation. IPOB is arguably the most disciplined mass movement in the world today, if not all the years of torture of Benjamin Madubugwu, David Nwawuisi and Bright Chimezie Ishinwa would have provided DSS the key witness against Kanu in the treasonable felony trial they have been looking for.

    This fabricated news of the sacking of our leader is nothing more than mere childish prank played by unintelligent people in a supposedly intelligence agency. No right thinking person would waste his or her time on such nonsensical gimmick.

    We have concluded that instead of DSS to remove Nnamdi Kanu as IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, even in military custody, will remove Jubril the Sudanese who is parading himself as Buhari and return him to Sudan where he belongs. Fabricating, concocting and peddling lies against IPOB through government friendly newspapers and media houses to the amusement of the undiscerning public is an exercise in futility. Our leader cannot be demystified with cheap lies. IPOB under the leadership and supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, even in custody, is unstoppable, unquenchable, irreversible and irrevocable. We are waiting for their next installment.


  9. Joe Ebere says:

    If I am not mistaken, is this not the so called lawyer who stood for an agent girl living in Canada, against a honest man of God for marriage bla bla bla, with the recent ignorant question concerning great Nnamdi KANU and IPOB, it shows that he lacks the Onion to be a good lawyer, because he is living in the way house of false information to shout for recognition, I am not a lawyer but l know that lawyers sick for the truth as a base for logic to win an argument. Instead of making himself a fool in the public let him go seek for the truth of a matter before coming out to expose his weaknesses.

  10. Wilson says:

    Keep on mocking them but don’t forget; nothing without end. One day Biafra will end its slavery in the hand if the Zoo which you are a part of it!!

  11. Chris Nworgu says:

    Let Buhari continue to deceive you, Ogoni land is devastated and where’s the clean up? You can talk now because you have been illegally compensated with SAN which GEJ refused to give you at all cost.

  12. Uchman Deon says:

    Everyone wants to seek relevance. Stupid lawyer talking carelessly, that is why Nigeria is irredemable. People you think that are educated, when they open their mouth and talk you start questioning their education

  13. Oldsodgier Umunnakwe says:

    I thought that you are a human rights lawer but you have shown your hatred for the igbos for your information, radio biafra never said anything like that , or is it because you were not hired by ipob to stand as thier defence council

  14. Michael Ekebi says:

    Charge and bail lawyer with another propaganda. Who told them that Nnamdi KANU is sacked. Which fake radio Biafra is he listening to? In the desperate effort to please his Fulani masters, he has disgraced himself by making this stupid comment. Pls my people I beg continue listening to the original radio Biafra to get the latest news. Nnamdi KANU either dead or alive is still the leader of IPOB. Pls ignore this idiot that was given a SAN few weeks ago.

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