Buhari Commissions 700m Length Of Twin Flyover Bridges From Enugu To Cameroon

On November 14, 2017 208 Comments

President Muhammadu Buhari has commissioned the 700m length of the Dr Akanu Ibiam Twin Flyover Bridges over the African Trans-Sahara route running from Enugu to Cameroon, Vanguard reports.

The president commissioned the project on Tuesday, November 14, during his visit to Ebonyi state.

While on the highly anticipated visit, Buhari also reportedly laid the foundation stone for the Ebonyi City Mall and unveiled a statue of Dr Akanu Ibiam.

The president further commissioned the Senator Offia Nwali Flyover and laid the foundation stone for the President Muhammadu Buhari Flyover Bridge/Road Tunnel.

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Comments (208)

  1. Maximum David says:

    If u like commission the 100million mm from daura to heaven that your problem.we don’t need your bridges now, it’s too too late….not u, not those fools parading their selfs as Igbo leaders can turn our minds back…Igbos/Biafra must be established like Israel and we must distinguish our selfs from other blacks just as Israel distinguished themselves in the middle east…

  2. Cassidy Aniede says:

    Buhari After killing unarmed ipob and took our leader away in the name of Python dance ii still our so called politicians did not even ask him why he killed their youths instead they invited him and gave him chieftaincy title. That is why we said we that these so called politicians are not representing us but their pocket . That is why we must stop voting to these rogues. They are not for us but against us. No election in Biafra land. Biafra must be restored

  3. Nnena Emos says:

    to me all this nonsence dose not matter bcos my beloved leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is till in charge therefore no peace for the zoo’ BIAFRA freedow is 100% sure’ just do what our leader said and live the rest to chukwu abiama.

  4. Gladstone Crush says:

    What unit was used? MILE or Meters??? How was it calculated??? What twin bridge flyover is 700 Mile/Meters and could reach Cameroon from Enugu???

    Nigerians and their government I still see most of them jubilating and congratulating him for a work well done!


  5. Ezinwa Na Ukwa says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm na today,we don they hear such promises since 50 yrs back,but such empty talks we ipob n real igbos have come to put it stop n join hands together restore biafra????also no election in anambra state

  6. Meshack Nwigwe says:

    Na big big talk.
    what about the second Niger bridge?
    what of the south east and south south federal road,which is in dilapidated nature?
    what of the ogoni clean up?

    taaaaa gbafooo der,

    No election

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