‘History Will Judge You Harshly’ – Bianca Lays Curse On Peter Obi For Betraying Ojukwu

On November 16, 2017 127 Comments

Former Nigeria’s ambassador to Spain and widow of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, Bianca, has opened up on how the former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, failed to sustain the legacies of the late Igbo leader in the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

Bianca said Obi rode on the wings of the late Ikemba Nnewi to the government house on the platform of APGA but he had abandoned it.

She took her anger to a new level by laying curse on her late husband’s protégée, thus asking ‘history to judge him harshly’.

He told Sun that, “APGA’s political credo revolves essentially around those principles championed by Ojukwu in the Ahiara Declaration which constitutes the benchmarks of a well-ordered society.

“Ikemba envisaged an administrative model with a dynamic policy for industrialisation which concentrates on the employment of primary products in various domestic manufactures, a government which creates possibilities for citizens with talent in business and civil administration, agriculture, technology, trade and commerce, to mention but a few, to fulfil themselves and receive their due reward and appreciation in service to the state.

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“It is simple. I maintain that Peter Obi betrayed Dim Ojukwu, and tried to destroy APGA for his own selfish interests. He has continued to undermine Ojukwu’s personality and recently, he has gone ahead to desecrate his legacy. From relative obscurity, Obi was brought into national prominence when the leader, Ojukwu, through his party APGA, offered him an opportunity and platform upon which he ran and became governor of Anambra State.

“Ojukwu sacrificed so much and laboured for him to become governor. He (Ojukwu) was fiercely protective of him and helped him overcome the various challenges that confronted him. Peter Obi had a difficult first tenure and stepped on so many toes that the majority of our party faithful were adamant that he should not be nominated for a second tenure. Yet Ojukwu stood by him when it mattered most, jeopardised his health by traversing all the local governments in a rigorous campaign on his behalf and begged the people of Anambra State to grant him a last wish by returning Obi for a second term.

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“This feat was achieved for the first time in Anambra State’s history on 6th February 2010. Peter Obi swore to Ojukwu, upon his honour, that he would never abandon APGA; that he would quit politics or die; rather than leave APGA, and that he would preserve this legacy as a potent voice and rallying point for Ndigbo.

“History will judge him (Obi) harshly because the truth of the matter is that it is his pathological fear of political redundancy and oblivion that is now driving him dangerously close to the precipice from where he will soon commit political suicide. The people of Anambra State cannot be hoodwinked as they are determined not to indulge him with a third tenure by installing his candidate as governor.”

Comments (127)

  1. Joshua Nzube says:

    Who is this Bianca to lay curse on Mr Peter Obi,, I think we new another person to try since APGA didn’t so well, between PDP or APC let’s try any of them for the next four years, Be lifted

  2. Justina Okumefuna says:

    You started it Bianca so dont even go there. Why did u pick up that job offer from the zoo government called nigeria. If ur husband was alive he will not accept it and u stupidly did that. Dont u know it is a betrayer too to ur husband.

  3. Sinakaine Sinakaine says:

    Hav not seen wia a son or daughter place a curse on his father Hahaha .see Bianca see curse , Bianca of yesterday. Let me tell u Bianca, the drunken u called governor in Anambra state failed everybody in Anambra state

  4. Christopher Ifeanyi says:

    Let her go and seat down! After all, all of them are still serving thesame country. Didn’t her serve under PDP as an Ambassador to Spain? See them all serving thesame country and laying courses on each other?

  5. Tony Brown says:


  6. Nkem Henry says:

    How did Peter Obi betray Ojukwu? Is like some thing is wrong with Ojukwu family. First the son accuses Bianca for killing Ojukwu, Now Bianca is accusing Obi. Hia. You people should just join apc make we rest.

  7. Don Ceejay says:

    This Bianca is such an idiot, even though she’s from d same state with me but she runs mouth faster than a parrot..
    Talking all sorts of trash from every side of her mouth..
    U expect Obi of all people to allow himself controlled by those selfish idiots that have hijacked APGA..
    The same way u expected Emeka Ojukwu jnr to accept ur deceptive will which u conspired with some judges to write and deprived Ojukwu’s sons their legitimate rights over their Father’s properties…

  8. Godwin Uchechi says:

    Is ojukwu God? Politics is a game of ‘self’ Ojukwu was in politics for legacy and honor, Peter Obi join politics for power and wealth, two of them is was pursuing personal interest.why must you curse Peter Obi? You work as a minister under PDP government not APGA government remember that.

  9. Chukwunyere Akpaudo says:

    But Bianca was working for PDP when she was Adviser to The president under Jonathan, she too was an Ambassador under PDP. She is never qualified to curse Obi, it is an abominable thing for Bianca to be insulting her benefactor of yesterday

  10. Stephen Tunde says:

    Bianca or Biafra the same blood running through their vein…Bianca fuck fani kayode while ojukwu still alive Biafra with help of KANU bring shame to Igbo nation..and for obi is a political prostitute or brostitute…..mata close

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