Anambra Poll ‘One Of The Worst’ Since 1999

On November 19, 2017 27 Comments

The Saturday Anambra election has been adjudged “one of the worst” governorship election conducted in the country since the return of democracy in 1999.

Clement Nwankwo, executive director, Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC), said this during a chat with journalists in Awka, the state capital.

He said contrary to how elections should be conducted, the poll was marred by various forms of vote-buying antics.

“The election is very disappointing; this is one of the worst elections that have been conducted in Nigeria since 1999,” he said.


“We are very disappointed with the political parties and the candidates who have spent this much money on elections that should really be a show of citizens’ reference of who governs them next.

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“Individuals were being paid from N500 to N5,000.”

He said with such vote-buying antics, candidates who emerge might end up as the worst kind of leaders because “they never really apply some of the resources of the state meant for its development”.

‘Some corps members paid nothing, police officers go hungry’

Nwankwo also said it was discovered that some of the ad-hoc staff were not paid their dues.

“Some of the youth corps members have been paid nothing, housed under very poor and inhumane conditions,” he said.

“They should ordinarily be performing their national youth service but decided to make the sacrifice for the country and come for the election, but they have not been treated properly.

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“A lot of the policemen have not even been paid monies to buy meals while they are here and some have not even eaten for more than a day. So, you shouldn’t bring to be part of the election process under such desperate and uncaring condition.

“The police promised 26,000 personnel but apparently not delivering on it because in several areas, police personnel were absent. But the positive part of the whole process is that the police behave reasonably well and the fear of over-policing and intimidation of voters did not play out.”

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Comments (27)

  1. Bonny Rossetti says:

    Your party have lost personal period…. Find somewhere to hide till the next four years…. Votes have always been bought in previous election in nigeria as a whole so this is no exception…. That is if your claims are true.

  2. Umah Reginald Ositadimma says:

    they worse election and the best ofe nsala day since 1999, okay postpond it may terrorist can change their mind, mteeeeeew, anyway is their anyone who did not finish his or her own ofe nsala because i still need some, i love yesterday die, yes less i forget IPOB did not disrupt they only boycott next one will be girlcott,,,, thunder fire all of you there stupid zoo

  3. Uche Chidiebere Joe says:

    Wen you impoverish the people with poverty policies like APC has done, what do you expect the poor masses do? Now people are ready to vote in shit in Nigeria government provided it brings a temporary relief of feeding to them, or you don’t know Nigeria is built never to have good leaders.

  4. Chris Njoku says:

    They deserve what they got because they were advised to stay to sit at home. Stella Oduah told them to go and vote because if they did not that there will be state of emergency. Which of course, is absolute rubbish !

  5. Azu zuby says:

    Our people should stop collecting jst 5000 because it is nothing to Compare with what the will steal as from now every politician must pay as from 1000000 to everyone that will vote for

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