What Will Happen If Nigeria Breaks Up – Anglican Bishop

On December 3, 2017 57 Comments

The Bishop of Wusasa, Zaria Diocese, Anglican Communion in Kaduna State, Rev. Dr. Ali Buba Lamido, has warned that secession of Nigeria was far from being the solution to the many challenges confronting the nation.

He warned that rather than solving the problem, it would worsen the situation the country was currently going through.

He gave the warning in his Bishop’s charge, delivered at the second session of the seventh synod with the theme “Rejoice in the Lord Always” held at the Cathedral Church of St. Bartholomew Wusasa, Zaria Saturday saying.

According to him, “If Nigeria splits into many parts, the prevalent problems of today will still remain


“If we don’t learn how to live in unity as Nigerians, we will never be able to live in unity even if we split into hundred parts.

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“The ethnic and religious division is nothing but deceitful seed sown by greedy politicians that has now grown into a mighty Iroko tree that has since been nurtured by the same group.

“Nigeria is like the human body with many parts of the body but they all work together. The eye cannot say to the mouth that I do not have need of you, neither can the feet say to the hand let us depart in peace.”

On the calls for restructuring Nigeria by many groups, Archbishop Lamido said many reasons have been advanced for this. “With this agitators thinking this will help to address our challenges politically, economically, socially and religiously,” he explained.

He advised Nigerians to always put Nigeria first ahead of their individualistic and primordial interest.

The clergyman was of the view that Nigerians were not tired of living together as a nation and issues bordering national unity must be addressed urgently.

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“All political leaders and citizens must rid themselves of all religious, tribal and sectional sentiments and live in harmony,” he advised.

Lamido also called on government to work hard to bring about unity of the nation irrespective of geographical background and issues bordering on insecurity such as Fulani herdsmen must be dealt with accordingly.

He added, “In Kaduna State, the insecurity has reached a frightening proportion, kidnapping has become a daily thing, government should intensify its surveillance and intelligence gathering if this menace will be put under check.

“A situation where citizens do not longer feel safe in their country is a sad commentary.

“The Christian’s pleasure is to walk with God and serve Him even as Jesus did, anything less than this will result in a loss of joy because all that is left is the temporal world of fluctuating situations and worldly pursuit of fleeing happiness.

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“Turn from the enticements of your own flesh, flee from the temptations of this world and resist the schemes of the devil and seek to grow in your understanding of our great God and humbly walk with Him submitting your will to His. In that way you will be like Paul in rejoicing in all circumstances.”


Comments (57)

  1. Festus Ikpibako says:

    Nothing can be worst than worst.
    Nigeria situation is already at the worst
    1. Because of unemployment our young men and women are littering other countries with: prostitution, drug trafficking, 419, etc
    2. Boko haram, militancy, agitations, herdsmen killing, Sheite, etc.
    3. Money spread when their are corrupt leader & people suffer when leaders said they are fighting corruption
    4. Religious intolerance: the Muslims will not mind his religion but want the Christian to join his or he dies. Letting you to know that Christians & Muslims cannot stay in one country and experience peace
    5. And many more
    If break up will make things worst we are already at the worst

  2. Okey Dan Ohams says:

    You lied! Nigeria is not one and will never be, so cannot be put first . How many times have come out and condemn the hypocrisy and killing going on against your flocks whom you shepherd? Hypocrisy in the highest order.
    We are wiser now, Biafra will come and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Bishop we will go and kill ourselves than been kill by your people.

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