Muslim Youths Oppose Fayose’s Plan To Give Children Free Christmas Clothes

On December 5, 2017 72 Comments

Muslim youths in Ekiti state have risen against the planned purchase and sewing of Christmas clothes for 20,000 children in the state by Governor Ayo Fayose describing the gesture as a ploy to elevate one religion over another.

The youth under the aegis of the National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO), described the act as “unacceptable and a breach of Section 10 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).”

Quoting from the section, NACOMYO said, “the Government of the Federation or of a state shall not adopt any religion as state religion” adding that the Christmas clothes for kids project was meant to promote Christianity as a religion.”

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The group noted in a statement by its coordinator in the state, Alhaji Tajudeen Olutope Ahmed, on Monday in Ado Ekiti that inasmuch as the group was not against any form of child welfare or development, it was worried that “our commonwealth as a state is being used to promote a particular religion and to placate the subscribers of the religion.”


It was gathered from an independent source that the project would gulp about N200 million. Fayose had during a broadcast on radio and television asked parents to bring their children to the Government House for measurement by about 200 local tailors already recruited for the project .

NACOMYO added that just as Christians look forward to Christmas and New Year, Muslims also look forward to festivals like id-el-maulud or id-el-fitri adding, “as the governor of all, he is expected to patronize both Christians and Muslims in equal measure.”

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NACOMYO said further: “It is on the basis of the above that we hereby call on Governor Fayose to suspend his planned celebration of Christians and Christianity during the forthcoming Yuletide period.

“In the alternative, if the governor is determined to go ahead with his planned provision of Christmas dresses, he should disclose the budget for the dresses to the public and be ready to expend the same amount during the forthcoming Muslim festival. This is the justice of the matter.

They cautioned against using the state’s resources for the patronage of only a section or religion, saying it was the responsibility of every parent to to provide dresses for their children and not government

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Comments (72)

  1. Jimmy Olugbeje says:

    why is this man doing all this ehn? we have had enough already SARS,bokoharam,fulani h, now some bunch of Muslim youth again am a Christian and i dont support this kind idea he should use the money to do something that will better the life of the general public.we are practicing multi religion in this country so as a governo u must have buy ram 4 the Muslims and dogs 4 the babalawos be4 saying u want 2 buy Christmas cloth 4 some people.

  2. julio says:

    Wen u help christians ,muslim go complain but wen muslin governor help muslin; christian will clap and tell them love ur neighour as urself… muslims are so bias abt christians i dont no y..greed and envyness around muslim nect thats is y nigeria will never be peaceful…

    Divide nigeria and let everybody religionns go it seperate ways bcos islam is a crisis religion.i rest my case

  3. Jack Wallace says:

    This just the beginning of taking over, since Christianity as open up to the world of business in Nigeria, Christians on Nigeria are dragging huffing why Muslim are cooperatively dominating the country by donations of the cow to cheifs to kill people and the collect their land with their own little ideal

  4. Divine Channel says:

    But some northern governors donated ram during ileya festival.
    Well, am not in support of this kind of father Christmas gift, let our governors pay the wages of the worker for them to take care of their wards.

  5. Onyemaechi Tony says:

    What about Buharis attitude towards Christians in the entire nation. The Nizooria is a dead place, maybe the likes of these protesters cherish the bushes. Fayose carry-on with ur good deeds & help the like children. Buhari should spend all the resources buying AK47 for the FULANI Herdsmen & deployment of the boko haram terrorist to all parts of the zoo.

  6. austine says:

    I can’t just imagine how stupid and myopic this Tajudeen Olutope Ahmed is for criticizing the very good gesture of governor Ayo Fayose. Did anybody stop him from bringing his Muslim children for measurement? Or did anybody tell him that the gesture is for Christians alone? I congratulate governor Fayose for putting smiles on the faces of the poor Ekiti children this festive season.

  7. Adedapo Adebisi Adejuwon Barcelona says:

    Good step so he know there’s Muslims in ekiti state when he appoint 14 commissoners without a single Muslims why given their children’s Christmas clothes now I’m waiting for any stupid Muslims that will vote him if at PDP pick the religion bigotry as their presidential candidate for 2019 general election.

  8. Nicholas Joshua says:

    But lets say the Truth Ooh,What is Christmas Clothes?When did Parents of Ekiti Children Start Requesting for Christmas Clothes from their state Governor?Is Christmas Clothes Really what the People Need from the Government Now?Nigerian Government are Extra Ordinarily Far Away from the Truth..May God Save His Children.

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