We Need At Least 10 Years To Save The Country From PDP’s Inanities – APC

On December 6, 2017 233 Comments

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum Resources (Upstream), Senator Tayo Alasoadura, has disclosed that the All Progressives Congress, APC, would need at least 10 years to clean the rot left behind by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The Senator said the PDP sixteen years administration was filled with misrule and inanities.

Alasoadura, who represents Ondo Central at the Red Chamber, noted that the APC government led by President Mohammadu Buhari has been busy packing the wreckage done to the economy of the country by the past administration of PDP.

The lawmaker said there was no magic that can be done on the economy within four years, adding that a period of ten years will be needed to clean up the PDP rot.

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According to him, with the efforts of President Buhari administration at taking the nation’s economy out of the woods, the storm will surely subside very soon.

Alasoadura said,” I always feel uncomfortable when I see graduates pounding the streets in search of the elusive white collar jobs. I think it is high time we changed our orientation, the way of thinking that has brought the Nation into this sorrowful situation.

“I am a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria today by the grace of God. But while growing up, I experienced poverty. Up till today, I can recognize its bitter taste. I know how it feels not to have money to meet certain financial obligations. That is why I always feel bad when I see people suffering.

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” Let me tell you, the future of Nigeria’s economic security rests with how we prepare today’s youth. As the the most populous country in Africa, there are huge opportunities for ICT. This, when harnessed, will provide job opportunities for our teeming youth, enhance the quality of their lives and increase government revenue.

“The world is changing and we must change with its that we are not left behind. ICT is now the in-thing with even Pakistan, a third world country exporting ICT programmes worth 2.9billion dollars annually. “


Comments (233)

  1. Emeka Onwuka says:

    This man called lai mohamed is one of pdp leader b4 now condeming pdp he should be in prison first he is a political prostitute, if pdp comes on boad tomorrow he will chenge his mouth ,i am sure that he must have condemed apc before when he was in pdp all of them devil in white germent

  2. Willfred Osiwu says:

    Idiot, wicked, cruel, dumb, illiterate, daft, stupid, terrorist, killer, thief, liar, deceptive, crazy, satanic, ungodly, religious fanatic, agent of darkness, tyrant, and a wild donkey called buhari.

  3. Franklin Frank says:

    You must be very foolish. Just admit that you and your team are failures and stop blaming the PDP for your failure. After all Nigeria was handed over to you as the Africa richest country and today you are telling us PDP did Thor they did that. Thief

  4. Solomon F Johnson says:

    Our dear president, where is the magic you promised, as am talking now in my area,no fuel,electricity,no food to crown it up suffered to spend all my earnings to train children with jobless career. God shall judge.

  5. Ebony Gee says:

    U bad mouthing PDP well if we go see food on our table and money in our pocket u tink PDP still d best cos u only brought hardship to us and notin good can come out of APC again.lets have corrupt PDP abeg.

  6. Chukwuemeka Alex says:

    Good Mr. President, you have just informed Nigerians that even if you vote me in the second time don’t expect any change, don’t anything different from what you have already witnessed in my first term because my another four years as president of Nigeria will virtually make no impact. Even before you said it we already know that. Things were bad but you came and make worse. You turned Nigeria into hell and your government only made Nigeria a country associated with senseless killings by the Fulani herdsmen, consistent disappearance of citizenry, violations of Constitutional provisions, militarized democracy, uncountable suicide by the masses, woes and all evil ways of survival, the list is inexhaustible.

    You have said it that you cannot be able to repair Nigeria even if given another four years and we have heard you. Thanks.

  7. Austin Emordi says:

    What is this motherfucker saying?must you people live on the pass?if you can’t take the country forward then step aside,must we continue to blame Jonathan? who will Jonathan be blaming now ,yaraduwa or obasanjo?please buhari get the fuck out of asorock and go back to your village and take care of your family and your cows.

  8. Joe Black says:

    Why can’t you forget about past government and focus for your own. Everyday past government do this and do that, is more than two years now you took over but no improvement things are getting worse everyday by day. You are there blaming Jonathan and your four years is about to finish and nothing is moving Nigerians are suffering

  9. Abubakar Ahmad says:

    Absurds, Constitution only give you 4 years, and even if you are given 29 years, u cant do anything, and let me tell you those that spoiled our nation, Ameachi, Kwankwaso, ElRuafi, Solomom dalong, all your ministers, Ganduje, pls better stop giving excuses and face governance

  10. Nkonye Chibu Ugwonu says:

    Then APC should amend the constitution 2 ten (10) years per term 2 have enough years 2 save Nigeria.
    When APC was campaigning n making all manner of promises, l thought they had accessed all issues facing Nigeria n had stand by teams 2 tackle each problem rather, we spent almost a whole year without govt officials 2 start work. lts now that u need 10 yrs, its not 10 but 20yrs

  11. Immiga Naija says:

    Instead of me to deal with the devil I don’t know even after 4 attempts, I’d better deal with the one I know. You took away my bread and promised me honey. Behold, now bread or honey I see not.

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