Jerusalem: Muslims In Nigeria Protest Over Trump’s Declaration

On December 11, 2017 532 Comments

Three thousands Muslims in Nigeria took to the street to express their rejection of United States President Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The Muslims, who gathered at Mile 2 area of Lagos, carried placards with different inscriptions.

Some of them held large banners, wore branded outfits with Palestine inscribed on them, while others flew the Palestine’s flag.

Organisers said they mobilised 3000 Muslims for the Sunday protest.


The protesters, it was gathered, were members of different Islamic organisations in Nigeria.

They accused the US president of violating international agreements and c resolution with his declaration.

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The protesters tackled former aide to the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri and former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode for supporting Trump’s position.


Comments (532)

  1. Alexandre Biafran says:

    Useless and shameless animals caliphates Jihadists terrorist called Nigeria won’t Palestinian to be free with all their hypocrisy, but them don’t wants Biafra to be Free baboons and monkeys in zoological republic of Nigeria are already in HELL, and Biafra will be declared independence Nation very soon.

  2. Pisqo Jossy says:

    Useless Islamic terrorists… Nigeria that are not even balanced ,yet they are protesting for another nation’s problem…why una Mumu like this?una dey take panadol for another person headache…una go let trump dey vex for our Nigerians in USA

  3. Olapade Okeya says:

    What is their business in this matter? They are not protesting on Fulani herdsmen onslaught & slaughtering of people in Nigeria which should concern them! Very unserious bigots who are only religious but very ungodly!

  4. Emmanuel Ndukwe says:

    Group stupidity or pluralistic ignorance is the bane of our acclaimed religious society. We as a people, do not know the difference between religion, ethnicity and nationality. ln what way does the declaration of Jerusalem concern Nigerian Muslims? What is happening in Jerusalem is not religious matter nor ethnic but land inheritance-right of ownership and occupation. It is a false conscientious and wrong inductive generalization to belief that whenever one Muslim is touched, every other Muslim is involved even when it is not a religious matter. How many times have these hypocrites protested the killing of innocent people in Benue, Adamawa and multiple massacres of people and the many abracadabras in the recovery and sharing of recovered loots? You loose!

  5. Michael Nworie says:

    Jerusalem: A Muslim Scholar Speaks on Islam & Jerusalem by Shaykh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi.

    For a Jew or a Muslim, religious or secular, thinking of Jerusalem means to feel reason and sentiment mingled together. So, as a Muslim scholar and a man of religion, it is today worthwhile for me to try to determine whether, from an Islamic point of view, there is some well-grounded theological reason that makes recognizing Jerusalem both as an Islamic holy place and as the capital of the State of Israel impossible.

    The idea of Islam as a factor that prevents Arabs from recognizing any sovereign right of Jews over the Land of Israel or Jerusalem is quite recent and can by no means be found in Islamic classical sources. Both Qur’an and Torah indicate quite clearly that the link between the Jews and the Land of Israel does not depend on any kind of colonization project but directly on the will of God Almighty. In particular, both Jewish and Islamic Scriptures state specifically that God through His chosen servant Moses decided to free the offspring of Jacob from slavery in Egypt and to make them the inheritors of the Promised Land.

    The Qur’an cites the exact words with which Moses ordered the Israelites to conquer the Land:

    “And (remember) when Moses said to his people: ‘O my people, call in remembrance the favour of God unto you, when he produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave to you what He had not given to any other among the people. O my people, enter the Holy Land which God has assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin'”. (Qur’an, Sura 5:22-23, “The Table”)

    The Holy Qur’an also quite openly refers to the reinstatement of the Children of Israel in the Land before the Last Judgment, where it says “And thereafter We said to the Children of Israel: ‘Dwell securely in the Promised Land.’ And when the last warning will come to pass, We will gather you together in a mingled crowd.” (Qur’an, Sura 17:104, “The Night Journey”)

    As concerns Jerusalem, the most common argument against Islamic acceptance of Israeli sovereignty over the Holy City is that, since it is a holy place for Muslims, its being ruled by non-Muslims would be a betrayal of Islam.

    The designation of Jerusalem as an Islamic holy place depends on al-Mi’raj, the Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad to heaven, which began from the Foundation Stone on the Temple Mount. But while remembering this, we must admit that there is no real link between al-Mi’raj and sovereign rights over Jerusalem, since when al-Mi’raj took place the city was not under Islamic but under alternate Byzantine or Sassanid administration.

    Moreover, the Qur’an expressly recognizes that Jerusalem plays the same role for Jews that Mecca has for Muslims. We read: “They would not follow thy direction of prayer (qibla), nor art thou to follow their direction of prayer; nor indeed will they follow each other’s direction of prayer….” (Qur’an, Sura 2:145, “The Cow”) All Qur’anic commentators explain that “thy qibla” is obviously the Kaba of Mecca, while “their qibla” refers to the Temple Mount Area in Jerusalem. Some Muslim exegetes also quote the Book of Daniel as proof of this (Daniel 6:10).

    Thus, as no one wishes to deny Muslims complete sovereignty over Mecca, from an Islamic point of view there is no sound theological reason to deny the Jews the same right over Jerusalem.

    As to Jewish-Muslim relationships, if we reflect on the level of inter-religious dialogue in past centuries, we must frankly admit that in this respect we have been moving backwards. From a theological point of view, dialogue between Jews and Muslims is easier than, say, dialogue between Jews and Chrisitians. Indeed, dialogue between Jews and Muslims was much more extensive in the past. Ibn Gabirol (Avicembro), Maimonides, Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and Ibn Rushd (Averroes) were not isolated intellectuals but part of an ongoing intercommunication and shared well of knowledge.

    One can blame the current separation on the political situation, but that does not free intellectuals and men of religion of their responsibility. Today, looking toward the future, we must again create the same kind of intellectual atmosphere, until it is common for Islamic theologians to read Buber and Levinas, and for Jewish scholars to study the works of Sha’rawi and Ashmawi. We can understand the common features in the development of Kabbalah and Tasawwuf, or study the mutual influence of Jewish Halakhah and Islamic Sharia.

    Jewish intellectuals, for their part, must be ready to understand that a new attitude is emerging among some Islamic thinkers. Many of us are now ready to admit that hostility for Israel has been a great mistake, perhaps the worst mistake Muslims have made in the last 50 years.

    For those Muslim leaders who live in democratic countries, this declaration is not so dangerous. Even in the more oppressed countries, there is a certain part of the educated population that does not blindly accept the local view. It is very important for us to verify that we are not alone in this activity; we must know that there is someone else who appreciates and shares our goals.

    The times are ready for Jews and Muslims to recognize each other once again as a branch of the tree of monotheism, as brothers descended from the same father – Abraham, the forerunner of faith in the Living God. The more we discover our common roots, the more we can hope for a common future of peace and prosperity.


    Shaykh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi is Secretary General of the Italian Muslim Association and Muslim Chair of the Islam-Israel Fellowship of the Root & Branch Association ( He was educated in Rome and in Cairo, where he received his “ijaza” (authorization to teach Islam) from Shaykh Ismail al-Khalwati and Sheikh Husayn al-Khalwati, and holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Sciences by decree of former Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Ibn Baz.

  6. Adaeze Chi Umeh says:

    Very well then, I will let my brother Trump take care it. But It will be better if u ask ur Palestinian brothers, what happened to them when they misbehaved like u fools, since u wanna wrestle with world power.

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  8. Nkonye Chibu Ugwonu says:

    Thats how patriotic we’re or are they foreigners living in Nigeria? We’ve killing of innocent fellow Nigerians by BH and fulani herdsmen and no group ever protested even when govt officials seem supporting such wickedness by keeping silence but what happens far away, we’re here showing religious fanatism. lts Absolute Madness

  9. Adams Ayodele says:

    Useless and senseless set of human to much in Nigeria,,,,,carry your own problem for hand and put another country own for head, stupidity in highest order,,chaiiii shey our mumu never doooo ?

  10. Promise Nnah says:

    Stupid and useless terrorists from Amajiri. Jobless religious lunatics! Is Zoonigeria an Islamic country? That’s why your buhari was baned from entering US for 15years……. Maggots!

  11. Nana Oduro says:

    Your in Nigeria , you don’t have electricity, water, bad roads, no jobs, no food, , no water and you don’t sit down and think about your life’s but rather demonstrate just because Jerusalem is Israel capital. African and stupidity. How can Jerusalem been a capital of Israel changes your life in Nigerian . Fools

  12. Mustapha Mukhtar says:

    I always wonder and I imagine when ever the Muslims are expressing their selves the other Nigerians will be calling them inappropriate names comments abuse and insults but when the others are doing theirs no Muslim even care to comment or abuse them why do you hate Muslims many of those critisisers no nothing about Islam as a religion nor even their own religion but totally ignorant and lack manners attitudes and self esteem in all directions before you draw your accusations and criticism please go and learn about that particular thing I know bible and Jesus didn’t teach them this kind of barbaric ideas calling them names cannot solve the problem if you have proof of concept then try to make sure they understand I know even in the holy books God cause them the Jew because of their ungratefulness to the Lord

    • Gerald Uke says:

      My friend why must you guys carry other peoples problem to nigeria and start to protest. Leave them with their wahala lets face our naija problem. Nigeria problem is more than what is happening in Palestine and isreal. How many people have protested about the numerous killings of innocent Nigerians in all the communal clashes all over the country, Mennnn !!!! This nonsense should stop. Nigeria has acute fever and no protest about that and you guys are protesting about people that thier problem is just headache.

    • Okechukwu Emmanuel says:

      I understand you perfectly, but you must know that there is a social media war going on. The hatred in this country is too much, and it is stopping us from moving forward.
      Before u can judge and generalize this madness to everyone, u must know that this might not be a religious thing, its not even religion, its more or less a tribal thing. When names such as abubakar Muhammad yakubu Usman Yousuf Ahmed Aliyu make comments, it is usually abusive to the Okechukwu’s chukwuemaka’s chibuzor’s okonkwos etc.
      It has become a normal trend. This resulted from politics, and several political decisions made, and even actions which have not been taken. Eg, the Fulani herds men have so killed Nigeria’s, and the government has said nothing, talk more of doing anything about it. And in the pain of that one idiot whose post went viral, said Weldon to the Fulani’s that they should keep killing that it is a job Weldon. Can u imagine how crazy that is?
      I am Christian and I have lots of Muslim friends and I can tell u that it is not about religion, it is more about politics. The politicians are the once creating this divided, so that they can have campaign promises to make in the upcoming election.
      You guys can kill me now, but this is my own opinion.

  13. Adelabu Teslim says:

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  14. Victor Emeka says:

    Mumu people. Trump recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and if Palestine result to acts of terrorism via Intifada… The Israelis would shoot the fuck out you guys. Anywhere you have a serious gathering of Muslims there must be war. It is either they are killing themselves within the same country as Sunni and shite or they are fighting with their neighbors through proxy wars just like Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting proxy wars in Yemen. Mumu religion… Just live peacefully una no dey is either you come out with a foolish ideology maybe jihad or shariah. Thank God the new crown prince of Saudi Arabia has started making positive reforms like allowing women to drive and opening of cinemas. In the next 20years he would ban that barbaric law called shariah…. #mumureligion…. I dey my house come beat u… If thunder no fire u

    • M Nasir Musa says:

      This is an example of what am saying.I don’t think bible teach sentiments,a good Christian cannot react like,the biblical doctrine is always teaching peace,good behaviors and humility.I’m not a stupid as you called and you are not a stupid also.

  15. Chris Njoku says:

    Hey people you should be protesting at the mass killings, humiliating treatment of Nigerians in Libya by the Muslim Libyans. You are a bunch of fools if seeing your fellow Citizens being sold as slaves in Libya and that matter to rather you are loosing sleep over naming Jerusalem as the Israeli Capital. Damn hypocrites !

  16. Tidasia De Dollarman says:

    Now it is obviously that we are not one and can never be. Southerners and the Easterners should fight enormously to ensure we separate our selves from this northern Islamic lunactics. Biafra is the only hope for all of us.

  17. Onyebuchi Franklin Okeke says:

    Stupidity at it’s peak I wish buhari should order buratai like he did during Gambia brouhaha to Israel and he should just send soldiers of northern extraction especially the Muslims so that Israel will cure their madness once and for all

  18. Godgift Samuel says:

    I’m so happy President Trump is not Obama who is a weakly. He knew you guys will protest because that’s what you are known for all over the world( lol ). Una go protest tire. Trump never goes back to any decision he makes, take note my Muslim brothers.

  19. Evangelist Obi Emmanuel Okam says:

    Almajiris are dying of hunger, these punks will not protest, illiteracy is ravaging the north, no outrage, herdsmen burning and butchering people, these dumb nuts are silent. Yet you carry foreign flags to protest as if you mean, anything to any body. SMH!!!!

  20. Audu Sunnie says:

    Na the same crowd wey go welcome bubu be those idiots if u chek am well..
    Make una no worri o, we the Christian go soon join Trump to relocate the federal capital of Nigeria back to Calaba, make I see weyda Egypt go protest, if dem no protest ,na em be say na real Idiot una be …

  21. Austin Ibe says:

    There is a grievous issues at hand my people slave trade in Libya is more grievous than any issues we all talking in here wise up people African is being reaped by the same people who claim to be Africans are they are Muslims

  22. Chukwuemeka Oluah says:

    Anyone protesting the declaration of Jerusalem as capital of Israel is either misinformed or badly informed,he must be limited in knowledge of history and should be send back to school to be thought history. History has it that before Islam,there was Christianity, even the Quran attested to this fact. The bible has it that Jerusalem is a city in Israel. How come Islam is now claiming ownership of Jerusalem? Must they look for trouble?

  23. Audu Sunnie says:

    See those Nigerian okporoko slave Moslems too wan show themselves too for where dem slave master dem dey… Lol! Wonda no go really end for diz our ogbodai..
    Na weytin kill Osama go kill una and una jeneracion…

  24. Osondu T Kelechi says:

    Not new…… Make a defamatory statement about Islam in Germany even when there is no protest in Saudi Arabia the Islamic world headquarters, there would be mass genocide in northern Nigeria….. Bigots

  25. Emeka Okonkwo says:

    May Be Southerners In D North Should Start Relocating 4 What Does Not Concern Them. Nigeria Changed Its Capital 4rm Lagos 2 Abuja & Heaven Did Not Fall. What Is Wrong In Isreal Changing Its Capital 2 Jerusalem, D Holy City Of David

  26. Abdulazeez Idris says:

    Even dose people dat doesn’t know what Christianity is all about open dere dirty mouth to be condemning order people’s religion. Igbo people only celebrate Sunday cause is a day to drink beer to stupor and follow ashawos. Bigots

  27. Chiedozie Ositadinma says:

    The protesters should not tackle anyone in Nigeria. And they need not stir up sentiments or crisis here. The decision is an American decision, and the subject matter concerns Isreal and Palestine, not Nigeria. We stand with President Trump. . He only declared reality and truth, Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital of Isreal. No amount of protest or conspiracy can change God’s everlasting Covenants with Jacob and David. Jerusalem is King David’s city

  28. Kelgrin Omo-ugun Otoide says:

    Religious slaves, how does what’s going on in Jerusalem or Palestine affects us here in Nigeria? They are fighting over a territory and some religious idiots here are killing themselves over it. Some are even quoting Bible and Quran over another man’s land. Our forefathers never experienced slavery compared to this our generation.

  29. Prince Abiloye Igbowu says:

    Sometimes I use to wonder, someone decided that he will start eating cow skin and you quarried him. What is your business since he did not force you to eat with him. People should try and think right. It is only American Moslems that have the right of protest.

  30. Joshua Awodi says:

    where are they protesting from tomorrow all Christians should be preparing too to protest for the support of Trump decision we have been waiting patiently for who will start first since the think they are violent in nature we are even more violent no more room for nonsense

  31. Dr. Peter Ejirika,CPA says:

    It should not come as a surprise to the world that Nigeria is an Absolute Muslim Country even their television preachers and pastors are Muslims because they come from Muslim Families. It goes without gainsaying that Trump has proven himself to be the greatest defender of the christian faith of modern times. President Trump, shalom and God Bless America and Biafra.

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