Niger Delta Militants Warn Buhari Over $1bn Withdrawal

On December 22, 2017 19 Comments

A coalition of Niger Delta militants has warned President Muhammadu Buhari over the withdrawal of $1billion from Excess Crude Account to fight Boko Haram insurgency in the North East.

The militants, under the auspices of the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers warned that they “will not take this but resist it with our might.”

In an open letter to Buhari, they described the plan to withdraw the $1bn as wicked and insensitive.

The letter signed by self-styled, Major General Johnmark Ezonbi, said the federal government disregarded the peace accord signed with the people of the Niger Delta.


The RNDA also warned the government not to take the present ceasefire agreement for granted.

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The letter partly read, “Through the ceasefire, the country is enjoying daily crude oil production of between 2.2 and 2.4million barrels of crude production which amount to billions of naira daily for the Federal Government. It also helped the country to get out of recession. So, the government should not take our patience and silence for granted.

“We want to state categorically that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government is insensitive and practically negating the principles of natural justice by using resources derived from a neglected region to combat insurgency in the North-East in the senseless Boko Haram war to the tune of $1bn from ECA.

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“We will not take this but resist with our might. This broad day light robbery against the Niger Delta people will not be accepted by us. We are going to resist this perpetual injustice against our long-neglected people in the region.”


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  1. Alumona Ernest says:

    This is oil money, yet come to Niger Delta, visit them and see how ppl that feed Nigeria for over 50years yet they are in pain. This is time to wake up and hold FG to do more thing to back up oil. Imagine all the old eastern States don’t have a world class sea port, yet crude oil are sold every day, oil blocks are sold years. We have sea, and a very nice space to expand the sea with our oil money to build a world class sea port that will stand as back up after oil is gone. If this region is in sokoto, by now every local government will have a world class sea port.

  2. Komo Komo says:

    Everyday them they warn. Buhari buhari. Make them go fight boko haram no, make them bomb abuja no. Na to they warn warn. We don’t want to hear this rubbish in 2018. Thanks

  3. Jack Sa'buaer says:

    #Niger_Delta, #Nigeria #Niga_area according to #Britain means where slaves or less humans live. in the time of #Hitler they called them #Nigro meaning black animals in the jungle.
    even the #River we know as #River_Niger was #Named by the whites meaning #Niga’s River just as they call our girl’s #Beaches and #boys nigas #Nigas enjoy ur #Slave_trade_mark

  4. Jack Sa'buaer says:

    #Niger_Delta, #Nigeria #Niga_area according to #Britain means where slaves or less humans live. in the time of #Hitler they called them #Nigro meaning black animals in the jungle. #Nigas enjoy ur #Slave_trade_mark

  5. Emeka Timothy says:

    Point of correction! THE NIGER DELTA FREEDOM FIGHTERS not niger delta militants. a militant can be paid to do just anything but these ones knows what they want and are demanding for what is right so dont see them as militants.

    • Kadri Akande says:

      Buffoon. I attended school when you and him were being persuaded to leave trading for schooling. That was when schools had value not the one you attended and paid for worthless degrees. Clueless Ph.d Jonathan that plunged the country into a bottomless pit.

  6. Rodriguez Pence says:

    Niger DeLter Militant shoUld fuck out. Were are there when huhari the Son of Satan has been taking the Crude from the Niger Delta religion. Using it to exchange dangerous Ammunitions against NigerDelta and biafran.

  7. Micheal Aligwekwe says:

    Toothless bulldog, I am ashamed of these little boys, 95% of oil in your land is own by the notherners, they keep draining you people, developing their region with your natural resources and you people are there making noise all the time, 90% of what is keeping this enclave called Nigeria lively is from your region and you can’t boast of sound qualitative school from primary to university,no good drinking water, no good hospitals, not even a fertile land to cultivate, you are just like a slave in your own land, all the good things the creator blessed you with have been taken away from you, you only comes out when ever your wallet is dry, biafra is your last and only hope, try and be original and stand for your right,.

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