Biafra: IPOB Floats Hausa Radio Service To ‘Educate And Liberate Northerners’

On January 5, 2018 49 Comments

The proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) will tomorrow launch a Hausa radio Nigeria service.

The group said it would not relent in the struggle to strengthen its cause.

It therefore. advised every Hausa speaking Northerner to tune to 15110 KHz every night at 7:00p.m., from Saturday January 6, saying the service will educate and liberate them.

The Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful, in a statement, said the group hopes to demonstrate, through the launch of the liberation radio station, to prove beyond every conceivable doubt, that IPOB is not a selfish movement concerned only about the well-being of Biafrans.

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Powerful added the group was also genuinely concerned about the plight of all oppressed people in Nigeria as stated by its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, on countless occasions.

“Our quest for the total liberation of Biafraland is unstoppable; this, we shall demonstrate in the coming months.

“Those deluding themselves with the laughable and perverse notion that IPOB has been weakened because of the absence of our leader are in for a shock. This move, today, is the beginning of a mass revolution against our oppressors that will spread outside the borders of Biafraland.

“The coming of this new and revolutionary Radio Nigeria Hausa service will expose centuries old dark secrets, through education of the oppressed Hausa-Fulani youths, that IPOB and Biafra mean well for them, contrary to lies being peddled by their corrupt leadership.

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“We will not fail to let all Northern youths understand that their political leaders, elders and fathers, like those in Biafraland, are the real oppressors that, over the years, have kept them in the dark through a carefully crafted and systematic regime of misinformation and propagation of falsehood.

The IPOB spokesman also disclosed that the coming of the new radio is in keeping with their promise to facilitate the creation of an unbiased informative platform to take the message of liberation to the down-trodden and oppressed indigenous populations of Northern Nigeria.


Comments (49)

  1. Don Chris says:

    When i was small i used to hear from old men that hausa people are good, they was adress as bah kwomi, which means someone who have children heart, but now every day u will hear killing every where in the north and i asked myself is it this people our old people said they are good are killing people like this without knowing there is defference between hausa and fulanis herdmen,

  2. Chidex Hillson says:

    Hausa must be free from d heartless Fulani vampires. Originally hausas are kind and gentle people but these beast from futan Jalon has polluted them with dia savagery, canivarous and archaic way of life.This is d time to tell d young Hausa d hidden truth

  3. Rukayya Lawal says:

    Hausas are above your nonsensical nonsense. We will sue you to court fir this, we don’t need your useless radio. We are brothers and sisters to Fulanis . Your dreams of coming in between us can not materialise by the Grace of Allah. The evil you are planning will back fire on you people. Mend your houses, you are races without unity who doesn’t know you?.

    • Rukayya Lawal says:

      Charlie, Put your house in order before you dream of crossing over to our land. For your information we and Fulanis are one family. Your type cannot succeed. Intruders, unskilled and unfocused people.

  4. Lucky Fregene says:

    Nice one, dis hausa suffered most in dis useless country, their eyes will be opened now to see d evil in foolani, u can’t see foolani almajiris but only hausa, hausa also re d one riding Okada and not foolani, in d core arewa state foolani is not up to 1% but the re d only one producing governor, likewise emirs and hausa will be slaving for them because the re deceiving hausa with religion, radio Biafra will open their eyes now with nothing but d truth, d time hausa is happy slave will be over soon, pls radio Biafra after educating almajiris next will be yorubas because all if them will be cured of slave mentality

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