Security Agents Are Harassing Us – Nnamdi Kanu’s Family

On January 8, 2018 26 Comments

Family of leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has alleged intimidation and harassment by security operatives.

The family has, therefore, appealed to well-meaning people and the international community to call the security agents to order.

In a statement, the family’s spokesman, Prince Emmanuel Kanu, said operatives of the Department of State Security (DSS) have, in recent times, been patrolling the Afara Ukwu country home of the Kanus and, in particular, mounting a 24-hour surveillance on their home.

In addition, Kanu said police in Abia State have begun the construction of a security post close to the family house, all in a bid to continue their intimidation and harassment of members of the family, under the guise of providing security in the area.

He said what security outfits are doing in Afara Ukwu is uncalled for, since the area is one of the most peaceful in Igbo land. He advised them to rather direct their energies and professional prowess, if they had any, to the North East, where Boko Haram had decimated the population, and Benue State, where he said Fulani herdsmen have turned into a slaughter ground.

Kanu said it is getting clearer by the day that security operatives are planning to raid their home again, but said it would serve the image of the security outfits better if they return what they looted from their house during the first and second raids, including their mother’s two boxes of clothes.

“The family is still making a case for all the things they looted from our house during their first and second raids, particularly our mother’s two boxes, as anybody still keeping those boxes will have no peace until they are returned.”


Comments (26)

  1. Okino Edward says:

    Abdullahi Umar Gabasawa your animal in human form foolish Hausa fulani jihad uncircumcised lazy blood socking illiterate.who do not know what human right is all about.oil Margot

  2. Idris Mahmood Aliyu says:

    I think they said this old man ( the father of nnamdi cownu; the water melon head and a tuobob) is nowhere to be found? Wherever the water melon head is, will be fished out let justice being done upon him!!!

  3. Solo KC says:

    to tell u that they are islamic agent has the dead buhari and his dead ghost awusa gwonment sent his islamic security to save benue feofle prom the hands of awusa/fulani islamic killers?

  4. Chris Njoku says:

    Illiterate, uncircumcised , murderous beggars and diseased ravaged Bastards from the Futa Jalon. Just return the family’s belongings you thieves.

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