Fulani Herdsmen Are Now Terrorists – Fayose Declares

On January 10, 2018 58 Comments

Ekiti state Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has reacted to the latest attack of Fulani herdsmen in Benue.

Fayose condemned the killing of two police officers and said “it has gotten to the level of terrorism and ethnic cleansing”.

In a statement signed by by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, the Governor noted that the issue was getting out of hand.

“What is happening in Benue and other middle-belt States is more than a strive between herdsmen and local farmers, it has gotten to the level of terrorism and ethnic cleansing. FG must act now.


“Just now, we heard news of the herdsmen attacking the camp of Mobile policemen, Mopol 13 in Benue, killing two officers by slitting their throats.

Do you call people who could invade the camp of mobile policemen in a guerilla manner & overpower armed Mopol mere Fulani herdsmen?” part of the statement read.

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Fayose added that President Muhammadu Buhari must take decisive steps, to stop what he described asan attempt to wipe the Agatu and Tiv people of Benue state off the face of the earth.

“What is happening in Benue and other States in the North-central is an issue that the President Buhari must have to take decisive steps.

We never had killings like these under previous administrations. It is one killing too many!”

Governor Fayose said no one can deny the fact that the Fulani herdsmen have become a nightmare to Nigerians.

“On the Global Terrorism Index, Fulani militant group (herdsmen) operating in Nigeria and parts of the Central African Republic is the fourth deadliest known terrorist group.

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“A group declared as the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world as far back as 2015 cannot be handled with levity by the federal government as being done presently and the earlier President Buhari is made to realize that his main duty is protect the lives of all Nigerians, the better.

“Most importantly, the silence of the people does not amount to their inability to defend themselves. And it should be known to the powers that be that everybody in Nigeria has rights to life.

“Taking lives cheaply and brazenly as being done by the herdsmen is the height of evil which no responsible government should allow. The federal government must have to take decisive steps to end this pogrom and stop playing to the gallery.

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“As it is, police do not have capacity to handle the situation in Benue and we will not be surprised if the herdsmen begin to move from one state to the other to cause further havoc because they are getting away with murder daily.

Therefore, the federal government needs to do more; otherwise, Nigerians will begin to see the herdsmen as the APC hit group,” he said.


Comments (58)

  1. Nwabueze Biafra says:

    Where are the useless nonsense myopic moron dirty HausaFoolani’s? They will not comment on this issue of Terrorism bcos it is their people that are commiting the crime. If it is IPOB issue you will see them writing trash. God will continue to destroyed this Animals called HausaFoolani. The children of God(BIAFRANS) must surely be FREE. FREEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  2. Mathias Abraham says:

    Really if the so-called herdsmen could be so brutal and destructive it’s an indication that Buhari and his government is sponsoring​ terorism as long as they’ve not said or done anything about it, in view of this however the youths of these country should rise in one accord and pass a vote of no confidence against them and the entire APC government.

  3. Dr. Peter Ejirika,CPA says:

    The Fulani Herds Men led by Gowon, Danjuma, Babaginda, Katsina, and Buhari have been terrorists all along but for some reason the generality of the Yorubas failed to realize this self evident truth. The Terrorist Nature of Awusas and Fulanis is all that the Ibos have been alluding to right from 1908 to the present, if the Yorubas have ears let them hear otherwise the Fulanis and Awusas will always play their master piece which is destroying lives and property.

  4. Monosco Ndukwo says:

    Is hightime govors shld forget abt Fg bein myopic n bias.Fg had been indifferent fro d heinous crimes ben perpetrated by this hdsmen marauders. otherwise,this s 2yrs d started this devilish act on ppl al over d country.They r terrorist n shld trtd as such

  5. Chikezie Nelson says:

    By Barr. Alfred Paul.
    I watch with disappointment the celebration of the brutal and criminal murder of an alleged brutal criminal, Don Wanny. The government took its lawlessness to a dangerous level when it went ahead to destroy his properties.
    For the avoidance of doubt, in effecting arrest, security agents are empowered to use only such force as is reasonably necessary in the circumstance, and not to go on a killing mission. Ironically, even those who supported # EndSARS for their extra-judicial killings are clapping. No matter the allegations against Don Wanny or anybody for that matter, the suspect has a right to be heard in a court of law. It is not for the police or army or Fulani herdsmen to go and kill the person. Thus unless he, in fact, engaged the military in gun battle at the time of his arrest, killing him was unlawful and criminal.
    I am also not aware of any law that entitles government to move into the property of an alleged criminal and destroy it. What if he was wrongly accused? But even if he was righly accused, there are laws and procedures for punishing criminals. What then is the difference between Don Wanny and a government that breaks the laws? And Nigerians, always overwhelmed by sentiments, are cheering. I am unable to believe for instance that Don Wanny was behind the new year day killing in Omoku. The pattern is that of Islamic terrorists and reminds me of the Ozubulu church killings and how we all missed the point and blamed it on drug war. Has it ever occured to you that Don Wanny may have been killed to cover up the real Omoko killers?

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