Fayose Mounts Strong Defence In Ekiti In Preparation for Killer Herdsmen Attack

On January 11, 2018 12 Comments

Governor Ayodele Fayose has encouraged Ekiti farmers to be more vigilant because he’s been tipped that herdsmen have made their way to the state for an attack.

“I have received letters that the Bororos have entered our reserves; they want to violate our laws. I want to call the attention of the Federal Government that they have come and wanted to kill men, women and kids in Ekiti. We will not allow that to happen here in Ekiti”, he said while addressing hunters in the state.

“I want you all, our hunters, to go back today to protect your people. Be vigilant, open your eyes and make sure that everybody entering the state is screened.

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“No one in the guise of grazing should enter our land after 8 p.m. For our brothers who harbour criminals, tell them Ekiti is a no-go area. If your plan is to make this state ungovernable, you are wasting your time.


“I have called this meeting for everyone to be vigilant. I will begin to support you now to secure Ekiti. Don’t let them take you by surprise; don’t allow them to take Ekiti by storm.

“Go to the farms and keep vigil; don’t just entertain visitors who come in the night. Screen them. We don’t want visitors in our reserves at 8 p.m.”

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Comments (12)

  1. austine says:

    Real action governor. We are fully behind you in safeguarding our people. The Benue state governor should learn from you instead of lamenting endlessly. He should use his security vote to empower his people to guard the state against the fulani invaders.

  2. Onyemaechi Tony says:

    The main objective of a leader is to protect lives, property, if need be resources too & all sum up to SECURITY = one who sureties for…. FAYOSE, How we wish u r the Commander in chief. May the almighty GOD strengthen u & give u more courage. AMEN

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