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State Sponsored Ethnic Cleansing In Nigeria By Onyema Uche



ethnic cleansing

By Onyema Uche

It first started like ordinary ethnic clashes or religious crisis in the north. Then the 4th most dangerous terrorists in the world emerged. Again it was seen as a mere crisis between herdsmen and farmers. As this was going on, the crisis between Sunnis and Shiites Muslims in Kaduna was used as smokes screen to embark on a deliberate systematic ethnic cleansing in southern Kaduna.

The amazing aspect of this whole thing is the silence of the people who should speak up, the human right activists, the churches and the opposition parties. All kept quiet as if there was a secret conspiracy against the people.

The herdsmen killings, massacres, rape and humiliation of women went around the entire former eastern and western states and other minority states in the middle belt with no one defending. The carnage in Agatu, the horrific massacre in Agwu and Uzu-Uwani did not lead to any meaningful arrest, prosecution, and jailing of any culprit, instead what we saw was the illegal arrest of all able-bodied men in all the communities where the massacres took place. In no instance did our president visit the areas affected or made any effort to stop further massacres.

As the killings were going on, Alhaji Abubakar Sa’ad, the Sultan of Sokoto, went on a demon inspired itinerant missionary work. He was visiting every state 2 days after each massacre. His mission was to preach against hate speech to avoid hate crime. As silly as it sounds, in none of those inglorious visits did anyone dare to embarrass him with the truth. No one asked Mr. Sa’ad about the massacre of innocent citizens and hate speech which came first or which is worse. This man came to Enugu the state that had three worst attacks in the southeast, not any Obi, Igwe, ichie or any prominent citizen of the state or any politician, not even the fat cow governor dared ask “why” kill our people. Today the cows both those on 2 legs and those on 4 legs are still moving freely in our states.

The all-out ethnic cleansing going on now in Taraba, Benue, Plateau and Adamawa states are giving new meaning to the real intention behind the herdsmen terror in southern and western states. It was not just about farmers versus herdsmen. The massacres were foot soldiers sent to test the will and strength of the people. To test the resolve to self-defense of the people. Recall that before the Agatu and Agwu massacre, Christian communities in Adamawa and Taraba states were the first that was hit.

Following the manner and method of jihad wars and its invasion history, they would first strike you with terror. Then they come for peace. The peace strategy is to disarm you and make you feel the false sense of peace and security (experience in the middle belt states confirms this and the fall of Dubair, now Sokto to Othman Dan Fodio in 1806 attests to this). At the least provocation, they will come upon you with wicked force and unleash on you all the arsenal in their command. This is what is happening in middle belt states now. Again besides few newspaper headlines, no one is talking.

A little history of the fall of the northern hegemony into the hands of the greatest terrorist ever stepped foot in Nigeria, Usman Dan Fodio, used this same method. First, he struck the emir that gave him succor, sued for peace with neighboring communities and within one week his jihad army arrived and the entire north was invaded. Today what you have is Hausa/ Fulani which means “Hausas defeated and controlled by Fulani’. Hausa ethnicity makes no more sense unless it is qualified with Fulani and surprisingly they are happy with it, I mean the Hausas

Still< the bigger question or concern is the dumbness of CAN and the cowardice of all the fiery tithe preachers of the Pentecostal churches. The criminal silence of our leaders of thought, the none existence of a political class with guts and balls. Most worrisome is the cowardice of NY present generation youths. Why can’t the youths arm themselves for self- defense?

Now that the Nigerian air force is providing the shield for the jihadists code-named “Fulanis” why can’t all state get prepared and ready before the ninjas arrived? In Taraba, Benue, Plateau and Adamawa states, entire communities have been wiped out. Traditional rulers killed as sacred places desecrated.

Where are the agitationists? IPOB, MASSOB, Avengers, OPC, Egbesu boys, even Badoos etc. They should start now closing ranks and forming a coalition of the willing to fight for the survival of there kinds. It is obvious that the state is not only sponsoring this carnage but also fighting with them.

In Taraba, Benue, Plateau and Adamawa state, a state-sponsored ethnic cleansing is going on. The Fulani jihadists are out to conquer what was left by their ancestor Uthman Dan Fodio. Benue and Plateau should get ready because after Taraba and Adamawa they will be next. When it gets to them, indigenes of Enugu should start going into exile because they have been sold already.

It is important Christians rise up now. Stop their prolonged meditations and senseless hours of fasting and prayers and start arming quietly because they will need more than the bible and rosary to defend themselves when the jihad terrorists arrive.

Do not wait for the Western countries to protect you because they won’t. They will not protect you because kill, conquer and occupy is their trademark and life.

Onyema Uche writes from United States of America

Op–ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Oriental Times

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