Kanu Nwankwo Laments Takeover Of His Hotel By Nigerian Government

On January 17, 2018 31 Comments

Former Super Eagles captain, Kanu Nwankwo, has called the attention of the general public to the refusal of AMCON to respect court orders by refusing to release his hotel located in Lagos to him.

Kanu’s property, known as Hardly Apartment Located at Victoria Island, Lagos, has been put under temporary possession of AMCON.

The property was siezed on account of purported indebtedness which remains unproven since November 2015 till date.

Kanu said that his Heart Foundation has been threatened once again with the possession of his hotel by AMCON as the establishment, Hardly Apartment seems to be the source of his funding to Kanu Heart Foundation.

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In a statement he issued yesterday, the former Arsenal striker said he wants justice to take its natural course.


Comments (31)

  1. Prominent says:

    Onwu na- egbu nwa nkita anaghi ekwe ya buru isi nsi.
    Ijiji na- anaghi anu ihe na- eso ozu ala n’ ili
    Ya buru n’ I ga- amara ihe, gi bia kwuru ebe ibe gi kwu.
    Ogwu ka oham n’ onu.

  2. Ukwueze Ikechukwu Joseph says:

    Crying is not enough. Did Kanu involve himself in any style of corruption of Buhari’s definition? He is a footballer. May be they think he is a blood relation of their arch-enemy Nnamdi Kanu. Pls tell Buhari and his agents that they are not related. KANU, be wise. Simply go to court. Make your case, and come out richer. Just don’t bother how long the legal battle will take. They want to inherit every good investment without sweat.

  3. Tony Brown says:

    A big lessons for the Biafrans who have majority of their investment outside BIAFRA land within NIGERIA to learn, last year was Diezeani and many BIAFRANS dignitaries today, Patience Johnathan house demolish, which can never happen in BIAFRA land.

  4. Adeline Josh says:

    Islamatization taking place… Soon the Hausa fulani will own everything. What have we heard that belongs to dangote did the Hausa government takeover? Christians let Ur minds be open southerners resist encroachment into Ur territories… Time is running out on them they wanto achieve their aim bfor it’s too late. Watch ‘n see a christain won’t be a running mate com 2019, bcos d will rig the election to stay in power they are putting up tins on place so it will b easy for them com 2019

    • Papa Uwa says:

      @IjeomaPeter because his a Nigerian . Lol . It will reach all of them .
      Long live Prophet Prince Nnamdu Kanu, Long live Biafra

  5. Ines Agboyi says:

    He haven’t seen anything o ooo. All of them who stands against Nnamdi kanu will all loose. I remember when kanu was preaching this very gospel that all ibos should bring their companies, houses and others things home but they prefer calling him names. Ntooo

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