47 Years After, Man Finds Gun His Father Fought With During Biafra War [PHOTOS

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One Dike BarukShalom Chukwudi has shared a photo of his dad who was a Biafra warlord and the gun he used in fighting the war 47 years ago.

Revealing more details, Chukwudi said: “This gun was excavated from my yard. It was used by my dad during the Biafra war. Before the fall of Mbaise in 1971, he trekked from delta state to his home town. In fear of Nigerian soldiers who move from house to house in search of Biafra materials and weapons and to kill or amputate any Biafra soldier found.

Dike BarukShalom Chukwudi shared the photo of the gun and his father

He buried his gun, and other materials in the middle of the night. After the fall of Mbaise he fled. When he came back he was unable to know were he buried his materials because of environmental change. But during building excavation, today being 14/1/2018, after 47years of burial, the gun of a Biafran gorilla warrior resurfaced and he felt once more like a gallant soldier. After awhile, he sheded tears and told the old stories which we will tell our children.

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The Biafran War took place between (July 6, 1967 – January 15, 1970). It began when on May 30, 1967, late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, a military officer and politician announced a breakaway of the Eastern Region under the new name Republic of Biafra. Nigerian forces refused the secession and the country went into war.


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