Miyetti Allah Is The Same With Ohanaeze, Afenifere – Sultan of Sokoto

On January 19, 2018 62 Comments

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, has likened the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, to socio-cultural groups in the country.

According to him, any Fulani man carrying arms and ammunition is not a member of the association.

“How is it possible for Fulani to attack settlements or communities to carry out killings of innocent people, destroy property and disappear without trace?”


He rejected the terrorism tag being placed on members of Miyetti Allah, warning that “We should not be labelling everybody a criminal because his brother is a criminal”.

Abubakar continued, “Miyetti Allah doesn’t control any Fulani man. Calling for proscription of Miyetti Allah is equivalent to calling for the proscription of other ethnic organisations like Afenifere, ACF, Ohanaeze and others…”


Comments (62)

  1. Hope Eze says:

    please may l know the cause of Nigeria/Biafra civil war in 1968, hausa fulani nigerians are nursing it again, watch your backs

  2. Austine E Atah says:

    It serves the Igbo and Yoruba elders good. They are so scared of fellows elders of even unequal status like them from the north. They can’t talk. While Igbo elders endorsed IPOB as terrorist group their counterpart in the north are saying our killer demons are equal to Afenifere and Ohaneze .

  3. wilson says:

    No body should blame the Saultan of sokoto for diffending his people even though he difended them wrongly rather blame your own leaders the likes of Ohaneze, Nnia Nwodo and the South easter governors who have willing sold their own people for their eye service ness. Former governor of jigawa state Lamido said it that in his place no matter what some body foes treachery is forbidden in their last d. Meaning they must diffend their own at anytime no matter what. Ohaneze led by Nnia Nwodo and the southeast governors sold their own people. Where is Nnamdi KANU since then?

  4. M Nasir Musa says:

    Igbo will remain in darkness from now to hereafter.Igbos are the only tribe in west Africa that doesn’t have Central traditional authority,that’s why they are behaving paranormally.

  5. Nnamdi Azodoh says:

    IPOB followers and nnamdi kanu deciples u don’t need to announce ur selves before one detects u guys, still following on the abusive and hatred of ur empty master. But be rest assured that this will take u no where

  6. Izuchukwu Evangelist says:

    Another Fulani and Nigerian Satanic lie.! Ohaneze and Afenifere do not rear cows neither do they have AK47 or kill people like Miyetti Allah.!! Ohaneze and Afenifere are very responsible organizations only for the good and well-being of all Nigerians.!!! Miyeti Allah are killers, selfish and greedy land grabbers whose primary aim is to dominate the entire country and government through born to rule mentality.!!! Shithole group.!!!

  7. Emmanuel Kingable says:

    Any time I remember that me and this Hausa/fulanis are still sharing the same nationality I feel so sad cos the height of this guy’s stupidity is beyond normal human imagination, this Fulanis are no different from animals…

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