No One Can Defeat Us In Nigeria – Fulani National Leader

On January 29, 2018 31 Comments

The National Chairman of Fulbe (Fulani) Development Association of Nigeria (FULDAN), Malam Ahmad Usman Bello, has declared that they cannot be defeated by any ethnic group in the country.

Bello made the remarks while speaking with Saturday Tribune in Kano, amid the widespread outcry against the murderous activities of Fulani herdsmen in Benue, Plateau and Taraba states and many other parts of the country.

“Take it or not, Fulanis have remained unbeatable; no ethnic group can fight us face to face. Any ethnic group that fights us will learn a bitter lesson,” he said.


He, however, said it was in the interest of the Fulani, which he described as “the largest ethnic group in Nigeria and, indeed, West Africa,” for all Nigerians to continue to live in peace and unity.

According to Bello, they would be the biggest losers should a civil war break out, because they have more people than any other ethnic group.

“It is in our own interest that the country lives in peace [and for the country] to be united. If anything happens in Nigeria, we are the ones to lose because we have more people than any other ethnic groups.

“When you have more people, if any war occurred, certainly we Fulanis would have more dead people to record. And we are not beggars as we are equally blessed with wealth,” Bello said.


Comments (31)

  1. Rodriguez Pence says:

    Fulani’s has been succeeding from the guerrillas.through the help of DSS intelligence guardering.come to Nigeria delta Creek and Excise your Militant might.stop building muscle on unarmed villagers and farmers in Nigeria

  2. Gingo Lanni says:

    Tiv killed you in larger number than u killed them. They have killed fulani emir in nasarawa. Usman danfodio UE legend who destroyed kingdoms including the yorybas. Killed ur queen amina that conquered igala the entire Kogi state. Tiv have been ur problem since the creation of Nigeria. Tiv boys are better shooters than Nigerian army proven in 2004. Tiv boys placed in forest empty handed comes out filled with explosives and other armories. They and Niger delta alone has what it takes to cripple u buffoons.

  3. Ajulo Olalekan says:

    Fulani-herdsmen barracks in 36 States of Nigeria is a failure.
    Fulani Caliphate in 36 States of Nigeria is a mission in futility.
    Fulani Garrison in 36 States is anulled nd cancelled by nigerians.
    Buhari’s method of islamizing Nigeria has hit d rock.
    Buhari’s programme to incite muslims south against christians south has failled for ever.

  4. Chukwudi Okoye says:

    you are stupid Jukuns chase u fulanis away withing 30mnts out of wukari +G/dorowa etc in face to face battle and i was there> also what of Gembu manbila Taraba then how market there?? idiot fulanis.

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