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Onyema Uche: Igbo Kukruokoo!



ohanaeze ndigbo

Nigeria is at undeclared war over the killings of Tivs and ethnic minorities in the middle belt. The most recent slaughter of 73 Benue indigenes have ignited reprisal killings that’s about to engulf Nigeria and consume the one Nigeria bruhaha.

Meanwhile some intellectual fools from the east are excavating history, writing crap, propounding outrageous or outright stupid theories as to why Ojukwu should not have defended the people the might and wickedness of genocidal Nigeria. Just less than 3000 people killed in middle belt in 2 years and the nation is at the verge of war, but for over 60,000 Igbos massacred in one month war was not the rightful response?

Let me tell you the truth, if after seeing what is happening in middle belt today, the declaration of Benue people that they have raised an army of a million people to defend themselves, writing to UN, EU, AU demanding independence from Nigeria citing the killings and marginalization as their reason and you are still blaming Ojukwu, my dear, your name is Idiot.

Like the Jews we kill our prophests. We stone them, malign and criminalize their best intentions. We praise the hypocrites among us. Canonize the criminals, give them titles, display excessive miserable felicity in the name of ‘justice’ each time our enemies are hurt thinking that will make us any better or loved or acceptable to those who hate our humanity.

Ojukwu came, he saw and fought against it. We lost and you are blaming Ojukwu for daring. Ralph Uwazuruike came, he saw and he tried. You shouted him down. You criminalized his intentions. You blackmailed him by that you rendered him impotent.

Nnamdi Kanu emerged. He saw the killings, the marginalization. He dared to stop it. He screamed. He yelled. He shouted. He wept. He begged you to listen to him. He prophesied. Yet you accused him of trying to overthrow your ‘Caesar’. He raised IPOB to resist the injustice against us, but you became the opposition, the enemy within and got him proscribed. Today nations are gathering, the warriors are gathering according to their tribes. You have neither prophets or kings. Is it not pathetic?

You chased your prophets out of your land. Now your enemies are at your door steps, how many long letters can you write to expel the threat from your enemies? Where is that alternative that you have been writing about? Step forward and step it up. We need your wisdom now. You cannot be talkers for life. This is your time to out shine Gen. Odumegwu Ojukwu. This is your time to be better than Ralph Uwazuruike. This is your time to prove you’re alternative is better than Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB. If you got nothing to replace what you destroyed, then shame is your name.

All I am saying is that the latest events and developments in the country has proved Ojukwu right. Has proved Uwazuruike and Nnamdi kanu right. If you contributed to the fall of these men, you will receive the punishment due for those who killed the prophets.

Onyema Uche Writes from Washington, DC