Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War: A Sweet Romance With Corruption

On March 17, 2018 3 Comments

By Nwaorgu Anayochi

APC coaxed Nigerians into voting for Buhari in 2015 general election on the basis of Fighting corruption and Insurgency.

They promised to crush Boko Haram in less than 2 years into office. And vow to end corruption by jailing all the treasure looters.

But has anything changed since Buhari took over power from Goodluck Jonathan? Of course, but for the worse anyway.


According to Transparency International Corruption Perception Index report, corruption has increased in Nigeria by about 10digits between 2015 and 2017.

Judging from the myriads of corruption scandals Buhari and his appointees has faced within these 3years, the transparency International report is an indisputable truth.

In the disguise of Fighting corruption, Buhari has legalized corruption in his government and Nigeria at large.

Under Buhari’s watch as the Commander in Chief and the Minister of Petroleum, $26billion disappeared in NNPC from awarding of contracts without following due process. And that matter was swept under the carpet till this very day.

Under Buhari’s watch, Maina, a man who was sacked by the previous administration on the basis of corruption and was later declared wanted by the men of EFCC was reinstated into the Federal Civil service. Till today, Buhari and his appointees have not told Nigerians how Maina, a man who was on exile got reinstated into the Service.

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It took Buhari over 1year to sack the grass cutter SGF, Babachir Lawal, who was accused of stealing over N100million belonging to the IDPs and was indicted by a panel of inquiry headed by the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo. And as I write, the SGF is moving freely, he was never arrested nor prosecuted for this crime.

Usman Yusuf, the NHIS boss who was accused of conniving with few others to steal the sum of N919million and was sacked by the Minister of health got reinstated by our anti-corruption President himself, Buhari. Buhari claim that the panel that investigated Usman Yusuf was bias, but Buhari did not tell Nigerians why he reinstated someone accused of using his position to steal public fund into that same position before setting up a panel that will investigate him.

This is it not another way of telling him to go clean up his mess and block every link before his investigation will resume (if there will be any)? Of course. But the most worrisome part is that, no investigation nor report has been tendered after Yusuf’s reinstatement.

Buhari’s son, Yusuf , who has never worked in his entire life, had a bike accident with a power bike worth about N70million he bought with his own money. Till today, Buhari’s son have not told Nigerians how he made over N70million he used in buying the Bike. And EFCC has absolutely gone blind, deaf and dumb on that matter.

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According to Debt Management Office report, it was revealed that Buhari’s government, in less than 3 years borrowed N7.51trillion. But today, there’s no tangible project to show for this biggest borrowing in the history of Nigeria,which has warranted the unanswered question, what did they do with these Trillions of Naira?

It’s also in record that under Buhari’s watch, a whooping sum of N1.1billion was budgeted to clean and fumigate the NSA’ office.

N1.1billion to clean an office.

In 2018 budget, N79million was budgeted for the cutting of Buhari’s hair. I mean cutting of hair.
This list can go on and on and on, because Buhari’s government is characterized by corruption and stealing.

I’m not surprised over all of these scandals going on in Buhari’s government, because there’s no record that have proven the incorruptible nature of Buhari which he has been selling to gullible Nigerians since 1983, rather several records and history has shown that Buhari is a man who’s completely morally bankrupt.

But what mystifies my imagination is how Buhari managed to convince Nigerians that he’s a saint despite glaring evidences and facts that he’s the opposite.

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This is a man who prefer to hire over 20 SANs to defend him in a suit that only asked him to provide his WAEC Certificate rather than provide the certificate if he has one.

This is a man who under his watch in 1976 as the then Federal Commissioner for Petroleum and Natural Resources, the sum of $2.8billion disappeared into thin air without a trace.

This is a man who could not account for N25billion as the PTF chairman in 1999 when PTF was disbanded by Obasanjo.

Yet, this same man came out posing saint, and people, I mean people with brain in their skulls queued behind him hoping for Nigeria to be delivered from corruption by him.
Isn’t pathetic?

If nothing is done to stop Buhari, soon corruption will build houses in our midst.

And The only possible thing that can be done to stop this impending disaster is to get Nigeria restructured by every means possible before 2019 election or all the regions go their separate ways.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Buhari is the father of all corruption but he claimed to be a saints by those his evil supporters who are not deferent from boko haram terrorist in all it nature and action

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