What Igbo Elders Will Do If Buhari Fails To Remove IPOB From Terrorist’ List – Prof. Nwabueze

On April 9, 2018 23 Comments

A renowned constitutional lawyer, Prof. Ben Nwabueze has said that if President Muhammadu Buhari-led government continues its alleged injustice on the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Igbo elders be forced to takeover the agitation.

He said this while insisting that he will not be part of any kind of peace talk until the Federal Government reverses the proscription of the IPOB and removed it from its list of terrorist’ organisations.

He stated this when the leadership of IPOB visited him in his Kosisieme Family Estate residence in Atani, Ogbaru Local Government Area, Anambra State.

The IPOB had gone to apologise to him and the leadership of Eastern Consultative Assembly, ECA, for disrupting their meeting in Enugu on February 27, 2018.


Prof. Nwabueze said, “If the injustice being meted by the Federal Government on IPOB is not addressed, it will get to the stage when it will become an all embracing Igbo movement, that elders like me will take over the agitation and it will spell doom for the country.

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“The injustice meted on Ndigbo and everything concerning them in Nigeria, justify the agitation by IPOB,” adding that “injustice against Ndigbo, dates back to 1965 when the Governing Council of University of Lagos, dominated by the Yoruba attempted to illegally remove a Vice Chancellor of Igbo extraction of the institution, Prof. Enyi Njoku.

“I still remember the story of University of Lagos when on 2nd March 1965, then I was a lecturer in the newly established University of Lagos, they attempted to remove Prof. Enyi Njoku as the Vice Chancellor and I said no, we will not accept that. I mobilised all the university students and lecturers in protest and the university was closed down for a whole session.

“We fought the Federal Government of Alhaji Tafawa Balewa to a stand still. I was arrested and sentenced to six months imprisonment by a Yoruba Magistrate for leading the protest and we appealed the judgment and a Sierra-Leonian Judge, J.S Taylor threw the judgment away and reversed my six months imprisonment and I regained my freedom and there was jubilation everywhere in Lagos by Ndigbo.

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He lambasted the current administration for proscribing IPOB when organisations and associations like armed herdsmen, whom he said had massacred and slaughtered many Nigerians and are still killing people, have not been proscribed or declared a terrorist organisation.

“I will not be part of any kind of peace talk until the IPOB is unproscribed, until the declaration of IPOB as a terrorist organisation is removed. If the Federal Government has the courage to meet these two conditions, okay. We can talk peace and I will be there. If not, then count me out.

“I will not participate in any kind of peace talk so long as IPOB remains proscribed, so long as IPOB remains a terrorist group or organisation in the eye of the Federal Government. IPOB is only agitating for Biafra and self determination; they have killed nobody. On the contrary, IPOB members have been killed and are still being killed by the Federal Government’s troops.

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“Nothing has been done to those who have committed murder and slaughtered innocent and law abiding citizens. You have not even disarmed the herdsmen, they are still moving about with AK 47riffles slaughtering people all over the places.”


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  1. Truth Is Bitter says:

    Prof Ben your words is noted but we IPOB have nothing to fear about FG of Zoo tagging IPOB Terrorist. Our focus is to restore Biafra even the world power called late Nelosn Mandale Terrorist and today what happened. Biafra must be restore by peace or Option B. All Hail Biafra

    • Anonymous says:

      Every Biafra is an IPOB as evry IPOB is a Biafra. what is full meaning of IPOB?. “Independent people of Biafra”, you may denied been an IPOB, but how can you deny been a Biafra?. Tagging IPOB terrorist is tagging all Biafrans terrorists, woke up Brothers! This is more of been IPOB member.

  2. Anonymous says:


    • He proscribed Niger D Avengers and declared them Terrorists
    • He banned Unarmed IPOB, declared them Terrorists.
    • Members of his govt have even recommended hanging for those that criticise Buhari in the so-called Hate Speech
    • But killer Fulani Herdsmen who have murdered over 4,000 Nigerians he begs us to embrace and call NEIGHBOURS!!??
    Gowon to Awolowo: “Immediately after the war is over, you will be the head of Federal Government of Nigeria as elected president.” Awolowo was deceived.

    Abacha to Abiola: “I will restore your mandate after I take over from Shonekan.” Abiola was fooled.

    Buhari to Tinubu: “We will return Nigeria to True Federalism under a Hausa/Fulani APC presidential candidate.” Tinubu was fooled.

    Awolowo, Abiola, Tinubu were betrayed in their very eyes. Have you also heard APC caucus have said the name, “APC National Leader” given to Tinubu is just a nickname?

    Northern oligarchs fooling the Southern leaders since 1641.

    Now the question: Who will be the next fool?

  3. Anonymous says:


    **A Fantastically Corrupt Buhari Fighting Corruption, will not achieve anything. – UK PM
    **The World Most Corruption leader in 2017 Fighting Corruption. – Transparency Int’l and World Media.

    **Nigeria’s Most extravagant President Talking about spending cut for the Poor, while he and his folks’ lives large.

    **Buhari Never accounted for N2.4trn Capital Budget in 2017, as Fasola said that No fund was released for capital projects for that year. Please Google this.

    **A President who shielded the most corrupt in his govt and Nigerians that footed his campaign bill from trial by EFCC and only going for opponents and perceived enemies with trump charges.

    **A President who see nothing wrong padding Budget in 2016, 2017 and 2018, yet he claims Mr Integrity.

    **A President that lies about receiving trillions of Naira as income in 2017 and yet less than 40% of the budget was funded.

    **A President that lies about increased Rice Production, yet 2017 Rice production was only 37% of Nigeria’s local Rice production in 2014 and Importation was at all-time high, mostly from Cotonou, Niger Republic and Chad.

    **Mr Buhari that Spend $6m for Ear Treatment, $60m for an undisclosed illness in UK, His son paying $6.5m for treatment in Germany for his Bike accident, and about $150k to charter a Jet to fly him home, is talking about those that squandered Nigerian wealth.

    **A President that imported Grass for Cows from Brazil that worth Millions of Dollars, while Millions of Nigerians barely eat in a whole day. These cows belong to individuals.

    **A President that stayed 158days Overseas and a total of 259 days not going to his office in 2017 is talking of Re-election.

    **A President who supported a terrorist group, the Herdsmen to be slaughtering his compatriots and is asking for re-election.

    **A President that Allocated $1billion for Terrorist Herdsmen, but their victims, (that lost lives, Farmland, de

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