In Another Show Of Gross Incompetence, The APC ‘Loses’ Its Official Twitter Account

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A moment ago, some irregularities were noticed on the official Twitter account of Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), @APCNigeria. The account which is run by Cross River-based social media influencer, Philip Obin appeared to have been sold or taken over by one Justin Sun, founder of Tron Foundation.

This development is another show of incompetence from the ruling party which has lost confidence from many Nigerians.

While responding to a question from a Twitter user, Bukola Ogunyemi, the ‘new account’ holder replied sarcastically saying, “No, the Nigerian president needed money, and I gave it to him for his account”.

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Adding that the account was bought for a paltry “$2000 from the official owner”. $2000? That’s N720,000 at the rate of N360 to $1.

The account currently looks like the image below:

With tweets related to cryptocurrency flooding to the party’s timeline.

We are not surprised with this development, as over the past few months the account has been an appendage of Obin’s personal and business accounts. The APC Twitter account has been used by Obin to retweet things unrelated to the party and the government.

One begs to wonder if no one in the party’s hierarchy monitors its activities.

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