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Nigerian Family Publicly Disowns Daughter Seeking Same-sex Marriage



Shalom Shoremi

The Shoremi family from Ogun state has disowned Shalom Shoremi, one of its daughter, for seeking to get married to a woman.

In a newspaper advertorial, the family announced that it had severed all ties with Shalom.

Shalom had reportedly approached a federal marriage registry for approval to consummate her marriage to her partner.

The family said the application was rejected in line with the same-sex marriage probation act of 2014 which declares the act illegal in Nigeria.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan had signed the anti-gay bill into law in January 2014.

The law prescribes 14 years imprisonment for those convicted of homosexuality.

“The attention of Shoremi Family of Ogun State has been drawn to an application for a special marriage license sought by Shalom T. Shoremi,” the advertorial read.

“She had requested for a special marriage license at the Federal Marriage Registry on 22nd of March, 2018 to allow her consummate a same sex marriage, which was rejected as it in variance with the marriage Act of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

“The family is disassociating itself from the move and has served ties with her.

“We also disown her on the grounds that what she planned to do is against the law in Nigeria.

“She will also not be entitled to anything from the family inheritance.”

In April, Theresa May, Prime minister of the United Kingdom, called for an end to laws against same-sex marriages in Nigeria and all other countries within the Commonwealth.



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