The Tale Of The Corrupt Nigeria President; The Lies And The Reality

On June 5, 2018 1 Comment

By Nwaorgu Anayochi

Just imagine yourself as a factory or a business owner. And you have a sales person or a marketer who markets your products.

The marketer/sales person makes some reasonable returns every week or month as the case may be. Your products are all over the major cities and villages. And your business is growing two times faster than before you hired this person.


Along the line, someone just came from no where to tell you that this person who is marketing your products and making good returns for you is a thief. That your business is suppose to grow more than how it’s, but this person is hindering it. And requested you to sack him/her. That he has another person who can do better than this your marketer.

Without engaging your self into logical reasoning, you immediately fired this person and hired the person they introduced to you. Few months on, your profits began to drop. You start losing customers. And most of your goods cannot be even be accounted for. No one wants to use your products anymore.

As all of these things were happening, the person who told you that your former employee was a thief could not still prove to you what exactly he/she stole from you. And he kept on telling you to give the person he brought sometime to prove himself. 2 years on, your business began to crumble and gradually you became bankrupt. Yet this same person is still telling you that the person he brought is a smart, intelligent and honest person and he/she is better than the person who was making huge profits for you and who made your products to be known all over the city.

This is what happened between Jonathan and Buhari.

When Jonathan was the President, Nigeria experienced a tremendous development, but the likes of Tinubu, Tunde Bakare, Wole Soyinka, Obasanjo, and the rest of them came from no where and began selling lies to some gullible Nigerians. Telling them how Jonathan has legalized corruption and how Nigeria will become a heaven if they vote out Jonathan. And without using the brain God gave them, they bought all these lies. Ganged up and voted against a government that was almost putting Nigeria on the right track and vote in a government that corruption is rooted deep in her.

Everything that happened under Jonathan’s government and the ones happening under Buhari are all on record. And I know deep down in the heart of those singing Buhari’s praises, they know these truths.

Under Jonathan, Nigeria economy was the third fastest growing economy in the world. No matter how corrupt some of his appointees were, this record is factual because at this time, a common man was able to eat food. But within one year of electing Buhari, Nigeria went into recession. Hunger spreads like a wildfire all over the country.

Jonathan created millions of Jobs but in less than two years of Buhari, according National Bureau of Statistic over 7 million Nigerians lost their jobs and non was created.

Jonathan was honest enough to tell Nigerians that fuel is being subsidized and the masses bought fuel for as low as N95 naira. But Buhari came and told you and I that fuel subsidy was a scam and that he has removed it, and he went behind to pay times two of what Jonathan’s government paid and yet the Nigerians are still buying fuel for N147 per litre.

At the time Jonathan was the President, we had only Boko Haram, but under Buhari, innocent Nigerians are being slaughtered on daily basis by a group far more deadlier than Boko Haram. And the even the Boko Haram he said he finish within three months if elected is waxing stronger by the day.

For the first time in the history of Nigeria, animals are now swallowing millions of public funds. And those telling these lies are still walking freely.

We enjoyed rule of law under Jonathan and freedom of speech to the fullest. Our Judiciary was accorded respect accordingly. But what we see today is blatant disobeying of court orders and desecration of the Judiciary like the alter of the Biblical Baal gods. And our sacred institutions being used as agencies to accomplish evils. Today ones you open your mouth to speak against this government, you will either be tagged an agent of PDP and police and DSS will be sent to harass and intimidate you.

Just as it’s said, that a man should marry two wives and decide which one is the best. Nigerians has married two wives and they have seen the difference between the first and second, but unfortunately, their choice of who is the best can never help in repairing the damages caused by the second wife.


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