By The Time I Leave Office, Igboland Will Never Be The Same Again – Buhari Vows

On July 30, 2018 301 Comments

President Muhammadu Buhari has assured people of the South-East of massive infrastructural development under his administration.

He assured that he would leave the zone a better place than he met it.

Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina gave the assurance while representing the President at the inauguration and flag off of a 5.5km road in Isieketa community, Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area of Abia State, over the weekend.

He lamented the infrastructural decay in the country, inherited by his administration.


Buhari assured that he would do all to ensure the infrastructural deficits were tackled.

He said, “One thing that is dear to the heart of President Buhari is infrastructure, roads, railway, power, etc.

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“Nigeria has a lot of deficits in infrastructure and President Muhammadu Buhari is determined to reverse that deficit.

“We will see that by the time this administration ends Igboland will never be the same again. Igbo will be far better beyond where it has ever been before.”


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  1. Ezechi kwadolu says:

    @Mbuhari, we the IGBOS does not want anything from you, rather than the betterment of all Nigerians. We have seen your worst and we so kindly stop your useless lies, continue killing People by your so-called Nigeria military. Igos don’t give a fucking dam.

  2. Ray says:

    Buhari should go to hell for all we care. How can an illiterate do anything in the land of intelligent people? Igbos don’t care about Buhari and APC cult except those Hausa born of prostitutes who follow him for money.




    President Buhari listen and listen good, we Igbo’s are Jews you can’t achieve your evil thoughts concerning us because our GOD is greater than your plans and I swore in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS CHRIST you will be disappointed in all your political movement for saying such lies against us because it’s only fools that will believe your words, but for wise men we already knew your plans but our GOD will disgrace you like he disgrace Abacha.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This man is evil, to translate his statement, he meant to finish the Igbos if he win again that we are his problem . So we should be careful of what the fulanis are hiding at the back of our house please.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bia Don’t Say That Again. Who Told You That Igbos Are Willing To Enter A Sinking Ship? You And Who Remain For APC Sef? Make You No Resign Go Rest Before Them Go Cause You Hypertension For There.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Buharia please forget igbo land and focus on your poverty northern region,we the biafrans don’t need your illiterate development. animal talk. Terrorist president

  8. Anonymous says:

    After several lives lost, who will make use of the roads. Life and road which one is more valuable? God will send God fearing people to repair this nation. Enough of these heartless people.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mr President! This your statement could mean good or bad.But I bet you,we are getting stronger and better by the day and you can do nothing about that.So don’t try to woo us,our successes do not depend on your tribalistic and lopesided government.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Trust me I love Buhari for saying the truth, I tell you he is been honest, when he is done with the Igbo’s if he wins, truly truly I say unto you, Igbo will never remain the same.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Saraki is a thief, is Tinubu not
    Ortom stole bailout didn’t, Aregbesola steal
    Atiku is corrupt is, Audu Ogbeh not.
    Tambuwal is a thief, is El-Rufai not
    Abdulfatai is under performing, is Akeredolu not
    Dino is a thug, what is Yaya Bello
    If Wike is a thug, what is Amaechi
    If Fayose is corrupt, then Ali Modu Sheriff is what
    You said Kwankwaso is desperate, is Olusola Oke not.
    If Danbaba and Ayade are corrupt, are Orji Kalu and Timipre Sylva not
    IPOB was proscribed as a terrorist group but myetti Allah and herdsmen were not
    Honestly APC is a scam!!!


  12. Anonymous says:

    Please Mr. President stop the heardsmen killings in Nigeria and give us security, igbos does not want you to do anything for them because it is too late now.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sai Baba na you biko, given water to monkey is easy but getting you cup back is where the work began, more to that, there is no problem in getting medication for a mad person but how and when will he take the medication is the problem. if only u can bring our 3million dead Biafrans back, we will never be the same again. and since this is impossible, you have nothing to offer Igbo land that is new or that is not our entitlement as as a current state in Zoo. whatever u do in any state in Nigeria is not a favour but there right as a citizen of the Zoo. our politicians are too uncivilized by making some utterances. till will see political office as a place we are employed to work not to rule not will work in that Nation. as individual no one got anything to offer better than what we got already, Nigeria politicians are all face of EVIL

  14. Anonymous says:

    For a 5.5km road, if u tink u can use an lgboman d way u used d yorubas, u ar dreaming ok, so 4get about getting any winning vote from us, U AR DECEITFUL

  15. Anonymous says:

    I only pity our political elites and ohanaeze them, na them go fall for this trap sharp sharp, the likes of Ngige, Nnai-nwaodo, okorocha, ikapzu, etc.
    I trust my people, bring your money in dollars, we go chop go our way, we go chop but you no go see us.
    Nonsense man.

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Goat like u. Animal in human skin, fela said everything about u but the ignorance of my poor people let u rat in again. My God will reward u all ur evil one by one ☝️..

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to Doctor momoh who cured me of hepatitis b virus with his herbal medicine i will ever be grateful for what God has used him to do in my life. You can also call or Whatsap him with this number 2349058587788 or 2349068579672.. similar issues like HIV, CANCER, STROKE, GONORRHEA, ETC..

  19. Anonymous says:

    I don’t blame you much, because, good luck Jonathan who came from South south , forget his people and was trying to please the north, not knowing that you can not please the devil.

  20. Anonymous says:

    By the time you leave office Igbo land will be infested with murderous Fulani cow men that rape and displace indigenous people.
    By the time you leave office Igbo land will be full of check points every quarter mile maned by Fulani ignorant soldiers.
    Oga fuck off we hate you.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You are not our God. Thanks , we don’t need you again, please go home and rest. The promises you made in 2015 were never kept and you are making another one. Are you calling Nigerians fools? Is it by force to lead a nation? Go back home!
    Because of my level of understanding I don’t want to curse you for this your insult to the Igbos. You can’t deceive us again!

  22. Anonymous says:

    A leopard can never change its spot. Ibos are resolute, prosperous, peaceful and hardworking, special and unique tribe. In God Almighty we trust. Buhari BACK to Duara come 2019

  23. Anonymous says:

    Any thing can happen maybe Igbo land will be like Benue state , taraba sokoto , ITC so am not surprise about ur comments tell me since u enter office what have u don to Igbo’s so this second term u parfom magic oga pls Igbo land is OK we don’t need ur killer’s help sir go to North

  24. Anonymous says:

    Your python may have swallowed them all abi? I just hope Igbo youths will be grow up and stop attacking other nationalities who may not have supported Biafra but understand that wars are won with alliances and begin to seek the right alliance to defeat a common enemy.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Nobody from Igbo land should take him serious because he has never kept any agreement for the past three years. May be he is targeting Igbo people for annihilation but we have a God who will disappoint him that he will never carry out his enterprise.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly , I See That as Threat and Not A Promise to do Anything ,
      This Man is Consistently Predictable Since 1983 ,
      Persistently Wicked
      You Remember The Umaru
      Dikko’s Attempted Kidnap And Crating in Box in London’s
      Buhari Has Not And Will Never Change
      The Gruesome Killings of Those Igbo Youth and The Rives of Blood Come To Mind
      Igbo People , Be Careful , Be Smart
      There is Fire On the Mountain

  26. Anonymous says:

    He has sacked all the high ranking igbos in his recent Army reshuffle,today Ebonyi state is about becoming an Islamic state.So he know what he is saying.God have mercy and intervene

  27. Anonymous says:

    Igbo land will never be the same again. He means destruction not greatness mind you,nothing good can come out of Sodom,br careful this is ironical statement.he is evil

  28. Anonymous says:

    100% Igbos are living very good before u came to power 2015 is you and your apc govermnt that brought them down, but if i may ask u hw are you going to make them great and you told world bank to focus on Northern region, let me tell you the only thing that can make the Igbos happy once again is when u are back to Daura in 2019 ok

  29. Anonymous says:

    Back to sender, igboland rejects evil , hunger, killings, etc and the world knows that these are some of the things you can offer. Take your development to North, they need it more

  30. Anonymous says:

    The thunder that will fire that liar Adesina, for always deceiving Nigerians and defending that evil fulani terrorist and his government is coming from the pit of hell.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Concentrate on your impoverished region and leave south east alone, they have been great without the so called presidential position and ll still be better than your people that have held on power for ages. Senseless people.

  32. Anonymous says:



    • Anonymous says:

      Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen ooooooooooooooooooooo

  33. Anonymous says:

    Igbo survived 1967/1970 Nigeria brutal civil war which British and Nigeria plan to wipe igbos out off map because of oil, buhari is too small to harm igbo nation, you have block igbo business but we are still surviving, dollar’s is 360 naira yet igbos still importing goods doing well in Nigeria, you send operation phyton dance yet we survive it, you are building refinary in kastina state your home town but you ask us to build cattle colony for killers in our land. You can not be Nigeria president for ever.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Not being the same means change, the same change you preached to Nigerian’s before 2015 election is what you you are bringing to Igbo Land again? Mr President before 2015 we were not wise enough to ask the type of change you were bringing, but these time I make bold to ask, Oga which kain change you wan bring, Positive or Negative? Because we don see the first one wey you bring o.

    • Anonymous says:

      If all igbos go on exile will that solve your problems in Nigeria? If you kill all igbos in Nigeria will Nigeria turn to America? Buhari as a fulani man prefer igbos more than Yorubas in Nigeria he can trust igbo man more than Yoruba man, he know your people very well, they can only use you for vote nothing else. Hausa and fulani Muslims trust igbos more than Yorubas in Nigeria, even we are their opposition but they know we are not betrayals.

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