Babcock University Reacts To Anti-Igbo Comment By ‘Staff’, Alaba Ajibola

On August 19, 2018 21 Comments

Babcock University has dissociated itself from the anti-Igbo comment made by one Alaba Ajibola who was alleged to be a staff of the institution.

As earlier reported by ORIENTAL TIMES, Ajibola had in a comment on a Facebook post said he passionately hates the Igbo people and wished they were wiped out during the Biafra war which started 6th July, 1967 and ended 15th January, 1970.

Babcock University in an official statement signed by its Director of Communications and Marketing, Joshua Suleiman, and sent to ORIENTAL TIMES, admitted that the said Ajibola used to be a staff of the institution but his engagement with the school ceased long time ago.


The statement reads in full;

The attention of Babcock University has been drawn to a story titled ”Babcock University staff goes on a rant; Says Igbos Should Have Been Wiped Out During the Biafran War”. The story is credited to one Alaba Ajibola.

This is to inform the public that the said Ajibola is neither a staff of Babcock University nor does he represent the University in any way whatsoever. The said Ajibola was once a staff of the Institution but his engagement with the University in that capacity ceased long ago. There is no longer any relationship, whether imagined or real, between the said Ajibola and Babcock University. Therefore, the University dissociates itself from him and his comments.

Babcock University’s pride is in its diversity of people and cultures. It is a global institution, and accommodates people, without bias, from every continent of the world.This confers upon the University its mark of uniqueness and identity as a global brand. The Institution celebrates the diversity of humanity because it gives a sense of beauty, and an acknowledgement of the power of God, the creator of all.

Babcock University values every and all persons irrespective of creed, culture, race, religion, and political persuasions.

The noble achievements of the University have been made possible by the the contributions of the exceptionally gifted and immensely great individuals from the different parts of this country, and those from other nations of the world, who have found joy working in the University.

Whereas Babcock University believes in freedom of expression, and places premium on autonomy and responsibility, it is never supportive and does not wish to accede to any divisive tendencies intentionally or unintentionally couched, and are capable of inflaming the embers of discord, or potentially devised to dismember the nation.

The University wishes to thank members of the public for their continued faith in the Institution, and for believing in it as socially responsible.

The University will continue to promote love, unity, excellence, integrity and accountability in all it does.


Comments (21)

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, just the way you Arabs hate Israelites. Hausa Fulani and Yoruba are just like husband and wife, let them live together and allow Igbos to go naa, let’s watch and see how the marriage will look like.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ammar Adam Naseer, you are a fool, cow. Simply because Igbos are on top making it in life. Hausas a cursed land with natural disasters, herdsmen killings, Boko Haram and baby factories or Yorubas lazy tribe. Hausas and Yorubas have fought before during Abiola and we still fight again. Go through yesterday paper oriental news, Arewa youths telling Yorubas not to oppose a president on them telling you that, there is disagreement already. Hausa the worst tribe with highest poverty, child birth, beggars everywhere, IDP camps. Igbos are meant to be envy because they are hardworking and talented unlike Hausas that knows only cows. Gibberish talk, Arewa movement will soon start, Yorubas have Oduduwa Republic already.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Imagine! So d stupid pig was sacked probably for his nauseating n stupendous attitudes by Babcock University? A stupid layoff shamelessly cuming to social media to destroy himself more with his unguided utterances.We need not ask y d ignorant poinjay was sacked so dat d integrity of d school may not b dragged to d mud….Well Babcock it is good a thing u dissociated urslv early enof from dis mannerless,inconsequential, good for nothing,slippery maggot called Alabi.Odawise,d wrath of Biafrans n Igbo ppl would av followed u all n u witness wat it means to talk anyhow or deal with Biafras! Let d evil dat men do,live with dem n dere generation. Alabi or whatever ur called,may d spirit of 3.5 million Biafrans massacred torment u n ur generation from henceforth till ur linage b completely obliterated from dis planet earth into oblivion in chukwu okike abiamas name….iseee, iseeeee,iseeeeeeeeee……

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Alaba Ajibola, there’s still time yo do that now, this is exactly statement the Iranian government used to made against the people of Israel which I considered as recial comments

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alaba Ajibola’s unprovoked comments about Igbos are inconsequential. Igbos are Igbos and nothing anybody can do about it. It is the uniqueness of Igbos that is triggering envy and hatred among some disgruntled Nigerians.

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