Igbos Should Have Been Wiped Out During Biafra War – Babcock University Staff, Ajibola

On August 19, 2018 242 Comments

A Babcock University staff identified as Alaba Ajibola, is currently trending on social media after his rant against the Igbos of South-East Nigeria.

Ajibola who revealed how much he loathes the Igbos in a Facebook comment, stated that the Igbos should have been wiped out during the Biafran war.

According to him, ‘If this happened, Nigeria would have ‘gone far off’ as the tribe is the most hated tribe in the world’.


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Comments (242)

  1. anonymous says:

    A tribe that is most hated yet Nigeria is afraid of allowing them to go and become a nation of their own, are they afraid that Nigeria will move more backward without the igbos. how dare you pour salt to the healing wound that was inflicted on igbos by nigeria

  2. Peter China Ejirika says:

    Ajibola, there is nothing wrong for Nigerians to massacre all Igbos thereby bringing their genocide to fruition.

  3. Peter China Ejirika says:

    Ajibola, it is not too late for Nigeria to massacre all Ibos, after all that is the grandiose objective of Awuse/Fulani Genocide.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What kind of talk is this? Why should they be wiped out? No body can wipe out any ethnic group in Nigeria,
    Why not your own ethnic group that should be wiped out. If you don’t have any positive contribution please keep off

  5. Anonymous says:

    In ur mind u thought dat lgbos did not win d Biafra was war having fought with countries like Cameron, Mali, fulanis from Arab world & even sm states in Nigeria such as Benue, yorubas, Edos & even d British country in d name of Nigeria troops. Ur mouth like bullion van.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We have already signed up 50,000 signatures calling on the Babcock University to arrest and prosecute the terrorist immediately, I urge you all to go to Babcock University official Facebook page to sign your own

  7. Anonymous says:

    An idiot who doesn’t know his left and right,you’re one of the nicompu from Yoruba land.because of the stupidity and foolishness of your leaders colliding with the northern fulanis was the reason Nigeria is stagnant for decades,what your father’s and that of the north couldn’t achieve then will never be achieved again,get that into your fucking skull…..asshole

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  9. Anonymous says:

    With this any Igbo man or woman that allows their wards enter Babcock university is evil. You’re simply sending them to the slaughter-slab. God will never forgive you for such evil. This is a revelation for those of you Igbo’s that have your wards there. To be forewarned is to be forewarned! If ever there’s anything called hate-speech then this is it!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve not seen such wickedness in recent times but Ajibola, in your own eyes the Igbos are the problem in Nigeria? this is why nothing good happens around this part of the world, because of hypocrisy, when our economy was at a comatose state, it was the Igbos that revived it, (Okonju Iwuala Mrs, Prof Soludo), our image was bad, Min. Frank Nweke and Prof Dora Akunyeli, education was bad, Oby Ezekwesili, health was bad Prof. Nebo and I can go on and on counting but the truth is we don’t have any room in Nigeria, but we have edifice in our home Biafra and we will not rest until we reach our home, so keep on letting us know we not welcome here.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What you wish Igbo race will ever be your portions in Jesus mighty name Amen. And may your life be like Nigeria especially under buhari forever and ever in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  12. Anonymous says:

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Last time I checked. Ajibola is such a frustrated orphan who lost his lazy parents in that Nigeria/Biafra war akaZoo/Biafra war.unfortunately for him his foster parents who happened to be a Fulani herdsman was killed in Enugu for destroying farm land and there is evey tendency that he is good to be used as slave,sacrifice, or still possible that he may be used for Ritual,so you can see where he is coming from. But be that as it may. He remains a downtrodden enemy of Favoured Igbo Nation. His future will continue to be Insecure!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I wish the igbos will just pass and ignore this kind of posts.. That way you make this people the fools that they are and remain on top. I wish we could use silence on this kind of irrelevant post and watch them feel more bitter

  15. Anonymous says:

    May be you think you own yourself, no one is stopping you hating igbos, and you should remember that when you hate someone, one also hate you and wouldn’t like you to be existing in this planet, moron, igbos are too much, Nigeria thought they will wipe igbos in 3days with America, Russia, Cameroon Niger and so on that assist them but it last 3years, can’t you see that God is with us and he is ours alone the children of Abraham, so moron go on with your hatred we don’t feel it, it’s you that will be dying for your hatred, asshole.

  16. Anonymous says:

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    what a disgrace to your family for having a son like you after all your educations you remain the worst fool ever in life, to come on midia opening your mouth to people who is far beter then you, you said igbos are the problems of nigeria then tell me your tribe yorubas what are they up to in nigeria, all yorubas states and cities today are been developed by igbos all part of nigeria igbos are developing it and making nigeria a place to live,can you for once tell me what yorubas is up to in nigeria we know them as two face niff who don’t stand on their words who can never make decisions on their own, followers like xmas goat,yes the igbos stand up for their right and said no to evil man called nigeria, but with all other tribes against them yet can not bit them, igbos did not stop from been biafra by nigerians but by the help of foreign countries asistance to stop them,left biafrans and nigerians in that war by now nigeria will not be in existence, you can go to history to know what you did not know, that is why the war lasted three years because the nigerian militries can not stop them,so bastad like you coming to say a thing like this on media meaning that you have a problem with your brain because the people you are talking of is still far better then you and your tribe as well now,biafra we stand since igbos are the problems of nigeria then let them go and steal on your own and let them be, let me just educate you a little nigeria today is igbos all over the world if there is any other tribe in nigeria called yoruba out of nigeria no one knows them, mumu like you

  18. Anonymous says:

    He should go and do search of the event of January 15th, 1967, with an unbiased mind.

    First he should research about his own brother, Victor Banjo.
    Also the role of Yakubu Gowon.
    Then he can come out with his homophobic chant.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Olusegun Obasanjo.

    “Let the truth be told. The People involved in that so called 1966 “Igbo coup” were:
    1. Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu (Midwest Region Igbo)
    2. Major Adewale Ademoyega (Western Region – Yoruba), author of “Why we struck”
    3. Capt. G. Adeleke (Western Region – Yoruba).
    4. Maj. Ifeajuna (Midwestern Region – Igbo).
    5. Lt. Fola Oyewole (Western Region – Yoruba), author of “The reluctant rebel”.
    6. *Lt. Robert (Bob) Egbiko* (Midwestern Region – Ishan).
    7. Lt. Tijani Katsina (Northern Region – Hausa/Fulani).
    8. Lt. O. Olafemiyan (Western Region – Yoruba).
    9. Capt. Gibson Jalo (Northern Region – Bachama).
    10. Capt. Swanton (Northern Region – Middle Belt).
    11. Lt. Hope Harris Eghagha (Midwest – Urhobo).
    12. Lt. Dag Warribor (Midwest – Ijaw)
    13. 2nd Lt. Saleh Dambo (Northern Nigeria -Hausa)
    14. 2nd Lt. John Atom Kpera (Northern Nigeria-Tiv).
    The reason for calling the 1966 Coup an Igbo exercise is because the government of Nigeria has refused teaching Nigerian History in our schools. And core North has been busy misinforming Nigerians that the 1966 coup was an Igbo coup.
    Yoruba – Igbo fact sheet. This article has no tribal sentiments. Pls add ur own facts if u have any. History will always tell us what happened.
    1. Azikiwe defeated Awolowo to become the first Nigerian Premier of Western Nigeria (present Southwest plus Edo and Delta States). Awolowo instead of forming Opposition, rather formed Egbe Omo Yoruba and used it to intimidate Yorubas that won election on NCNC platform to cross carpet and join him against Azikiwe. This was the first parliamentary coup in Nigeria.
    2. Awolowo from then on, started indoctrination of Yorubas against the “threat of Igbo domination”. That is how the incurable seed of fear of Igbos was sown in the psychic of Yorubas which Yorubas later sold to other groups through Yoruba control of the media for decades.
    3. Alhaji Tafawa Balewa , Nigeria ‘s first Prime minister could not tolerate Awolowo’s treacherous and inordinate ambition of acquiring political power by all means and at any cost. So, he threw Awolowo into prison for treason.
    4. Samuel Ladoke Akintola who replaced Awolowo as Premier of Western Nigeria tried to destroy Awolowo’s political grip on Yorubaland by forming a party to takeover Western Nigeria in alliance with the Hausa-Fulani oligarch who Awolowo despised as a backward race. Consequently, Yorubaland went ablaze in revolt against Akintola’s plot. Law and order completely broke down in Western Nigeria. Wole Soyinka wore a mask and forced announcers at Western Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation to declare that Akintola’s government was a fraud.
    5. Yet, Tafawa Balewa refused to declare state of emergency in Western Nigeria in order to keep Akintola as a proxy for Hausa-Fulani interest. This was the MAIN reason Yoruba graduates in the Army were the brains behind the coup led by Chukwuma Nzeogwu who happened to be Igbo.
    6. As Wole Soyinka and even Obasanjo acknowledged, Nzeogwu ‘s coup was widely accepted by a vast majority of Nigerians across regional, religious and ethnic divides. 9. But the dissatisfied Hausa-Fulani oligarchy who had majority in Nigerian Army infantry used their puppets, Yakubu Gowon, Theophilus Danjuma and co to overthrow General Ironsi.
    7. In order to win support of Yorubas, Gowon released Awolowo from prison. The Hausa-Fulani knew Awolowo’s fear of Igbo as the only group that stood against his ambition to power. Gowon therefore quickly made a deal with Awolowo which in effect was that power would rotate between the North and the West (Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba) in post war Nigeria if Awolowo convinced Yorubas to join the North in fighting Igbos.
    8. The Nigerian Army was consequently split into two divisions: the northern sector division commanded by Hausa-Fulani and the southern sector division, commanded by Yorubas.
    9. Lagos, a city built largely by Igbos and were Igbos invested heavily, was also ceded to Yorubas as a State even when there was no Abuja at the time (1967). 14. Awolowo was made Vice Chairman of Federal Executive Council and Finance Minister. All federal government owned banks in Nigeria at the time which included the Central Bank and First Bank, were under Awolowo and Yoruba management. It was a deal Awolowo could not resist. The man was an unscrupulous Machivellian anyway.
    10. The Igbos were eventually defeated and Yorubas became champions of nationalism.
    11. Awolowo tried to make sure no Igbo man or woman would ever be more than financial destitute let alone have the financial resources to rival a Yoruba
    12. To achieve his objective of permanent Yoruba supremacy, Awolowo insisted that every bank account owned by an Igbo, regardless of how much was in it before the declaration of Biafra, would only be replaced with twenty pounds! He instructed Yoruba Permanent Secretaries who took over the Federal Civil service when Igbos left, to make sure that Igbo senior civil servants were not reinstated but to rather retire those who could not be dismissed as rebels. The same policy obtained in the Armed Forces of Nigeria and Police .
    13. The Igbo were not only made pariahs but also financial destitutes.
    14. Every house and industry in Igbo city was destroyed by war. Schools were closed for 3 years and many were razed to the ground.
    15. Awolowo masterminded the indiginization policy by which Yorubas bought over all companies in Nigeria using money readily made available to them by the banks under their control. The Igbos were excluded.
    16. They rejoiced and relaxed and complaisantly asked: “How could Igbos ever rear their ugly heads up again”? Sure, if that had happened to Yorubas or any other ethnic group, that would be their end. But as Awolowo rightly feared, we happen to be Ndi Igbo.
    17. The shooting war ended 45 years ago and we are still here. We have survived all policy shenanigans contrapted by treacherous Yoruba masterminds and executed by their Hausa-Fulani allies.
    18. In frustration, they have realized that we are who we are. Imagine their frustration! Never mind all Yoruba masterminded psychological attacks on Igbos disparaging us in any way they can.
    19. Yes, Federal government policy has made them the tycoons of oil and gas, telecommunications, insurance and manufacturing. Oh, their Hausa-Fulani cum military allies gave Nigeria to Obasanjo for 8 years in keeping faith with their alliance.
    20. Bola Tinubu is struggling for Awolowo mantle by forming an alliance of etho- religious jingoistic to ensure power keeps rotating between Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani. Where is the position of the Igbo and other tribes in Nigeria.


  20. Anonymous says:

    Babcock university should immediately sack that guy because we can now see that the life of our loved ones in that school are in great danger. Imagine what this guy can do to our children if he can hv access to their food or drink, this show that Babcock have many of such staff for that morron to be able to voice that out, he has supporters.
    Inshort Babcock university is anti-Igbo.
    That Guy should be sacked in the next one week or we Igbos will take the fight against Babcock University to all platforms.
    I have said my mind.

  21. Anonymous says:

    And the lord said to Abraham, I will bless you and make you a blessing; Anyone who bless you shall be blessed and anyone who cursed you shall be cursed… Since you chose to wish Biafra be exterminated, so shall it be to you and your generations after you.

  22. Anonymous says:

    look at that idiot speaking, who want to be with senseless cow Brain like you. are you sure that this bastard has surname. pls checkmate that idiot he must be one. of those headers.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Big disgrace to your parent. You were not feed and brought up well.

    I pity Babcock university and there educational standard because it’s fools like you will be a lecturer. Wonder the stuff you will be lecturing…….

    Racism is a crime……

  24. Anonymous says:

    He’s a threat to humanity and danger to the under-aged undergraduates of the school. He is likely to initiate young foes into terrorism and hatred, he should be sacked and be made to write an undertaking on all Igbos around him.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Mr Ajibola still has the opportunity to do that. As a man organize your mobs and do it. Hassan Unman Katsina boasted that they will overrun biafra in three days, you and I know the results. Muritala promised gowon that he will destroyed Igboland in a second, I hope some of his friends can attest to the calamity that befell him and his soldiers. Ask Obasanjo, Buhari, TY, Growon etc wether it was a Tea Party. Mr Ajibola you can start your own let us see your folly.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Childish post ……

    After the war the igbos were giving 20pounds each
    But today we are still the richer in Nigeria ….

    Meanwhile we are still kingin both home and away

  27. Anonymous says:

    Stop this genocidal comments #Igbo has the right to live like every other children of God. Iam not IBO but I despised hate speeches. We need ourselves in this country pls.

  28. Anonymous says:

    God is laughing at him because he is playing God,God will make Biafra a giant power in the world,in God we trust,he will diligently seek for Biafran visa but he will not get it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thunder fire oriental times for bringing this kind of shit here.. last week was 2014 stuff when oba of Lagos said all igbos will drowned in the lagoon … must you post bullshit all the time? Am beginning to suspect that you are working for buhari

  30. Anonymous says:

    Oga this stuff na since last year.. Why bringing it up again? At a time like this when we need south west, south south and south east to unite to dislodge the cow at aso rock.. that guy has apologized and paid for the hate speech.. but lemme me tell you people.. Am a hard core igbo boy, many of us don write something as bad as this before .. me am not holy to this kind of abuse to other people, only that I attack and replied only my attacker but not his or her tribesmen.. Let’s be wise . I have learnt my lesson

    • Anonymous says:

      Otumba, SS, SE, and SW to unite.
      Where would you could have seen the SEners, if the Igbos had been wiped out as planned,

      You are blaming the poster because it should have let forgone,
      But you started blaming the person who not only conceived but also developed it into idea and probably discussed it with his tribes men before letting the World to know their agenda.

      Psychologically, a learned man of such status will not just wake up, type such and shared.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree with you bro.. I have lived in Lagos for 20yrs and still counting . Yes there are some beef and hatred in their heart for the stories their fathers told them about us like every igbo father did to there children which all of us nurse in our hearts. Take for example awolowos role and idea to starve and withdrawal aid to south easterners during the war which resulted to death of million igbo children.. it’s painful even knowing that igbos have never had issues with Yoruba.. we marry ourselves( yoruba n igbo) that is to tell you that not all yorubas reason like that guy.. yoruba are ready to sale their lands to igbos but can’t risk it to someone from the north .. He’s on his own . Yes we have people like him here too. Correct me if am wrong

  31. Anonymous says:

    Then what happened, you can’t destroy umu chineke.. Sometimes I blame my Igbo brothers and sister today, after all this confession some Yoruba and Hausa people make, you still praise them and even go far of given them your votes, Igbo’s we can never have a place in Nigeria take it or leave it. Its time to wake up from our slumber my people.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Aji – ebola, u re right ur generation thought so, but Igbos being a mustered seed, they grow on rocks, stones, swamps even in the desert, u can see it urself after the war they ve have grown nd multiplied all over the world as the Lord God of Abraham promised him, u better grow cos u re still sucking

  33. Anonymous says:

    Biafra is coming and those who has been eating from a wrong pots are afraid. One Nigeria shouldn’t be by force, after all Biafra is older before the construction of evil British Nigeria. Pharaoh let people go. That is the final warning.

  34. Anonymous says:

    A statement from a misinformed imbecilic Morón. An ignoramus who luckily, dubiously found himself, only in a one man own university. If it would have been possible, what of the millions in diaspora, in Gabon, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea (Fernando Po, Panya), Ivory coast, other African countries, US, UK etc, working, trading and schooling? If Hitler couldn’t wipe out the Jews, despite killing over 6 million, how possible on Igbos, similar to Jews in many ways including migratory tendencies?
    ,.. . . This fool in a questionable citadel of learning never reckon these.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Make God strike you there mudu you are still in bobcock school no wonder you are talking like a cock……Go and read your history and no what happen during the war……Your family will be wipe out very soon….monkey like you Bingooooo.

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