Southern Leaders Reject New DSS DG, Describe Buhari As Nigeria’s Most Tribalistic Leader

On September 14, 2018 182 Comments

Some elders under the aegis of the Southern and Middle Belt Forum have accused President Muhammadu Buhari of dividing Nigeria more than any other leader in the nation’s history.

In a statement Thursday, the forum condemned Buhari’s removal of Matthew Seiyefa, acting director-general of the Department of State Services (DSS).

The leaders alleged that the act shows his “vote of no confidence in one Nigeria.”

Seiyefa had been appointed in acting capacity after Lawal Daura, former DSS DG, was sacked over the siege at the national assembly.


In the statement, the forum described the removal of Seiyefa, who hails from Bayelsa state and who was the second in command to Daura, as a “disregard for the conditions precedent for a united Nigeria and an inclusive country.”

“The I-don’t-care and in-your-face attitude of the President in restoring Nigeria security architecture to the provocative situation of having 16 out of 17 service chiefs from his corner of the country is a clear demonstration of the fact that Nigeria for General Muhammadu Buhari is no more than his section of Nigeria and the resources and the constitutionally mandatory votes from other sections of the country,” the statement signed by Edwin Clark, among the other leaders, read.

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“Since 1960,Nigeria has never had a leader more sectional ,narrow,parochial ,and tribalistic like the current President who went on a global stage to divide Nigeria into “97 % and 5%”.

“We have looked critically at the profiles of the Acting DG who was removed and the one Buhari just appointed and it is crystal clear that Bichi does not come with any experience close to that of Seiyefa.

“The only qualification for this appointment is therefore only the rabid nepotism of the President which has seen him always masking personal and sectional interest as national interest.

“Besides, Bichi is an out-of-the -system man drafted by Mr Lawan Daura in the days of his nepotism rule at the DSS. The next six most senior persons in line of succession at the DSS after Seiyefa are from our findings are all southerners which may explain why the President picked a man who already retired from the DSS to lead because of ethnic affinity .

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“That the President went ahead to deep himself further into the cocoon of ethnic irredentism in making this insensitive appointment shows clearly that he does not care a hoot about the unity ,cohesion and oneness of Nigeria.

“We reject this appointment and we do not shy in telling Mr President that he no longer pretends that the country is one under him.”

The forum also questioned the idea of a second term for the president, saying “in the last few days ,there have been fears coming from the international community about the dangers that would come the way of Nigeria if Mr President returns for another term. With his latest action,we add that the country is not safe in the remainder of his first term”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    is it now you know that he is tribalism itself?
    You still have time to wake up from your slumber, unite;speak and fight together now that the ball is in your colt .2019 is near!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Being the fact that Buhari is the most sincere and unbiased leader tested and trusted by international community let’s him continue the good work as side talk will still be part of his note and progress making Nigeria is not one sided nation remember it belongs to all of us so good people are supposed to man any position in the country in respective of tribe and religion go ahead the good work thanks alot

    • Onyilikim says:

      My brother, I pity him too…chaiii! They’ve prove to him; that he’s an imposters…it’s a shame!…it’s too late for him to quit….God help him.onuru

  3. Truth Is Bitter says:

    Good morning The Saboteurs this is just the bring come 2019 all of you will be killed by Buhari because if you talk dead is the only option Buhari will visit you with.Buhari is already the winner of 2019 because all the rigging is already perfected by making sure that all the Security and INEC comes form Fulani Tribe so how do you think you win is impossible.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where are my Southern Mumus?

    Yusu Bichi retired from DSS 6 months ago and was brought back to take the job of a southerner.
    The 1st asignment of the newly appointed DG, DSS is to retire the 7 most senior officers of DSS which are 99% Southerners.

    He will then do promotion after this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does these men really knows what they want? I mean, when the North brings brides unto them, they will blindly collected the money without knowing that they have sold themselves to the North. Why are they just complaining instead of working to completely divide Nigeria?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let refresh our record back during PDP:
    Sec to the Fed Govt: Anyim Pius Anyim,
    DG of DSS Ita Ekpeyong,
    Minister of Pet Deizani Alison Madueke,
    Minister of Fin Ngozi Okonjo Iweala,
    CBN gov Sanusi Lamido (removed in controversial circumstnces & replaced with Godwin Emefiele)
    Chief of Staff Mike Oghiadomhe,
    Acct Gen of the Fed Jonah Otunia,
    Chief of Army staff. Azubuike Ihejirika (replaced by Kenneth Minima),
    1.NIMET Dr. Anthony Anuforom,
    2. NNPC Eng. Andrew Yakubu,
    3. NIMASA Patrick Apobolokemi,
    4. PENCOM Mrs. Chinelo Anohu Amazu,
    5. FERMA Engr. Chukwu Amuchi,
    6. DPR Mr. George Osahon,
    7. Bank Of Industry Ms. Evelyn Oputu,
    8. Nigerian Content Dev. Agency Ernest Nwapa,
    9. Consumer Protection Agency, Mrs Dupe Atoki,
    10.NCC Engr. Eugene Juwa,
    11. NAMA Engr. Nnamdi Udoh,
    12. NCAA Engr. Akikuotu,
    13. FAAN George Uriesi,
    14. NCAT Capt. Chinere Kalu,
    15. SEC Aruma Otteh
    16. Sovereign Wealth Fund Uche Orji,
    17. NAFDAC Dr Paul Orhil,
    18. FIIRO Dr. Mrs. G. N Elemo,
    19. Maritime Academy Of Nig Oron Joshua Okpo,
    20. Railway Corporation Eng. Seyi Sijuwade,
    21. Nigerian Tourism Dev. Corporation Mrs. Sally Mbanefoh,
    22. Budget Office Of The Fed Dr Bright Okogwu,
    23. NERDC Prof Godswill Obioma,
    24. NEXIM Mr R. R Orya,
    25. Standrd Organization Of Nigeria Dr Joseph Odumodu,
    26. Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation Emeka Nkem Mba,
    27. Industrial Training Fund Prof. Longmas Wapmuk,
    28. National University Commission Prof. Okojie,
    29. NESREA Mrs. N.S Benebo,
    30.MDG Office Dr. Precious Gbenio,
    31. Surveyor Gen Of The Fed Peter Chigozie,
    32. Statistician Gen Of The Fed Dr. Yemi Kale,
    33. Accntant Gen Of The Federation Mr. Jonah Otunla,
    34. Auditor Gen Of The Fed Samuel Yonongo Ukura,
    35. Nat’l Orientation Agency Mike Omieri,
    36.News Agency Of Nig Oluremi Oyo-replaced by Ima Niboro from South South,
    37. NEPC E/S David I Adelugba,
    38. NEPZA Mr. Olugbenga Kuye
    39. BPP Engr Emeka Ezeh,
    40. Niger Delta Ministry Orubebe, etc.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Standing Ovation for President Buhari
    One day, this too shall pass away.
    Buhari’s 97%..
    DSS DG: North
    NIA DG: North
    Chief of Army Staff: North
    Chief of Air Staff: North
    IGP: North
    EFCC Chair: North
    Defense Minister: North
    NSA: North
    CG NIS: North
    CG NPS: North
    CG NSCDC: North
    CG NCS: North
    FRSC: North
    Buhari’s 5%
    CDS: South
    Chief of Naval Staff: South

  8. Anonymous says:

    Let me use this opportunity to ask Nigerians this one question, since 1983 till date Nigerians should tell me one good thing buhari have offer this nation call Nigeria if not killings and tribal policy

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    His overwhelming trust that his INEC men will deliver in 2019 is the reason he does not care for whoever is hurt. Buhari is a master of corruption, i wonder why those who fort-seen him allowed him for second time. the presidential result has been written down and waiting to be anounced but gaze who?.

  11. Anonymous says:

    BHUARI NO SEND UNA, HE BELIEVES HE CAN DO ANYTHING HE LIKES, HE IS SURELY ALSO BELIEVE IN IS INEC BOYS TO DELIVER 2019 elections to him. Now, tell me how bhuari will give a fuck about one Nigeria?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Will he change if re-election? If there is anything he will be worse and many more people will die as a result. It should be a duty to remove him just like his colleagues removed him in 1985 as military despot.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Buhari hates the south at heart, those from the south that support him are enemies of our people.

    Buhari is not intelligent to do this now he is seeking re-election. Can he be more audaciously bigoted? I first heard the word nepotism after he carried out a coup and removed a democratic government.

    He took nepotism to unprecedented levels. He should be stoned in the south together with those who support him. Wicked man!

    • Anonymous says:

      May your days and that of your generations be dark and slippery. May your days be few , and let another take your place . Your generations shall be continually vagabonds and beg for food. You and your children / generations shall seek your bread also out of your desolated places . Let there be none to extend mercy unto you and your generations, neither let there be any to favour your fatherless children. Let your posterity be cut off ; and in the generations following let your name be blotted out.let the iniquity of your fathers be remembered with the lord and let not the sins of your mother be blotted out. You shall be clothed with the garment of shame and dishonour . As you love cursing , so let it come into you and your generations, as your delighted not in blessings ,so let it be far from you. The lord shall set wicked man over you and Satan stand at your right hand.remain cursed and crumble and rest in pieces Amen

  14. Anonymous says:

    Them never see anything yet…foolish elders without wisdom and they think nizooria will favor them….Since independent South-East and South-South are they ones suffering huasa-fulani to eat.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The most nepotic president Nigeria has ever had, president Buhari has displayed his nepotism again. Moreso, Buhari had to bring Yusuf Magaji Bichi that had been out of service, retired after completing 35 years of service, to head the DSS. If it is not appointing the dead into the national posts, Buhari would be appointing retired oldies into service. Nepotism is so natural to Buhari as evil is so natural to the devil. Indeed, president Donald Trump was not wrong to describe Buhari as lifeless. Buhari has shown his undying intentions to divide Nigeria before his own destruction He has already destroyed the unity of this country. Giving him a second term will destroy any fabric of unity left in Nigeria and the country will go bankrupt! The deepest part of hell is reserved for any southerner who in clear eyes supports this President!To all the Northerners and sai barbarians, make sure you catalogue all that’s happening now for future reference. Buhari has set a precedent. If a southerner comes into power, don’t complain if he appoints only Southerners. May God deliver Nigerians and Nigeria from Buhari’s nepotism and division.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I can’t stop abusing all of you elders and leaders from Southeast, Southsouth and Southwest because you are fools. If any of you were my father, I would forget that I have a father because you are not wise.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The same shameless elders conspired with Buhari Asorock and brought python to dance in their land and took away their endowed son with the loudest voice…… Who at the hearing of his voice the enemies tremble. Now southern leaders have shot themselves on their leg

  18. Anonymous says:

    Vote Buhari for second term and be kill by Fulani herdsmen. Because second term is for total religious and ethnic cleansing of the southern Nigeria agenda, and islamization Nigeria, take it or leave it!

  19. Anonymous says:

    “President Buhari has appointed Magaji Yusuf Bichi the new DG SSS”

    With all due respect to my northern friends. President Buhari is the most nepotistic ruler ever in the history of Nigeria. His ethnic biase and tribalistic tendencies are second to none.

    For crying out loud Yusuf Bichi is retired. How do you bring someone from retirement to head a security institution if not for personal gain and Nepotism?

    Indeed Buhari is a President of the North, by North and for the North.


    Saint-Julius Patrick, SJP

  20. Anonymous says:

    Where are those people that thinks that northerners doesn’t count any body that is not a westerners as a biafran? Whether we all likes it or not,the colonial masters had only Arewa,oduduwa and biafrans.When northerners want to get any thing by voting,they will tell u people that u are not biafrans,when things are shared and appointments are made,they will tell u that u are biafrans What amuses me is that u will see someone their women ties two wrappers,those their names are chibuike,eberechukwu,chukwudi,even most moronic deltans will tell u they are delta igbo.Whether u like it or not,we all are biafrans and we never have a home if there is no biafra.We are talking of referendum and actualization of biafra,some idiots are terming it igbo agenda.No matter how loyal u try to be to this hausa/fulani caliphate they will never trust u.For those idiotic,moronic and imbecilic igbos and biafrans in diaspora that thinks that these jihadists would allow them become the president coming 2023 are the most idiotic fools.The earlier we join hands and get biafra the best and better for us.My so called south south people,it would be easier for u people to achieve ur Niger delta republic from biafra than getting it from Nigeria cos hausa/fulani would kill u if u miss the opportunities of following igbos to achieve biafra.Once biafra is achieved,any other region that want to be on their own it would be easier for them,but if u people refuses,biafra will come and u people and ur children will be their slaves forever.A word is enough for the wise

  21. Anonymous says:

    I still don’t know what you guys are gaining in that Abuja that u will not gain when you have your own country. Support ipob and let’s be free from all these hatred. If I may ask you,if it is the housas that want to go all these while, do think their leaders will be against them.they will support them and even kill some people on their which to go.we’ve heard enough of Nigeria and it has been good for us.let’s ho ipob,let’s go Biafra

  22. Anonymous says:

    Those people that porous border made Nigerian, claimed they are more Nigerian than Nigerians. They have suddenly forgotten that if a southern Nigerian is an iPod, that all northerners are hardened bokoharam members.

  23. Anonymous says:

    All Hail Biafra, all standing against Biafra will be disgraced. And serving this govt standing against Umu chineke shall be disappointed and it will happen to them in their very eyes. God bless Biafra

  24. Anonymous says:

    they should bury their heads in shame, greedy elders, elders who don’t know their right, useless money hungry elders who give out their land to Fulani herdsmen to perpetrate all kinds of evil deeds. they want buhari to appoint someone who will betray him the way LAWAL did but they don’t know he’s more wiser than they think.

  25. Anonymous says:

    It Is very clear that the northerners never believe in one Nigeria and they hate Nigeria more than anyone else in Nigeria, if they really believe in one Nigeria , why they are not investing in other region why they are not building houses in other region? If buhari believe in one Nigeria why he can not trust other Nigerians from different region? They love Niger delta oil money nothing else. No oil no one Nigeria.

  26. Anonymous says:

    So the president should not put someone he will trust in a sensitive area as that abi? Dogs When Seyeifa was appointed as the Acting DG of the DSS, they said it was no big deal, and even pointed out that his compulsory retirement from the service was imminent.
    But now that a substanstive DG from the North has been appointed, it has become a big deal, and the usual talk of nepotism has resurfaced.
    Personally, if I were to be Buhari, and with all the political drama, schemes and subterfuge going on, I wont allow any Southerner to head any sensitive security agency. And even the ones from the North would follow Ngige to Okija and swear fealty to me.Hope we learn with open mind … pls note that what am about to say is not about hailing or supporting PMB’s action on this DSS issue.

    According to the Act that setup DSS, it is a special security outfit to protect the President himself and his family and other VIPs. They are % loyal to the President and not to the country, even though they are setup by the country. They do not work like Police or other military forces. They receive special security training to protect President and defend him and his office. DSS was setup as a measure to counter coup from military forces, hence their loyalty to the President % alone. They are always prepared for any shakeup without reading meaning to it. That’s the nature of their job.

    In view of this, any President is at liberty to choose whoever he deemed fit to head the institution that was setup to protect him.

    For example …

    When OBJ was president … the head of DSS was Col. Kayode Are

    When Jonathan was President, Ita Ekpeyong was the head of DSS.

    Therefore, if OBJ could have someone he trusted from his region and Jonathan chose someone he trusted from his region too, so why do you expect PMB to retain someone who he couldn’t trust to head his personal security team from other region, knowing the kind of politics of hatred and bitterness we are playing in this country? More especially when he was nearly killed in Aso Villa.

    Let’s be honest, fair and sincere to ourselves. Also let’s learn to respect our laws and constitution. That’s what the law says and no ethnic bigotry can change that.

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