Biafra: “Nnamdi Kanu Qualifies As A Head Of State” – Former U.S Attorney Writes UN

On October 5, 2018 24 Comments

Former United States of America Attorney General, Bruce Fein has revealed that Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) qualified to be a head of state.

Bruce made this known in a letter he sent to the United Nations.

He described Nnamdi Kanu as a man of Integrity and honour.

He also urged the United Nations Security Council, under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter to designate Nnamdi Kanu as an “internationally protected person” as defined in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons, Including Diplomatic Agents.


Article I of the Convention defines an “internationally protected person as “A Head of State, including any member of a collegial body performing the functions of a Head of State under the constitution of the State concerned, a Head of Government or a Minister of Foreign Affairs, whenever such person is in a foreign state ….”

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“The acts and utterances of IPOB were acts and utterances of terrorists, said the federal government after the organization was proscribed, but Fein in a fresh appeal to the world body said that Nnamdi Kanu, qualifies as a ‘Head of State.’

The statement reads in full;

“In sum, Nnamdi Kanu, qualifies as a “Head of State” under the Convention. He is one of a group of IPOB leaders who perform the core government function in the South East region of Nigeria of protecting the physical safety of innocent civilian Biafrans from predation or murder by Hausa-Fulani terrorists. He is subject de facto to Nigerian martial law.

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He possesses lesser rights than a foreign diplomat in Nigeria. Mr. Kanu is a de facto foreigner in Nigeria and a Head of State in de facto foreign territory in the South East within the meaning of the Convention.” “The United Nations Security Council, through a resolution or otherwise, should designate Mr. Kanu as an internationally protected person.

His status falls within the jurisdiction of the Security Council under Chapter VII of the Charter because the Nigerian Government’s threatened force or violence against him threatens international peace and security in West Africa and elsewhere.”

“As an internationally protected person, Mr. Kanu falls within the protections of the Convention. Under Article 4.

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Comments (24)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oriental times pls stop spreading lies and fake news,,ur lies are causing problems for d southeast..
    When did he say that?
    On which network or platform?
    Oriental time Your lies and ur social media agenda to use ipob to divide and rule the Igbo’s have been exposed… So pack up..
    Nnadi KANU is a scam..

    • Anonymous says:

      Ewu awusa did Nnamdi KANU scam your father or your mother? You are efulefu grade one… When Nnamdi KANU was in prison your president offered him billions of money including oil well to drop Biafra but he said Biafra or nothing and here you are idiot like you call my able leader scam.. God destroy you and your generation to come

    • Anonymous says:

      David Oscar why are u so blinded? Why attach somuch emotions on Nnamdi KANU?
      However bros,I can understand why u and few Igbo persons are being emotional about Kanu’s sharrades/deceptions:
      -KANU was imprisoned by PMB right??(when uwasuruike and massob were playing this same game,uwasuruike was also imprisoned by fmr president obasanjo),,many people have their reason or intention for imprisonment.
      Prison can be a meeting place for KANU and his sponsors(ask asari dokubo and Ralph uwasuruike during their time).
      -uwasuruike was also rumored to have been offered heaven and earth by fmr president obasanjo to stop his sharrades and agitation but he refused saying Biafra or nothing, but was that d reality?? Wen Ralph uwasuruike collected his settlement from FG for all d troubles he caused us in d southeast did he call you?then everyone Igbo elite, igbo traditional leaders,igbo politicians who were bold enough to call uwasuruike a scam were been insulted as saboteurs. But today is Nnamdi KANU in the show and u are calling me names.
      -Ralph uwasuruike father’s house was also raided by the military then all as sharrades and deception for agitation for Biafra or nothing!!
      David Oscar and so many innocent Igbo brother’s need to wake up..we can’t actualize Biafra by unnecessary protest and insults on our institutional leaders, traditional leaders, religious leaders,political leaders and d Ohanaeze ndi igbo platform especially in d southeast..Nnamdi KANU, ipob and Oriental time are FG’s arrangement to destabilize all Igbo’s institutional leaders and platforms.
      The way to pay back this arrangement is to vote out this present buhari government in 2019,by God’s Grace..then you will find out so many bitter truth about Nnamdi KANU and ipob just the same way uwasuruike and massob were exposed after obasanjo left.

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