Why Biafra Will Not Come Through Nnamdi Kanu — Enugu Cleric

On November 1, 2018 1 Comment

An Enugu based religious leader, Prophet Anthony Nwoko, has cautioned Ndigbo against shunning the 2019 general elections, saying the call by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to boycott the 2019 general elections would bring more anguish to Igbo nation.

Prophet Nwoko who said he is the Igbo Messiah, said: “Kanu is not the solution and Biafra cannot come through him because he disobeyed God. Kanu and his cohorts are play boys who were only looking for money.”

Addressing newsmen in Enugu yesterday, Nwoko said that he was instrumental to Kanu’s release from Kuje Prison, but pointed out that he (Nwoko) had been anointed to deliver Biafra not Kanu, stressing that Igbo’s marginalization in Nigeria would come to an end when he liberates.

Nwoko warned the IPOB Leader, Kanu, to stop deceiving Ndigbo on restoration of Biafra, stressing that only a divine person like him (Nwoko) would lead Ndigbo out of bondage or slavery which they have found themselves.


“I was sent to liberate my people. I told Buhari that Jesus has rejected him. I am no longer talking. Now, is action. The anger of God is in the land. If you say the glory of God will not shine, then there will be no Nigeria.

“I am the one anointed from God to liberate Ndigbo. My anointing is from Heaven. There is only one moon in Nigeria for Igbo and for Nigeria. Igbo will not be slaves again,” he added.

According to the Cleric, “Buhari and Atiku are wasting their time because they do not have the anointing to lead. I warn that they should pack and go.”

“In 1999, I told them that there is no democracy in Nigeria. Only God can save this nation and that righteousness is in Igboland. If you say you don’t want it, I will scatter everything. The angels will continue to punish Nigeria until they do the right thing,” Nwoko said.

He urged Ndigbo and Nigerians to love one another, embrace God and shun materialism, which he noted had been largely responsible for the hydra-headed problems engulfing the country.


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  1. Hananayah says:

    Why Biafra Will Not Come Through Nnamdi Kanu — Enugu Cleric

    I did not know why some paid slaves who are being bound in bondage would be writing nonsense and are happy with it. What a shame!
    Who is this cleric? Who made him so claimed? He should keep off from Nnamdi Kanu, hide his face in regret. I suggest he goes an marry so that some one will be cooking food for him to eat. Anthony Nwoko is just a regret.

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