VIDEO: ‘Igbos Are The Real Jews’, Says Jewish Rabbi As He Makes Shocking Revelations

On November 3, 2018 59 Comments

A Jewish Rabbi has said that the speculation that “Igbos are the real Jews cannot be ruled out at all”.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    All this nonsense that Nnamdi kanu is doing try to petromize Isrealist people in other to use them gain biafra freedom..We the igbo youths ,dont know where this will end us to..Now we are trying to mmegrate from christians to Jewish religion which we igbos dose not know the end of it..So less be wise and know the actual things we need…i dont know why Isrealist come the say igbo black is their gem lineage..this one na akaku Mike Ejiala..I am Igbo Nigeria…

  2. Anonymous says:

    All I know is that even before the emergency of Masob/ipob my grandmother always told me about the igbo-Jewish ancestry though i don’t know how true it is. But to me all that matters is Biafra. Wether Jewish state of Biafra, Christian state of biafra or Hindu state of biafra it doesn’t matter, what matters is freedom from Nigeria/British empire

  3. Anonymous says:

    Vanguard news

    Researchers from Cornerstone University owerri, on fact finding mission weekend confirmed Umueri community, formerly known as Umuleri in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria, as the nexus of Igbo origin.

    Earlier, during their first visit, a fort night ago the group of researchers made up of Academicians, Theologians and Scholars after an extensive discussion with the people of the community on possible ways of assisting the team by furnishing them with accurate and unhindered truth about the origin of Igbo people were able convinced beyond all historical proof that Umueri holds the truth towards unlocking the real and untainted history of Igbo origin and that all Igbos can trace their ancestral home from the ancient town founded by Children of Eri, the son of Gad, a direct son of Jacob who is founder of the tribe of Israel.

    According to Dr. Chinedu Ozims, wholed the researchers, gathered for the first time that the settlers who founded the commununity were led by a man known as Dabarwo, against all the widespread fallacy that it was Eri that led the settlers into Africa, where they finally settled in Umueri, Anambra East L.G.A of the state.

    The people of Umueri, however, in their immeasurable sense of hospitality and peace, accorded warm reception to their guests from the Cornerstone University of Theology. As a people who hold dear to their tradition custom and culture of Igbo tribe, as “Isi igbo” especially, their biblical history as progenitor of Igbo-Jews, sons of Eri son of Gad the seventh son of Jacob, assured the team on a fact finding mission to their community of maximum support in the propagation of their uncommon history in Africa, Nigeria and the Igbo ethnic nationality.

    The team of researchers was taken to some prominent traditional rulers of the community including Crown Prince Chikwuma Okoye, the crown-prince of Umueri who had earlier, during an interface with the visiting team, said that Umueri community is peace loving community, whose hospitality is second to none among communities in the south-east geopolitical zone of Nigeria and beyond.

    The Crown Prince noted that evidences abound for even a blind person to affirm that Umueri people are the Aboriginal Igbos from whom other nations of Igbo race originated but have for years suffered undue infiltration and threats of obliteration from their own brothers and now a neighboring community of people living in the geographical location, their ancestors named as Agu-Eri (Eri farmland) The Crown Prince stated originally the Igbo’s are not ruled by any King.

    Praying at the synagogue (holy temple) in Umueri, Dr. Ozims prayed for peace and forgiveness to reign supreme among Igbo people. The crown prince commended Dr. Ozims and his team for being the second to enter the synagogue after Nnamdi Kanu the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader.

    Unarguably though, the fact-finding mission to Umueri community, was fashioned to investigate by research method on the biblical Eri, in order to know more about his children and others who settled with him at the banks of the river Omambala, and in order also, for the team to know the exact cradle of Igbo tribe, as well as for Dr. Chinedu Ozims to be guided properly, as he puts finishing touches on the yet-to- be published book, precisely, with the theme, understanding the geology of Igbo people. But, the researcher, never, relented, as he worked with information sourced from other researcher and journalists, who went visited Aguleri to have a first hand information from from the neighboring Aguleri communities. These team also were received by Igwe chukwuemeka Eri, and Eze-Elect, B.I llochi both of Aguleri communities. The people of Aguleri, no doubt, in their oral tradition contradicted the bible account of the death and burial of Gad, 7th son of Jacob

    Dr. Ozims,having clearly given the accurate report of the death of Gad, father of Eri, as one who died and was buried in Egypt before the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, the Aguleri monarchs and people continue to claim that the biblical Gad was buried at their home stead in Aguleri. In fact, this is the crux of the findings to convince all and sundry, including non-Igbos that, Umueri, maintains original traces of the Igbo-jew lineage ancestrally.

    It was also, made clear by the Dr. Ozims missionary team during a lecture series with people of Umueri, that, both Gad and his son Eri, died and were buried in Egypt, they never stepped their feet in the Biafra-Igbo nation, rather, bible research indicate that, the children of Eri were brought to the Eastern Nigeria, at the banks of the river, Omambala through a descendant of Eri called, Dabarwo.

    Dr. Chinedu Ozims cautioned other theologians and researchers who went about feeding the Igbos with fallacious and baseless teaching that Gad was buried in Aguleri. He advised them to use the holy Bible as their base and foundation, because no other book recorded and gave account of the lost tribe than the Holy Book he stated that no place the Bible recorded any pre-Exodus of anybody before the Exodus. “Any Theologian, Archaeologist or Researcher” who claimed that Gad was buried in Aguleri is a pathological liar, a shame and an insult to the perfect Holy Book and Christianity in general.

    Archeological reports made available to the team of theologians under the team-leader, Dr. Ozims gave useful insight in the quest by the team in unlocking the secrets of the origin of Igbo people.

    The account of Umueri oral traditional values and her history of origin made the team of researchers reflect more tactfully on their findings that, Umueri, are an ancient town and city in Anambra state of the south East, Nigeria. The community was homogeneously of Igbo ethnic group, located at the heart of Omambala valley, bordered by Omambala river and Anam communities in the north, Nteje in the south, Aguleri and Nando in the eastern flank, and Nsugbe at the west.

    It was the oldest human settlement established by early Igbo founders, as well as the earliest human settlement east of the Niger.

    Dr. Ozims and his team confirmed that the deities found in Umueri are older than deities found in any other Igbo land. During his visit to “OBU-GA” at Nnenyi, Dr. Ozims questioned the Igwe- in- council about the origin of Nnenyi and the president general of Nnenyi said that Nnenyi people are the descendants of Eri. The historical origin of the community dates back to available oral tradition passed from generation to generation, indicating that the fleeing Israelites of post Exodus era, settled at Omambala river bank and founded a clan called “Umueri (which means-sons of ERI)”. Their hospitality and warm welcome was like that of Abraham to the three angels, which show that Umueri are truly of the Jews.

    Based on his research,the Biblical descendant of ‘Eri the son of Gad’ migrated into the community, which is known today, as “Umueri”

    Dr. Ozims stated that the tribe of Gad who lived in the eastern Jordan, during the Assyrian war migrated to Ethiopia travelled through Sudan and down to West Africa through River Nile and landed at the bank of OMABALA RIVER.

    The settlers seeing that it was a very huge river christened it “Omo-mbala” implying a very huge river. It was therefore named Omambala, not until, it was later tagged “Anambra” by Gen. Murtala Mohammed’s military regime on creation of old Anambra state in 1976.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He is not the one to tell Igbo who they are ! Igbo is Igbo not Jews and he should take back his Jew to there dry land ! Igbo is older than Jews and Israel and there fake invented Abraham with archeological evidence and facts. Israel is just a nation of 1948 that stole Igbo culture.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is calling Jewish land dried land.. This is the level of slavery some of my Igbo brothers subjected themselves in the hands of the Fulani.. I pity this young man.

    • Anonymous says:

      Onoduugo Okwuchukwu Aguowo did I hear youbsay dry land? Did I hear you say he shouldn’t tell the igbos where they came from? Who did this to you? Did you pass through primary and secondary school? Cos if you really do pass through these school, you will know that as long as life is concern, history is necessary. Go get some brain and free yourself from Hausa fulani slavery mentality

    • Anonymous says:

      Testimony Vanchris Kelechi ignorance is empire of failure and all your problem is rooted in ignorance. You problem is identity crises because you don’t know who you are. Igbo is over 12 ,000 yrs older than Jews nation and there fake invented Abraham and Israel is just a nation of 1948 ! You need to know yourself and be proud of your Igbo origin ! Israel is a desert land !

    • Anonymous says:

      Anusiem Reginald Israel is a desert land making it a dry land. You are just ignorance and self denial of yourself and who you are. Be proud of your Igbo origin because Igbo is far older than Israel and Jews ! Know your history and don’t be a slave

    • Anonymous says:

      Realhomey Matt you are more than a fool because you are suffering from identity crises where your ancestors are white man and you are a black man and that’s makes you a fool

    • Anonymous says:

      Realhomey Matt Jews land is a dry land because is a desert land. You should be ashamed of yourself by claiming another identity instead of your own identity as Igbo. Identity crises is like death

    • Anonymous says:

      Siver Chiben you think I am fake like you fool ! I am Igbo man the original from the land of the rising sun and first people and savior that is Igbo and Igbo is superior to Jews and far older than Jews. You have identity crises and lack knowledge of thyself !

    • Anonymous says:

      Ekezie C Frank Ekezie C Frank a fool that lack knowledge and can’t present facts to back up your claims makes you a fool ! Even your picture is white that is called self denial and self hate. Shame on you, mental slavery ! How can those Igbo is older than become your ancestors or your origin ? Shame

    • Anonymous says:

      Onoduugo Okwuchukwu Aguowo how there you call thes Gods people and land dry, do you know the bible says that he will course any body that course them.. Sis please we are the lost isrelites who were sold out and with facts and character we are from that tribe thats while the spirit of dominance is in us ok..

    • Anonymous says:

      Ugochukwu Enwereji if you called the the Gods people it means you are you evil child. Igbo is the children of the God and the sun and the word Igbo means savior. The Jews are the children of Satan because they stole other people’s land and accuse and stole other people culture and claimed to be there own. Israel is a dry land because is a desert land fro the Middle East ! You are the lost one not the Igbo because Igbo is older than the origin of Israel and there invented Abraham. Abraham is from city ur modern day southern Iraqi making him a Semite so how is a white man become your ancestors? That is identity crises, base on evidence Igbo is minimum 12,000 yrs older than Israel. Nwaoke adi ebu nna ya Uzo amuta diokpara. Igbo is Igbo and there is no connection and is a shame to admit that you are a curse one and a lost one means you are a wanderer like funalanis. The Jews today and yesterday has no land of there own and Igbo have a land and Igbo is the oldest kingdom in Nigeria and the world the first people the gbo people ancient ! Know thyself and history !

    • Anonymous says:

      Ugochukwu Enwereji I have been many countries in this world and live in Europe and America for over twenty yrs and you where have you been ? I can see you are uncivilized and never entered plan before neither have you cross any border ! I am international and I know my history and I know who I am not a slave like you wannabe Jew ! Jew man in Igbo means uncivilized !israel is the only Jews nation and Jews is Israel or you don’t even understand what is Israel and Jews ? Israel is a country created in 1948 and Jewish are those practicing Judaism and is only Israel is a Jewish nation !

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