JUST IN: Nigeria’s President Buhari Was Not At The First World Centenary Held In France — Organizers

On November 15, 2018 147 Comments

Contrary to the false claims by the Presidency, President Muhammadu Buhari was not at the major events of the just concluded First World Centenary held in Paris, France according to Hope for Nigeria’s inquires from the department of Veterans’ affairs.

“The Armistice Day main events was graced by world leaders and the Nigerian leader was not present at the Arc De Triomphe Hall and his name was not on the official list of dignitaries published and sent to the Press”.

President Buhari informed Nigerians that he left for France to attend the Remembrance Day commemoration held at the Arc De Triomphe Hall., Villers-Bretonnex in France On November 11-13, 2018, but never showed up at the main event.


Sadly, the Nigeria government was posting pictures of Buhari in an unrelated event held in France in 2015 (Climate Change conference). The podium used in the Armistice day event exposed president Buhari’s handlers dishonesty as Buhari’s was seen in pictures with the 2015 event podium.

“Many questions remains unanswered. If Buhari was in France, why did he not attend the main event he announced to Nigerians? Why are they distributing fake pictures forgetting that the real photos of attendees are on the internet? What is these people up to?”, Hope For Nigeria asks.


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    • Anonymous says:

      Shuaib Mohammed Sani how explain to me, he just played the part of reconciling ipob and ohaneze that failed so tell me how ipob agenda has come to an end ?? We must restore Biafra, I know you are your almajiri brothers are shaking already

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let apc/pmb stop their pranks and deceitful propaganda to Nigerians. The world and nigerians have more awareness and advanced in information wise than before. No more lies and deceit. A lie lie and deceitful govt is a failed govt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fuck Hausa/Falani.those guys are not meant to live close to human beings.Biafra shall break this shackles.2019 election❌❌❌. Biafra must be restored. Jubrils oya display ur stupidity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Best Lowell since u wish death for ur own very black people,I hope u won’t be angry when whites call u animals and monkey. U insult a whole country because of a few bad eggs and because u want biafra. I hope u know that the whites get united everyday and they once had thesame issues in the past amongst themselfs? But they overcome it and decided to unite. Insulting people and calling ur own black race animals shows u agree to the fact that we remain slaves like animals to the whites and I hope u won’t get angry when the whites call u baboon. My dear we should use our brain. The fact that u need sometime don’t mean u will hate everyone before u get what u want. The direction u are going is fucking wrong. U will get biafra if you have the right leaders and inteligent once and not the once that spread fake news,insult elders and even insult his own people who doesn’t believe in his idea. That is to say if by tomarrow he becomes ur president and u disagree with his policies,he will insult u and put u where u belong. Leaders are not problematic they problem solvers. Get that

  3. Anonymous says:

    Even Amarican President Trump have given zoo nigerians a clue that their president is an imposter by saying “I don’t wanna meet this Lifeless Man again”. But black people don’t reason or think but only full of evil.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amara Chiukwu u just said zoo Nigerians and u own a Nigeria passport,use Nigeria money and so my dear you are amonsgt the animals. No matter how u explain ,it won’t change the fact that u are a Nigerian and till u get ur biafra u are a monkey in the zoo. African with small sense. U insult urself and ur own very black people and yet you want the white to stop racism when u are the headquarters of racism. U will continue to be a slave to the white till u learn to love urself and unite to make ur place a better place and even if u want to have ur own country,u will do that with love and process and not by insulting and calling ur own race monkeys and baboons and yet if a white man calls u that u become very angry but then u still remain a baboon because u are black.

  4. Anonymous says:

    *Why you should not waste time discussing national issues with some certain Nigerians*

    1. They are the ones that said Buhari died in Aso rock, and later in UK. Then they said the Buhari that returned to Nigeria is a clone (duplicate) and recently they said it is Buhari body double. Do you still take cognizance of what comes out of these peoples mouth?

    2. They were the ones who said 8 years was not enough for OBJ, and 6 not enough for GEJ, etc. Now, they don’t want 8 years of Buhari because of personal hatred

    3. When you remind them of how corruption in last government has ruined the nation….they ask you to stop talking about the past

    4. When you say Buhari is a man of integrity and he his fighting corruption, they say his son has a power bike

    5. When Evans the kidnapper say something against Buhari, he becomes an hero. When you say their heroes and spokespersons lack integrity (IBB, OBJ, Fayose, FFK, Saraki, GEJ, etc), they will say “…look at the message not the messenger…”

    6. They are not interested in any development in Nigeria, if it means ascribing any success to PMB.

    7. Every good news of the nation brings them sadness, and they remain quiet until another bad news crops up

    8. If you tell them Buhari is building over 300 roads all over Nigeria, they say it is because of 2019

    9. Tell them Buhari is developing the rail system all over Nigeria, they say it is not his initiative, that Obasanjo and GEJ had plans to do it

    10. Inform them about the agricultural revolution, how Nigeria now produces its local food and has become a foremost world exporter of food, they say it is Obasanjo that started Operation Feed the Nation in the 1970s

    11. When you say Buhari is working to completing abandoned projects, over 8000 nationwide (Mambila hydro power, Ajaokuta Steel Plant etc), they say it is because he has no program of his own

    12. Refute their allegations that Buhari is tribalistic with how his ministerial cabinets now (and as military head of state) had more Christians than Muslims, and how powerful ministries were being run by southerners, they hold their breath and in the next statement still repeat the same allegation

    13. They say Buhari is vindictive, but no state or region has been denied their share of development projects irrespective of whether they support PMB government or not (compared with Obasanjo that withheld Lagos State allocation for many years and Jonathan that cut Osun State allocation for 4 years to punish Aregbesola for making sure Jonathan lost the 2011 election in Osun State even though he won in other Yoruba states). He has taken N13b water project to Otuoke in GEJs village Bayelsa, N22b road to Atiku’s village in Adamawa, reconstruction of Lagos Abeokuta expressway to OBJ’s Ogun State, the 2nd Niger Bridge, etc to the east, the massive investment and redevelopment of the Niger-Delta, etc are part of the proof of PMBs fairness to all

    14. When the clampdown on corruption started, they said only southerners are being harassed, when Dasuki etc were arrested they say it is only PDP; when Saraki was taken to court they say it is because he is in opposition; when former governors and APC members were jailed (Dariye and Nyame ), they say it was PDP that started the probe. So, you see that discussing with them is a waste of time

    15. When EFCC is investigating the massive investments and dollars accounts of Mrs Patience Jonathan, Alison Maduekwe, etc, they say it is political harassment and you should bring proof of corruption. But when they bring scandalously stupid allegations like Buhari has bought the national stadium, etc and you ask for proof, they say you are a fanatic

    16. Tell them how the threats of IPOB, Niger Delta militants, etc were curtailed, they say it is a clampdown on Igbos and southerners; remind them of how the menace of El Zakzaki and his Shiites group of the north have been curbed, they say it is coercion

    17. Remind them how the dreaded Boko Haram has been chased away from the northeast states that they used to control in the north and how normalcy is returning to those parts of the country, they will still refer to the occasional suicide bombings as proof that nothing is achieved

    18. Tell them how it has been impossible for even USA etc to totally stop suicide bombings, they retort “…Are you now comparing Nigeria with USA” (Of course not, USA does not have a particular group of people that does not want to see anything good in northern Nigerians as citizens)

    19. Tell them how herdsmen killings preceded PMB, and how many non-Fulani herdsmen have been arrested by the army for killings, including a personal aide to Governor Ortom, and how since such arrests, the killings have subsided, they still in the next statement refer to Buhari as promoting herdsmen killers

    20. Tell them about the resuscitation of the Mambila Power Project, the Ajaokuta Steel Project, etc, they say it is a lie

    21. Show them videos and pictures of ongoing development nationwide, they say its photo and video shop

    22. Tell them how Buhari stopped the billion-dollar fertiliser scam and how in its place 11 local fertiliser companies were revived resulting in Nigeria producing for its local needs, they say “…how does that translate to food for the common man?…”

    23. When Buhari agreed to pay N88billion compensation to Biafrans victims, granted autonomy to state judiciary, supports local government autonomy, recognised MKO and June 12, they say it is politics. (And like the daughter of our hero of democracy said, “…if Buhari does not play politics, should he play chemistry?…”

    24. To them, the National Assembly members used to be all APC rogues, but now without doing any good thing but because they now oppose PMB, they have become their heroes, from the clown Dino, to the Michael Jackson of Osun, the stupendously corrupt and wealthy Saraki, Mark, Dogara, etc

    25. Buhari has refused like previous governments to bribe legislators to do their duties, and since their dirty strategies is no longer working, they have become a stumbling block to progress. The wailers will say if it was OBJ, he would have dealt with them but if Buhari had used any other means, they will say he is undemocratic

    26. When you show some of them the unparalleled efforts of this government in development compared to all the past governments, then you will hear “…Well, he has tried but I still don’t like him, he is too old, he is slow, he is unintelligent, he is not outspoken etc…”

    *These are the reasons why nothing tangible will be achieved if you engage them in any developmental discussion*, because of their innate hatred of anybody from northern Nigeria.

    Avoid discussion of national issues with them. Instead, discuss things like Big Brother Nigeria, Russia World Cup, Dangote’s daughter’s wedding, and Papa Ajasco, etc with them


    • Anonymous says:

      Emmanuel Amah oga so u no dey watch news channels and nta? That u decide to take social media news as ur source of news? Mr man buhari is evil we know but PDP plan to make us vote for them wont work. No pdp senator,governor etc even saraki is saying buhari is fake. These are people who want power by all means and u think if things like that is happening they won’t take advantage of it? Dino was bribed too abi? Saraki was bride and the world was bribed too abi? Nigerian can believe anything. I watched it live and you can only hear this type of news from fake sources and not real sources because they they will be sued

  5. Anonymous says:

    He was there but they provide him disabled table because that table has translators. Microphone. Ear plugs. Dress code.fire alarm and every other thing that a lifeless human needs

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why are you idiots spreading fake news all over the place.
    You are only fooling the Fools like yourself.
    This is absurd!
    Anyone in his right mind should not entertain this silly conspiracy idea.
    It is only for the haters, enemy of progress and traitors alike.
    This nonesense needs to stop.
    You are causing mischief and creating confusion.
    Anyone who subscribed to this kind of dirty and gutter propaganda needs his or her head checked.
    I am not surprised, birds of the same feathers…..
    Show me friends….
    Only from the noisy neighbours.

  7. Jonah says:

    Can some body at the Aso Rock tell Nigerians the truth about who is on that seat of presidency at the Aso Rock and the wear about of the main President Muhanmadu Buhari. Wether he is still alive or dead

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lie never should I be deceive JUBRIL aka BUHARI not in Paris or back to Nigeria.

    I have told you people Nigerians stop being deceive because of Nigeria unity.for unity is not by force.

    This same man called femi Adesina cook this sweet lie said JUBRIL aka BUHARI is already addressing the world in war peace summit on Sunday 11 November at the end that was lie.
    Through new came with video and evidence that Buhari was nowhere to found in Paris.

    And that is truth if he was they he will be in front because he is among the world leader and also older.
    I can never believe this lie again .JUBRIL aka BUHARI has not return.

    Jubril knows where he went because he was not in Paris war peace summit that he told Nigerians .
    This coming Saturday come to radio Biafra and hear truth. Jubril went for ear surgery. We must exposed the liers .

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let me open some records for Nigerians:
    In August of last year,Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said that the man in
    Aso Rock is not Buhari rather he is a cloned fellow by name
    Aminu Jubril from Sudan…This revelation shocked the cabals
    to their bone marrow..so immediately they arranged a military
    exercise code name Operation Python Dance,which killed over
    300 of our youths.
    The target was Nnamdi Kanu but the Nigeria military missed
    the target and this brought a heavy tension in Aso Rock
    because they knew that whenever he will appear again,they
    will have a serious problem to contend with….But to put salt
    to their wound we alleged to them that they are holding our
    leader captive… although they denied but our consistency got
    them worried…Their worst shocker is our Sit At Home of 14th
    September….We laughed at them because they don’t know
    that we are playing a dangerous game with them….they were
    disorganized,with international querries here and there…
    Now Nnamdi Kanu is back,they know that they are in trouble
    because their greatest secret will be laid bare…That is why
    they reacted quickly by questioning the Isreali govt concerning
    Nnamdi Kanu, although they got their answers but we’re not
    pleased because Isreal has openly declared support for
    Biafrans by shielding Nnamdi Kanu in their country.
    When Nnamdi Kanu said it that he is going to unmask Jubril
    the Impostor…what did the govt do? They moved quickly to
    silence Radio Biafra but they failed…they moved again and
    vandalized every joint that sells Radio Biafra newspaper,mores
    till the the dice is cast and Nigeria is now in a dire situation
    with no light at the end of the tunnel…
    Nnamdi Kanu broked the news and now even the poor masses
    on the streets are now discussing about the new
    development…the Impostor in the Aso Rock…Yet many people
    are still blind to see that Nigeria will not exceed 2019 in her
    We are IPOB and we are more sophisticated both in media
    intelligence and all over the world…we get our eyes on Jubril
    and he can’t run away….Now Abba Kyari has fall sick and the
    only hospital they can took him is the one in London….hahah
    aha…They playing with the people’s intelligence yet Nigerians
    can’t even speak a word….Is this how you are people are
    going to protect your # Votes …?
    The fear of Nnamdi Kanu is the beginning of wisdom….
    Written by Okpara Louis Okpara Louis for the Biafra
    Restoration Voice TBRV
    To read more of our articles,join our Facebook page, The
    Biafra Restoration Voice

  10. Anonymous says:

    He went to France but not to the conference. He definitely knew these world supper powers leaders have micro scanners implanted into their hands and they could easily detect his original DNA

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