Jubril From Sudan: Professor Of Human Genetics Speaks On “Cloned” Buhari

On November 27, 2018 2 Comments

For a while, some Nigerians have been peddling rumors that the man in the state house at the moment is a cloned man and not President buhari that was sworn in in May 2015.

The rumor mongers alleged that the person who is currently in the villa is a Sudan whose name is Jubril Aminu.

Senator Ajayi Boroffice who has a Ph.D in Human Genetics and currently represents Ondo North in the senate, on Monday released a statement, saying that there is no way in the world a 75-year-old man can be cloned.

According to him, for a 75 year old man to be cloned, it would take another 75 years for his cloned body to become effective.

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Read what he wrote below.


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  1. Enwelum I Mbadiwe says:

    Senator Ajayi Boroffice who has a Ph.D in Human Genetics
    I found this Senator Ajayi Boroffice has just made himself a laughing stock, a shame. He has just exposed his Ph.D is laced with ignorance and deceit. This PhD Senator just read exposed Jubril in a hurry. I put him clear, Yes, real Buhari was 75 years or above. There is no doubt about it. Buhari was dead and dead person would not be cloned. Jubril, another person from Sudan is less than this age. He was worked on facially to be similar to that of dead Buhari. I demand from Boroffice to walk to him and remove his cap. This is one. Others are height and skin. Bay the way, the said Buhari should face press conference. What all these denial if Buhari should stop hiding? Senator Ajayi Boroffice has exposed hid Oloye type of Ph.D. A shame!

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