Osinbajo Finally Speaks On Buhari Being Replaced By ‘Jubril From Sudan’

On December 4, 2018 55 Comments

Taking a cue from his boss, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, has spoken on the rumour that President Muhammadu Buhari, died and has been replaced with one Jubril from Sudan.

According to NAN, the Vice President opened up at a National Consultative Forum organised by the National Committee of Buhari Support Groups (NCBSG) in collaboration with Council for New Nigeria Initiative.

Osinbajo, who expressed shock that one Jubril from Sudan was directing the affairs of the country, added that the fear of President Buhari have truncated the thinking faculty of some corrupt persons.

He revealed that the government had expanded N2.7 trillion on infrastructure, the highest in the history of the country, despite earning 60 percent less than the previous government.

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He said that the Buhari-led administration had done much because it was not stealing money; was doing major roads in 36 states–Lagos Kano railway, Warri, Aladja, Mambilla, Port Hacourt, Maiduguri among others.

“We are giving about 300,000 of the poorest Nigerians N5000 a month. How? Because Buhari is the gate keeper he has stopped grand corruption.

“So despite the fact that we are earning 60 per cent less we are doing five times more. This is why there is a gang up by the discredited elite against him.

“They prayed for him to die, he didn’t die. When he came back hale and hearty by the grace of the Almighty God, they mourned while Nigerians rejoiced.

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”The fear of Buhari makes these people desperate even crazy. So now they say he is Jubril from Sudan. If you can’t discredit him say he doesn’t exist; they were all alive and well when Pastor Adeboye went to London and prayed for him the day before he returned to Nigeria.

“How will one Jubril sit in Federal Executive Council and conduct meetings, consult with his ministers, speak to me daily?

“Their strategy is simple, if you tell a lie often enough some will believe you; Buhari is not only alive and well, he will by God’s grace live long and well after his second term in office,” he said.

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He applauded the members of National Committee on Buhari Support Groups, saying that they were the vanguard of the battle for the soul of Nigeria.


Comments (55)

  1. Okenna Ojiri says:

    Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has turned out to be the worst Vice President the country Nigeria ever had. He has nothing to explain about the man in Aso rock because he is part of this shameful crime. Whatever comes out of Yemi Osinbajo’s mouth are all lies. An unprecedented crime has been committed against the people and the Country. He was paid off to keep silent but he will end up in jail soon. Tinubu was also promised Presidency come 2023 for him to keep quiet. His body language at all times depicts a very deceitful moron. He is a disgrace to his own faith, the legal society and the so called learned society of all black Nations.

  2. Hamza says:

    An impostor is different from a clone. Jubril is an impostor not a clone. An impostor is a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain after undergoing a plastic surgery. Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani is an impostor from Sudan who is now pretending to be real late Nigeria president Mohammed Buhari who died on the 27/01/2017 and was buried in Saudi Arabia. A clone is an organism or cell, or group of organisms or cells, produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically identical.With these clarifications in mind, average Nigerians should understand better what our leader is saying. At the end of this process of revelation, other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and the international community will be grateful to IPOB Intelligence and have renewed respect for the courage and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

  3. Anonymous says:

    The lord said touch not my anointing, do my prophets no harm, that is true i will not judge any prophets, i knew that d anointing oil on their head will judge them ijn amen,

    • Anonymous says:

      Then you are a big fool wait for until they order for your head for Pepe soup so that you won’t judge since you know your Bible so much what have your Bible done to save those whom have been killed because of those evil people wait for your bible to come and help you

    • Anonymous says:

      Usman, No they are all illiterates. You are the one writing and posting for them. Look at a common Aboki with his NAMA head talking about education. Which year did you leave Almajiri and Nomadic life to Challenge Southerners in Education?

  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

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