No Other Party Will Rule In Lagos Except APC – Akiolu

On December 22, 2018 39 Comments

The Oba of Lagos Oba Akiolu 1 has said that God will not allow any other party apart from All Progressives Congress (APC) to take over the State in the forthcoming general election in 2019.

He made this remark yesterday in Lagos at the 11th Annual Hijrah Lecture and Commissioning of the new House of Assembly Mosque.

He said the new Mosque was unique especially as it was built inside the Assembly complex where Bills are passed into law. Oba Akiolu also argued that it was not enough to build Mosque but that the custodians of the Mosque should be properly taken care of.


He also advised the custodians not to be involved in anything that would tarnish image of the religion.

Speaker of Lagos State of Assembly Mr. Mudashiru Obasa commended the congregation for donating fund for the rebuilding of the Mosque.

He described a Mosque as a Holy place to Worship Allah and supplicate to Him, adding that the custodians should do everything to ensure that it serves purpose for which it was built.

Governor Ambode was represented by the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr. AbdulHakeem Abdulateef who is the Chief Imam of the House of Assembly Mosque.

In his speech, the Chairman of the Muslim Community of the Assembly, Mr. Sikiru Osinowo thanked God Almighty for the completion of the mosque.

“We started the mosque project so that we could fulfil the purpose of our coming here. We have been Muslim Speakers, and God made it possible for us to build the new mosque during the time of the current Speaker, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa,” he said.


Comments (39)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The so called Oba of Lagos is right bcos he knows that the so called “Enlightened Yorubas” are suffering from a permanent mental slavery induced by Thief Tinubu and his Northern slave masters. Ironically, these group of Yorubas are proud slaves who are so comfortable with their slave status. They’ve resisted and will continue to resist any attempt that will deprive them not to remain enslaved by world renowned criminals like Thief Tinubu and his Northern slave masters..Ride on Oba bcos some Yorubas are sophisticated morons in love with their permanent slave status. My sympathy goes to those few Yorubas who have the courage to strive to free themselves from the humiliating bondage of Thief Tinubu and his Northern slave masters.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Tell dat to d gullible and stupid Yoruba youths dat u and ur master tinubu is using their heads for rituals dat the can’t think, all dis Yoruba idiotic morons will be slaves forever for their so called mumu respect for their so called elders dat was enslaving them

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think that this man should stop being the oba of Lagos and join a political party. How can a supposed king with so many diverse subjects with diverse interests say such a thing. He is not the father that he is supposed to be.

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