Nnamdi Kanu Predicts Humiliation, Destruction For Nigeria In New Year Message

On January 2, 2019 206 Comments

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has said the forthcoming presidential election in Nigeria will bring shame and humiliation to the country.

He said this in a New Year Message broadcast from Israel, yesterday.

He chided Nigerians for planning to vote in a presidential election where a purported ‘dead’ man is listed on the ballot paper.

The IPOB leader vowed his group will continue unabated to expose the true identity of an alleged body-double, Jubril Aminu Al Sudani, who he claims, was brought into Aso Rock to impersonate a ‘dead’ President Muhammadu Buhari even in the 2019 polls.


He said: “The unmasking of Jubril Aminu Al Sudani the fake Nigerian President will continue unabated. By the time we are done with him and his handlers, (Lord Frederick) Lugard will become truly ashamed of what he created (Nigeria).

“I would like to see Nigerians participate in elections where one of the names on the ballot paper is a dead man. This shame and humiliation is one that will never leave Nigeria as it heads ingloriously towards self destruction.”

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He further took a swipe at the Federal Government for announcing a nationwide military exercise code-named: ‘Operation Python Dance’.

He said the military operation was part of a grand sinister plot to rig the purported Jubril Al-Sudani and the cronies of the cabal alleged to be controlling the Nigerian government.

Kanu warned that the military would face the wrath of the group if they kill any innocent pro-Biafran agitator in the course of the Operation Python Dance.

His words: “We understand the enemy (Federal Government) has announced yet another round of Fulani military invasion of our land in the name of Operation Python Dance, no doubt to help facilitate the rigging of elections for Jubril Al Sudani and the cronies of Fulani Cabal across Nigeria.

“What I said previously still stand and there is no going back. Chukwu Okike Abiama is my witness that any reported shooting or killing of any Biafran by this Fulani Janjaweed Army of Nigeria will be avenged. Those who previously doubted our resolve should ask Okezie Ikpeazu what he’s experiencing in Abia State.

“I am placing the colonial master Britain on notice that should the government of Theresa May give the go ahead for any innocent Biafran to be killed again on Biafran soil, Nigerian soldiers will face our wrath.

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“Enough of this Fulani intimidation through the Nigerian Army. This is an army that has refused to engage ISIS in the major theaters of northern Nigeria and the wider Sahel region. They (Nigerian Army) refused to counter the killing spree of Fulani herdsmen across the Middle Belt but the same army that refused to fight Boko Haram can now easily be mobilized in the South to kill non Muslim populations with impunity.

“Police men are being deployed to face Boko Haram terrorists whereas the army that pride itself as the defender of Nigeria is running from the battle field and instead are deployed to kill civilians in order to sustain Fulani hegemonic control of Nigeria.

“Everything in Nigeria is upside down that is why I struggle to understand why there are universities in Nigeria in the first place because people go to school but end up not learning anything. Is it the job of the police to fight insurgency?

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“The most astonishing thing is that people are going about their normal business pretending all is well in Nigeria when logic is being turned on its head. Can anybody identify any country in the world where the police is sent to the war front and army deployed to do police duties?

“Only in Nigeria, with her ignorant professors and pseudo intellectuals, all busy scavenging for campaign funds from politicians as impunity reigns supreme and has become the order of the day.

“None of this is surprising to us, after all Nigerians cannot differentiate between a dead Buhari and an impostor from Sudan. How can you expect them to interpret or distinguish the constitutional roles of the police and that of the army? What this APC government have succeeded in doing is to democratize ignorance, impunity and cowardice.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This bastard is somewhere living comfortably with the money ignorant igbos earn in Nigeria and sponsoring him with..
    And yet the idiot is praying destruction and calamity to the same country that his ugly father come and lived all his miserably life at…. Fuck u COWNU come and dance the python first then we shall listen to a born bastard like you…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Prophet of doom your prediction will manifest in your family n all who wish bad for Nigeria lJN lda ahun loma pa ahun IT SHALL B WELL WITH NIGERIA N NIGERIANS IJN AMEN

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Prophet and Oracle of God hv said it all he who hv ears should listen and take it serious, because it mush surely come to manifestation. Nnamdi KANU is the only fearless Prophet of our generation now for now. May the God Almighty continue to be your strength, Amen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Some persons(nepotic, tribal bigots) finds it difficult to relate with the news headline not to talk of reading the news itself before commenting. All they end up doing is laying insults on the reporter, especially few persons that are bound and chained to this clueless government. Let’s call a spade it’s name. All hail Biafra.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mumu, can’t u pray he shouldn’t come now, boko haram are still dealing with you and u are here questioning his capacity, he will swallow Nigeria and her sympathizers

    • Anonymous says:

      Which God? Boko haram is a childish place compare when we’ll carry arm, and God will always be by our side for having endured Nigeria this much. What have we done to Nigeria (hausa, yorubas) that they are hitting us from all angles? God will set nigeria ablaze through biafrans

  5. Anonymous says:

    Truth be told he’s right let’s us all pray…..The politicians are not for the mass interest. #lets us not be gullible this time this year 2019 is the year of correction.

    • Anonymous says:

      Osuji…NNANDI KANU has removed you from OSU CASTE CURSE system on Dec.28th.2018 which characterizes your last name “OSU-JI”….and you are not grateful?.
      I can see your photo background that you live in poverty and squalor.
      Shame on you for mocking MNK !!

    • Anonymous says:

      Manny Oaks, as old as you are, you are even old enough to be my father you don’t have common sense. You are foolish!!!! Stupid idiot that doesn’t know anything, you think those whose surname are Osuji’s are outcaste. You have portrayed your high level of stupidity by judging me with my background. You are useless!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The question should be do Africans want to be free,if yes why are they not supporting Biafra? Africa is like a man bound with a chain and he programmed his brain that that chain is permanent or natural,it makes no difference when the chain is removed and that’s the problem with Africa. Biafra “must come” but it’s only God that will make that possible and God will make it in such a way that we will be totally free from anybody and that will be the last miracle on this planet earth!

    • Anonymous says:

      U don’t even know d meaning of Aboki…..u r an Igbo man and I m a Hausa man from northern Nigeria……and I believe if English is remove from u,u r not going be better than an empty vessel that only knows how to make noise..No gud Aboki is proud of English language…Even the white men meet us with our pen and papers not like animals.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I can’t understand why people will be praying for the destruction of his own country when the people you claim to fight for are currently living does it make sense not at all

  8. Anonymous says:

    I would ask same question again, how many people this man get out of poverty ?? How much does he contribute towards the less privileged people in his side ??
    People should abandon their businesses and come to a place he called Biafra, what will he offer to them ??
    Be wise this man has nothing to offer except destruction to his people.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Chaiii Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will continue to give this ewu Yorubas and Hausa Fulani heart attack. See the way they are vibrating like generator just because of a prophesy from Nnamdi Kanu. Una never see anything yet. More heart attacks to come your way. Get ready to die from it. People with no sense. Is unity by force?? As gullible as all of you are ,, how many of you have brain to even ask your useless government why is that when Boko Haram are slaughtering their useless Soldiers there won’t be any fighter jet or more troops for backup? Why is that it is only after the slaughtering that they will empty helicopters to be hovering around the air? Useless Nigerian Youths. A country that don’t have soldiers and ammunition to combat Boko Haram, but have enough to declared Python dance to everywhere because of the cabals plan to rig election. All this useless Youths has no brain to ask questions. Look at your ages, and look at the old fools that are still ruling you.. They have succeeded in making all of you a ranting rat on social media’s. None of you are ready for revolution to take place because the cabals has drained your brains dead with manipulation. Only when you heard about Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu that you will be opening your dirty mouths to vomiting rubbish. What a wasted generation. For your information, none of you can stop Biafra from coming this time. Nonsense

  10. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Krys Odeje, animal so you are the one who has experienced it before, why I hate and dislike you pig’s is that you never believed anything, look for your information pig’s this man is coming with hell and all of you animials will be no more.

    • Anonymous says:

      Favour Utulor can u stand for war u favour,dd u understand the word “war” u woman saying Nigeria will fall” dd kanu really love u or kwn u as his sister, hope u will b ready to fight d war dat u and ur Lord kanu is praying for, Nigeria is bigger dan kanu and u supporters,igbo can not fall dis country just a tribe,of country of almost 400tribe so u and ur kanu wish is ur god should b careful ok

    • Anonymous says:

      So Adene you will be pleased to hear a good prayer from a man whose people are under SUBJUGATION. I say A BIG Amen to Nnamdi Kanu’s prayer. I add that may the Lord destroy tyrants and blood suckers like you and your President cowhari herdskilling machine in the mighty name of Jesus. AMEEEENOOOOOO

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why won’t I praise the lord when He has performed an unbelievable miracle in my life, he saved my life from HIV through Dr IGUDIA herbal medicine, you can also contact this doctor via call or whatsapp (+2347065289127) for same or similar issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not a physical destruction.
      Amalgamation is not a recognized process by which nations are created.
      There’s a structural defect that must be corrected. A house built upon a faulty foundation cannot stand.
      It’s not about violence or war. It’s about justice and equity. Its about homogeneity and compatibility. Water can not mix with oil.
      It’s about respecting the right of a people to freedom and self determination.
      Unity is voluntary, not forced by the barrel of the gun.
      Some differences are natural, deep rooted l and irreconcilable.

  12. Anonymous says:

    All the people desiring for the downfall of Nigeria unless you have not tasted anything from Nigeria or stepped your foot on the sand of Nigeria that wish you say to a land blessed will come to you and your families. No curse on blessed people. Argue with yourselves and curse yourselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tochukwu Philip no wonder the whites call u people monkeys because u all have no brains. How can u call a country filled with bad and good people zoo and the worst is that they are ur fellow blacks and u think the white man was wrong to us monkeys because we have no brains. How many Europeans have u seen wishing death and destruction for their fellow whites European nation’s? They get United everyday and they can just wake up one day and enslave all of us and we can’t be able to do anything because we hate ourselfs because of our leaders.

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