Why We’re Mobilising 26.7 Million Igbo Voters For Atiku/Obi — EPF

On February 12, 2019 68 Comments

The Eastern Peoples Front, EPF, has disclosed that it is mobilising 26.7 million prospective voters of Igbo ethnic origin for the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his running mate Mr Peter Obi.

EPF said because it is a political activist group concerned with Igbo political affairs, it settled for the PDP Presidential candidate whose ticket provides pathway for Ndigbo in Nigeria.

“Atiku is the only one committed to handing over to Ndigbo and he has pledged to reposition Nigeria because the country has never been as divided as it is now” the group said.

In a press conference in Enugu, Monday, National leader of EPF, Elder Ken Emechebe flanked by former minister for power, Prof Osita Nebo, Senator Azu Agboti from Ebonyi state, Dr Ifedi Okwenna, among other representatives from the south east states, said that the group is in complete agreement with Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s endorsement of Atiku/Obi for this Saturday’s Presidential election.


“Anybody who speaks against Ohanaeze speaks for himself because the Atiku/Obi ticket is the only practical way to Igbo survival in Nigeria.

“President Buhari has done his best but our position is that his best was not good enough for us. His administration treats Igbo like aliens in Nigeria.

“There are 26.7 million registered voters of Igbo origin and we are getting them to vote for Atiku. Our hope is that 16 million of these voters will vote for Atiku,” Emechebe said.

On his own account, Prof Nebo described the suspended National Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Uche Okwukwu and his group that went and presented themselves as faction of Ohanaeze before President Buhari, as charlatans.

Nebo stated that “President Buhari is suffering from Igbofobia. Our people are being slaughtered in their thousands. It is a pathological hatred on Ndigbo. We have no choice for Igbo survival except for Atiku/Obi.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i think if they count the vote well Buhari will win if you guys think that IGBO vote will count for you . let me make it clear to APC and PDP or any other party that IGBOS are boycotting the Elections. is high time you guys get in into your tick heads that IGBOS are not voting for any one . thief thief people. 16 Feb SEAT at HOME

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Where are they registered? This was the mistake lgbos made in 2015. Eggs hatched in one basket. Later,complaints all over South East, Buhari discriminates. Who gives his adversary prior consideration or juicy portfolios in appointments, in the ring of politics? Time to make amend has come and the same ugly trend is rearing its inimical head.

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  8. Anonymous says:


    We are not concerned over who wins the “selection” called election
    We as the indigenous people fully understand that there must be a fool selected to be the winner whether we vote or not.

    The winner is not and would never stop us from restoring Biafra.

    We are boycotting the Election because our votes does not count

    We will not vote because we do not want to take part in the validation of the fraudulent “selection”

    We don’t want to vote because we are not Nigerians

    We will not vote because the candidates are the same people that have killed a lot of our people

    We don’t want to vote because the election is just a formality and not an election in reality.

    We don’t want for because election boycott is a weapon for freedom.

    We will not vote because we can not be bought.

    We will not want to vote because God will be angry with us

    We don’t want to because the candidates are not qualified to rule us.

    We don’t want to vote because we have been so marginalized and we are not regarded as part of the entity.

    We will not vote because we will be conducting the referendum that will aid our secession on the same day.

    We will not vote because we have been denied of every other right and the right to vote is meaningless to us

    We will not vote because we want our voice to be heard.

    We will not vote because there had never been an election without the lose of life in Nigeria.

    We don’t want to vote because the zoo have argued that our numbers can not get us victory in an election.

    We will not vote because of the political structure of Nigeria.

    We will not vote because we are not fools.

    I can go on and on to give you good and genuine reasons why we will not vote.

    while you don’t even know why you want to vote but let’s just end it here.


    • Anonymous says:

      Comr Onyegbula Solomon goat cheese! Who announced the referendum? AU? EU? UN? Washington?
      Just one fool who has taken bribe and will never return here.! Enjoying and eating pussy every morning! No class! Now he’s telling you to sit at home! Wait till he wins again! You’ll sleep in the bush..you think python dance is terrible ? You’ll eat shit! Nnamdi Kanu is a confirmed con artist and a Fulani slave ! He’s taking £3B from a Fulani! literally sold you! Ewu

  9. Anonymous says:

    one Nigeria biafrans was deport from Lagos to Onitsha Head Bridge one Nigeria ipob sit at home arewa youth give biafrans 3months to leave one Nigeria Peter obi rally in abuja hausa fulani youth fight biafrans and burn down Peter obi car’s

    • Anonymous says:

      Obodo Ugwuja which future! Nnamdi Kanu has saved his own! Taken his bribe and enjoying in the UK! As far as buhari remains on seat, he’s never coming here, now who’s the slave ? Check yourself

    • Anonymous says:

      Shaggy Okezie and you forget that you can’t do anything in Nigerian politics without reckoning with the north? Who is a biafran? All of you are enemies of yourselves! Nnamdi Kanu is getting his Dick sucked and having fun after collecting bribe from buhari! He’s telling you to sit at home and not throw out the person who did python dance on you!
      You’re screaming referendum! Has EU spoken to you? Has AU spoken to you? Has UN announced it? Shameless touts

    • Anonymous says:

      IheanyiChukwu S F Still on the subject ****Are you a proud Nigerian, why are you proud of Nigeria?***

      Ababa Nna is an Igbo man who lives in America in response to the above question he wrote:

      “I as an igbo man living in America.
      My 10 reason why I am proud of America.
      1. Good roads everywhere
      2. Dial 911 whenever and wherever you are in trouble, within 5 minutes police will come to rescue you.
      3. I don chop sotee if i see food i go dey fear to eat.
      4. Money or no money, you will be treated first when you fall sick before money.
      5. Since my five years in America, i never sleep without light, never.
      6. Since my five years in America, i never looked for water to drink, water to cook, water to bath and water to do laundry.
      8. I have owned 5 good cars in my 5 years in America, but in Nigeria no bicycle.
      9. I owe over $1,500 in hospital bills for over 4 years, and nobody dey wahala me, after 7 years the debt go uncollectable debt, government will pay it.
      10.i have been given free food for the first time in my life here in America.

      I have never in my life seen any of this things in Nigeria why”

      Editors’ Note: It is very dishearten that for over 20hours this post with the Subject ****Are you a proud Nigerian, why are you proud of Nigeria?*** was made in our various facebook pages and groups no single Nigerian could beat his/her chest and listen 5 things he/she is proud of Nigeria and hence want the continued existence of Nigeria. Even our Atikulated brethren could not give reasons why they should be proud of a country they want its continued existence.

      My question again is, if you can’t list anything good about Nigeria why voting the same people that have been in that office without giving you any reason to say I am a proud Nigerian?
      Can’t you see that you are foolish? Let us try a new thing. **Massively Boycott of this election**

  10. Anonymous says:

    The idiots Atikulaing have forgotten that their own brother, Kingsley Moghalu, is running for the same post Atiku is doing.

    You claim it is for the Igbo interest you are Atikulating, right? Moghalu is Igbo, why are you not Moghalulating?

    Is the position of Vice President better than the President itself? Do you now see how idiotinated you are?

    We don’t insult you, we tell you the truth. If you are Atikulated, then you are Idiotinated too.

    Written by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

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