Of Imo, Okorocha And Gubernatorial Poll

On March 9, 2019 1 Comment

By Chukwudi Ogbu

It’s Saturday morning and election has kicked off in Imo State and some other states in the country. Like every other Nigeria election, the aura is tensed. Electoral materials are moving from the resident electoral commission office to the various wards in the state. It’s a good one that INEC is complaining about logistical problems today. consistency they say, is next to perfection, but I wouldn’t want to say that they are perfect now, but there have been some drastic improvements after the general election in February.

All eyes must be on Imo. It’s an election of too many political big wigs – from Emeka Ihedioha to Hope Uzodinma who is a bone in Okorocha’s throat to another big candidate, a former governor, Ikedi Ohakim, to Ifeanyi Ararume and also the State’s Chief of staff, Uche Nwosu – We must not sit down and watch or liken Imo gubernatorial poll to the the proverbial elephants and the grass, because Imo already, had had it to their neck and it is now the perfect time to bulge out the elephantiasis of the scrotum hanging down between the legs of Imo State.

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Okorocha used to be known as one of the astute and the dogged politicians Nigerians once knew. I remember 2007 presidential election with Yar’adua. He was a major contender. The people loved him. But power they say corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Okorocha has been eaten by the cankerworm of political power so that he is now left like a carcass tormenting the good people of Imo State.


When the biblical Saul disobeyed God, the spirit of God left him and the spirit of depression entered him. Okorocha knows the spirit of love from Imolites is no longer with him, and the only way to cure himself from this depression is to Impose his Son-in-law Uche Nwosu on his people so that he can play to the gallery of his tune. But what happened to Saul in the battle field against Philistia, he was killed. Okorocha and Uche Nwosu will be wounded badly.

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Someone should tell Rochas that Imo state is not Okorocha’s dynasty. The people still have an iota of belonging. They should be allowed to exercise their civic responsibility in deciding on whom to lead them. Imo State is not Lagos State. Oshiomole is certain that Okorocha’s hunger for power will be tamed.

It’s a good that that INEC has said they won’t issue certificate of return to candidates whose result were announced under duress. What this ultimately tells us is that Okorocha will not be given the certificate of return to the National Assembly because his result was announced by the Returning Officer, Prof Innocent Ibeawuchi, under duress. He said his life was threatened. He was held hostage for days before the poll.

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Okorocha dynasty is gradually crumbling and it will definitely meet its Waterloo.

After eight years of unmitigated disaster, the state needs a political thinker, a leader who believes in something, a man consumed by his vision of greatness and a mission to accomplish, a man who sees politics and acquisition of power as a means to an end, the end being the good of the many.

Chukwudi a political analyst writes from Asaba.


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  1. Trust says:

    “Okorocha has been eaten by the cankerworm of political power so that he is now left like a carcass tormenting the good people of Imo State”. Good choice of words. Political godfather’s has begin to crumble,like what we saw in Kwara state, Akwa Ibom, now Imo. Hopefully Lagos will be next.

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