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Open Letter To Nigerian Employers



By Alex Enemanna

Dear distinguished employers,

I bring you warmth greetings from my very humble and most modest capacity as your fellow countryman and a youth who aspire to one day adorn your highly adored cloak of critical stakeholdery in the labour market and by extension our economy generally.

First of all I must express my profound gratitude to all of you in public, private, formal and informal sectors of the economy or any other cycle of employers for engaging the services of one or two individuals in your employ for a fee. You have not only lent a helping hand at lifting the burden of such individuals and giving them an improved living standard, but that of few others who depend on them for one pepper and salt need or the other. You may be aware that in Nigeria, one pocket is equal to legion of mouths.

However, you may be oblivious (safer to assume so) of the fact that there are deep rooted concerns of a scandalously debasing condition of service and poor working atmosphere leading to unavoidable job dissatisfaction, loss of interest, fatigue, low self esteem and dwindling output on the side of your employees. If you listen to them closely in their private discussions by any means you find potent, you will discover that their minds are always green with grouses because of the pseudo or total absence of welfare package, (obviously not limited to cash) to boost their morale. Even though they will cheerfully complete their daily tasks to make you happy, albeit with red hot grudges while pretending that all is well. Such harmonious relationship between you and your employee(s) is always entrenched on the status quo of a deep rooted peace of the graveyard. The one-eyed man automatically assumes position of a king in land of the blind. No thanks to the wobbling labour market. The automated answer to the question “how is work” from the lips of an average Nigerian worker is “we dey push am” a glaring indicator of job fatigue, precipitated by a zero welfare mechanism.


Back in the days, distinguished employers, as elementary students of management, we were regaled with a cliche that the worker or labour force is the greatest asset of any organisation. While this may be as true as the statement itself in other climes, its truthfulness within the Nigerian context can only be measured on a scale of reality of today. The reason is not farfetched; the value of labour in Nigeria is decided by the popular Economics law of demand and supply, as applicable elsewhere in the world. There is no equilibrium between the availability of labour in our country and its demand. While the supply for labour has remained embarrassingly at the rooftop, almost two times the population of some countries in Africa, the demand is at water drop. The number of graduates being offloaded into the already sick and sickening labour market yearly sirs, is a clear pointer that it is no time for tea party.

Acting on this premise, the consumer, in this case you the distinguished employers are in custody of the knife and the yam. The final decision rests on your palm. The power to view the excessively available labour as an asset to your organisation, who should be treated with all dignity and honour or simply as a tools to accomplish set goals, who should be treated with a full blown disdain, levity and disrespect, the way a roadside motor mechanic picks and throws his spanners, is fully domiciled in your discretion discretion.

While you wield these humongous powers, distinguished employers, let me remind you that under the UN charter, these individuals some of you refuse to see as critical to the actualisation of your set goals and objectives, deserve fair treatment in social and commercial matters and their sense of human dignity protected.

Starting from the obnoxious qualifications some of you look out for before engaging these men and women of my generation, one can only ask, is it only an employee that is needed or is there any other thing? If not a joke, or do I say insult taken too far, what else do you call a situation where an employer includes the colour of eye of a potential employee as a requirement? Are you engaging them to come and see how your ancestors are doing in the land of the dead?

Some of you, out of well orchestrated mischief or lack of the fear of God will go about looking for a 21-year old female graduate with green hair, snake dentition, six fingers, 8 years post-graduate experience to come and be your official tea girl for an amount she is not even aware of since there is always no letter of appointment. To begin with, where will such qualification emerge from? Are these important in line with the job schedule in question?

It is worrisome, pathetic, nauseating and ungodly so for that matter, that at a time when people are out of sheer desperation to meet their stomach infrastructural needs are ready to take up anything by the nomenclature “job”, even the ones far lower than their status and academic qualifications, some of you in a bid to wave your flag of authority have continually posit yourselves as the holder of people’s destinies.

The sadistic ones among you will invite hundreds of people for an interview on three employment slots as early as 7am and will never alter a word to them till about 4pm. The luciferic ones will send the security man to go and tell them to go and wait for a later date, while the relatively considerate ones will send the manager to go and pass the message to the frustrated, haggard job seekers.

Why do some of you sir, not have the milk of human sympathy? Do you realise how much some of these job seekers suffered during their days in the higher institutions, NYSC et al? Is there a part of you that is not sensitive to the fact that some of them may have traveled from another state to attend your imaginary interview? Why does it not give you a shred of concern that your activities and actions are sometimes out of touch with human face?

As someone who has so much to tell on the callousness and sometimes the meanness of some of you, seeing these chaps around me complain of unfair treatment in the course of job search or engagement, really arouses a part of me.

It is enough you see it as a subject for testimony in whatever faith you belong to to have a Masters degree holder as your driver for a peanut, why not pull the brake there? Must he also be your gardener, livestock keeper, official laundry man, your wife’s private detective, your children’s and concubines’ driver? Even when these dozen in one jobs are completed, the afflictions of the employee abound. His pay will be a subject of prayer, sometimes added with fasting because of your sudden reluctance to pay. Those of you in the private sector have notoriously distinguished yourselves in all forms of unfair labour practice against your employees.

When x-rayed in the light of Maslow’s five level of human needs and job satisfaction indicators, some of you have performed abysmally poor at meeting the elementary needs of water, food, warmth and rest to your employees, a set of need Maslow called physiological. It is a deliberate attempt to exploit the bleeding labour market for selfish interest, not that you are ignorant of what should be done.

Maslow’s next hierarchy of need which is safety at work place does not exist in Nigeria. He is of the opinion that every worker deserves protection from elements, should have a sense of security, order, law, stability and freedom from fear. Job security especially with those of you in the private sector does not exist. You hire, fire, rehire and refire at will. Where you are not available to do that, your girlfriends do it and offer the explanation later. The worker’s mind is usually gripped with fear of uncertainty and imminent unprovoked disengagement.

If the meager amount you give your employees in the name of salaries was stable and ever handed in good condition, you will always get the best out of them. Nigerian workers are not difficult to please. But what you see is a situation where a cold hearted employer will deliberately travel to wherever for God knows how long without making provision for the payment of workers, running into months. This is even as he fritters the resources made by these workers with strange women at will, funding a wastefully ostentatious and luxurious lifestyle to the detriment of the real makers of the money who have family members to carter for.

A friend who recently concluded her NYSC scheme was narrating to me few days ago how her employer deducts her salary of N30k with impunity for excuse bordering on lateness and other flimsy trivials. She said in a good month, she may be lucky to go home with 25k but in a bad month, she parts with 20k. This is even as she expressed worry that the pay is not enough to take care of her basic needs. Sadly, this is what a typical Nigerian worker passes through daily in your hands. Motivation is a Haram as far as you are concerned. Instead, you choose to unmotivate, fully aware that another person is already standing by to grab the opportunity. Some of you are quick to punish deviance but very dormant, almost dead at rewarding excellent performance.

We are confronted with a situation where our precious graduates are being under utilized. Their academic training ends up in the paper where it is written while in the actual practice, it is subsumed by the quest for anything that will pay bills. Scientists who should help proffer solutions to myriads of challenges confronting us are either working as caregivers in one Nursery school or the other or serving in one Calabar kitchen as a waiter.

This has brought about reduction in the value of graduateship. Before now, “don’t you know I’m a graduate” was a cliche to bargain for improved welfare at work. The value has steadily dropped to the extent that the sugarcane hawker who just acquired a new wheelbarrow needs a graduate to be his sales person. Dear distinguished employers, is it good?

According to an American psychologist, Frederick Herzberg, people’s job satisfaction depends on two kinds of factors, factors for satisfaction and factors for dissatisfaction. Under his factors for satisfaction, he enumerated performance, recognition, job status, responsibility and opportunities for growth as enablers. Under his factors for dissatisfaction, he listed salary, secondary working conditions, the relationship with colleagues, physical work place and the relationship between supervisor and employee.

What this means is that job satisfaction is not only predicated on financial reward. When measured in Herzberg’s factor for satisfaction and dissatisfaction, some of you can favourably compete with the devil as enemies of your employees. They have deliberately refused to create the enabling environment for their employees to grow, while mindlessly starving him other things that will keep him motivated. You need to grant them opportunity to improve and upgrade themselves academically, through skills acquisition and training, so that even after their sojourn with you, they could be useful somewhere else.

The total saturation of the labour market today is one big enabler of the aggressive rush through any available means out of the country. The mass migration of our youths in quest for greener pasture has come with its own global ridicule and shame on our dear country in particular and Africa in general. While the whites have adopted measures within their arsenal to checkmate the influx of black migrants, our people have continued to advance their Machiavellian crookery to find themselves in oyibo land, just to beat the scourge of poverty which has characterise the beautiful continent. Those who can’t go this route have found solace in sundry criminality.

The umbrella body of workers, the Nigerian Labour Congress unfortunately has been on a constant squabble for one leadership tussle or the other. The unity that will be a driving force for the welfare of our workers is conspicuously lacking. The private sector worker is usually not fathomed in NLC’s equation when they finally choose to come together. This has enabled some of you to walk home with blue murder. You regulate yourself without any form of interference and unilaterally take a decision on what you should make of your workers.

I know you wield enormous power as far as the labour market is concerned. I’m only appealing to you to please remember that in whatever you do, there is a reward for it. You can do better than you are currently doing. Banks, telecommunication companies, insurance companies etc, while your power to offload your workers cannot be questioned, always do so with a scintilla of the fear of God. Pay them their entitlements and whatever that is due to them to enable them plan a new chart for themselves and family members.

Learn to see your employees as sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. Create an opportunity for them to feel needed in the organization. Speak to them kindly and with decent words. Always not assume that you have arrived because the world is very dynamic. The table can turn just any time. Try and work out something nice for your employees so that you will find peace with your conscience and creator. Be rest assured that your children and children’s children will be there tomorrow to reap whatever you sow today. Sow wisely.

Enemanna Is An Abuja Based Journalist

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Who Is Afraid Of Amotekun?



By Azuka Onwuka

In the past 10 days, about 100 people were killed by Boko Haram, bandits and highway kidnappers in different parts of northern part of Nigeria. The Emir of Potiskum escaped being kidnapped by spending the night in the forest, but some of his aides were killed. However, these killings were not the key issue in the news last week. The key issue was the declaration of illegality given by the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr Abubakar Malami, to the launch the South-West Security Network, code-named Operation Amotekun. Not only Malami opposed the launch of the security outfit. The Miyetti Allah Kaute Hore, a cattle breeders’ association, also opposed it.

Interestingly, most of the opponents of Operation Amotekun are northerners whose territory has been a source of serious security concern for many years now. There has never been any plan by the proponents of Operation Amotekun to move to the North in the exercise of their security duties. They will only operate within the states of the South-West. One then wonders why anybody from the North should be worried about it when there are enough things of worry to occupy the person. The issue of securing the South-West has sadly been made to look like a case of North vs South.

Given the level of insecurity in Nigeria and the number of casualties recorded every week, especially in the North where three dreaded groups operate, one would think that every Nigerian would gladly welcome any initiative that would help to check the activities of criminals in Nigeria. However, it is often said that with the exception of the gay issue, every national issue polarises Nigeria into North and South.

Our military are overstretched and war-weary. Our police are overstretched too and unable to cope with the diverse and complex nature of the security challenges facing Nigeria from different zones. And like former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar said over the weekend, in his support for the launch of Operation Amotekun, local policing has become a necessity as a result of the “obvious inadequacies of the federal police to effectively deal with these rapidly growing security challenges.”

The former presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the added: “The police are more likely to be effective in areas where they are well known and trusted by the local communities who in turn are willing to share information about known criminals and criminal activities, thereby foiling those crimes before they are even carried out…


“In the envisaged new order, states and local governments shouldn’t be reduced to peripheral players in policing and security matters. When local police structures are closest to the grassroots, emergency response will be more effective than the current unwieldy chain of command that renders local government chairmen ineffective when their people are under attacks.”

The most ridiculous aspect of the opposition to the launch of Operation Amotekun was the threat that by its launch, the South-West may lose the opportunity to produce the president of Nigeria in 2023. This came from Alhassan Salleh, national secretary of the Miyetti Allah Kaute Hore. It is a way of telling the people of the South-West that if they want to be given the opportunity to produce the president in 2023, they have to leave their zone porous to make it easy for their people to be massacred. One wonders if a dead person can be president.

It is this sort of subtle blackmail that has made the South-West to virtually turn to the lamb since 2015, ignoring all the threats to their people. On July 19, 2016 I had written an article titled, “Something strange is happening in South-West”, to buttress this strange behaviour of playing the lamb led to the slaughter in a bid to be considered good by the North “to inherit the kingdom of Nigeria.” Some people even added a ridiculous dimension to the debate by telling me that I would not succeed in making them clash with the North.

One wonders how protecting one’s home should equate to fighting with the North. Can a zone be only said to be friends of the North if it does not complain or react when its people are killed? What type of friendship is that?

The biggest threat to security in Nigeria since 2015 has been the fear that protecting one’s people means fighting against the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.). Governors and other key politicians have been afraid to complain or take measures to protect their people against the killer herdsmen because of this fear. Few governors like Samuel Ortom of Benue and Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti who tried to take action against the killer-herdsmen faced stiff opposition from Nigerian security agencies as if they were the aggressors. Rather than being supported to protect their people, they were threatened and harassed by the security agencies.

This confirms the views of many that the worsening security situation in Nigeria has the backing of government in one form or the other. In March 2018, Lt Gen Theophilus Danjuma (retd.) had said: “The armed forces are not neutral. They collude with the armed bandits. They kill people, kill Nigerians. They facilitate their movements, they cover them. If you depend on the armed forces to stop the killings you will all die one by one…. I ask everyone one of you to be alert and defend your territory, your state. You have nowhere else to go.” If anybody should know about what is happening in Nigeria security-wise, it should be Danjuma, a former Minister of Defence and Chief of Army Staff.

Thankfully, the support for Operation Amotekun has been swelling. Groups from the South-East, South-South, North-Central as well as individuals from many parts of Nigeria have given support to it. Interestingly, those with different political views from the mainstream APC in the South-West have been the strongest supporters. That points to the fact that life comes first before politics.

The words from the governors of the South-West have shown that they are not ready to be cowed or blackmailed into backing off the plan to secure the South-West. The level and depth of insecurity that the North-East and North-West have faced should not be wished on any zone. The regular kidnapping of people on the highways in the South-West is a warning that all is not well. The killing of Mrs Funke Olakunri, daughter of Afenifere leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, in July last year seemed to have jolted the governors out of their slumber.

For me, the South-West should take all possible measures to safeguard its zone for my selfish reasons. I live in the South-West. Because I love to drive between the South-West and South-East, I have to drive through Ogun and Ondo states. One cannot guarantee that one would not meet highway kidnappers on the way. I occasionally have projects that take me through the South-West. In recent times, I have been wary of undertaking such trips within South-West. If these highway kidnappers embarked on intelligence gathering on their targets, I would not be a target because I am not a high net-worth individual. But their modus operandi is weird.

The South-West governors should immediately individually send bills to their respective state House of Assembly to pass a law legalising the security network in each state.

The issue of bearing of arms by members of the Operation Amotekun is also a major one. Using batons to battle well-armed criminals is suicidal. People’s children and husbands should not be sent on such a suicide mission. Just as many different vigilance groups are allowed to bear arms, the operatives of Operation Amotekun should bear arms. Thankfully, the police had given support to the group. They should work closely with the police to make the South-West safe.

— You can Onwuka on Twitter @BrandAzuka

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‘Regional Security Organisation In The South East Is A Child Of Necessity’



By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

I decided to make another round of case for a regional security organization in the South East of Nigeria in other to remind the political leaders of the region that evil is already in their midst. This will be the last time I will ever attempt to drum up support for this issue. One thing I have come to understand about the leaders of this region is that they are too lukewarm and cowardly disposed when it comes to confronting matters that is strangulating to death the interest of their people. There is this Igbo maxim that say: only an irresponsible person will run after a black goat in the night. For one not to be cut up in the middle of nowhere there is need to arrest a pressing situation before it blows out of proportion and consume everyone.

The Nigeria of today is full of unimaginable surprises. When a section of the country now possesses the prerogative power to determine who forms any group or who becomes the President then one begins to wonder if there is any difference between a banana republic and Nigeria. In a country where terrorists are treated with kids glove while peaceful agitators are massacred with AK47 and even in most cases bathed with chemical weapon, there is every need to bale the water while it’s still an ankle deep. The aim of my message is neither to open old wounds nor to inflict fresh ones. It is a divine mandate, designed to wake every lucid mind in the South East region with the bitter and incontrovertible truth.

Time and events have proven that truly Nigeria belongs to an uneducated tribe, while the other educated tribes in the country are slaves and must bow to the command of uneducated arrogant demagogues. Sometime ago a vituperative leader in this country once said that Nigeria is the estate of their father and they must ruthlessly do everything humanly possible to make sure it doesn’t slip away from their hand. Fifty nine years after independence, the story has been the same. There is no record of unity, peace and progress. The nation has been enmeshed in all manner of ethnic jingoism, killings, tribal warfare, economic terrorism and political parochialism. Nigeria has been nothing but a skeletal shadow.

In natural law, I was made to understand that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. From time immemorial, this law applies in all human interactions and has become one of the yardstick for measuring fairness and equity in all social stratum. Unfortunately the revise is the case with Nigeria. While a section of the country is qualified to own all the oil wells, control the Presidency and the coercive apparatus of the state, the rest exist to applaud and lick their filthy anus. This reocuring ugly incident of a section of the country attempting to lord and intimidate the rest is becoming so visible and embarrassing. It is really a mockery on collective intelligence that an infinitesimal group in a nation will be bold to tell others when to eat and when not to eat.

The horrible security situation in Nigeria calls for a thorough regional introspection. There is no day that passes without one hearing stories of how terror movements and other bandits killed and displaced hundreds and thousands of people from their communities, and these are happening in a country where there are functional security agencies who are paid with the tax payers money to maintain absolute security. There are recorded cases of Fulani bandits kidnapping and raping aged women in their farmlands. The one that happened in Ebonyi State which was widely reported by media houses is a clear testament. The same carnage is on-going in Enugu, Imo, Anambra and Abia states. No arrest has been made and the governing powers have not held anyone accountable for all these heinous crimes. These killers and terrorists appears to be above the law because there seems to be some level of conspiracy from the top to shield them from prosecution


Moreover, the lopsided structure of Nigeria and its security architecture is a larger signature to the fact that nobody is safe in the country. The Fulani tribe is in charge of the police, army, DSS, civil defense, customs, Navy and Immigration. It’s all about the government of the Fulani, by Fulani and for the Fulani. Other extractions of the country have been displaced from the national security formation.
When it comes to security and beyond, the South East region has been jettisoned. The only thing that works in the region is the mounting of road blocks from one pole to another by haggard and poorly trained security agents. Coordination of various military operations (like operation Python dance), extortion, killing and illegal arrest of motorists who refuses to part with their hard earned money on the numerous checkpoints littered all over the region is categorically seen as an act of gallantry.

However, there can’t be and will never be one Nigeria when some selfish and backward folks have chosen to arrogate power to themselves. There can’t be one Nigeria when there is no sea port and international airports in the South East. It is sheer deceit and folly for anyone to say there is one Nigeria when the Hisbah police and Civilian JTF in the North are legal while in other regions of the country such organizations are deemed illegal.

Nigerians don’t need to be told that one of the major reasons that have compelled the various regions of the country to establish indigenous security organizations is because the centre cannot longer hold. The security architecture in the country has been crippled by dead woods and ethnic chauvinism; hence the regions are now left to source for concrete alternatives for self preservation. The police and the army as presently constituted have stupendously failed to secure the people.

It will be bad and very regrettable that the South East leaders will fold their hands and watch while other regions of the country assiduously work to protect lives and property of their people in the face of this terror that is escalating in the country. It is necessary to constitute a viable regional security organization. It is a child of necessity. There is Hisbah police and JTF in the North, while there is Amotekun in the West. Thus, South East region shouldn’t be left behind in this self preservation mechanism. Political leaders from the South East must synchronize and push for the formation of an indigenous security outfit. Anything short of the above suggestion will continue to put the region in the radar of killers who maim and kill with impunity. My suggestion is not an attempt to be divisive and sadistic, but the reality on ground is what I’m laying bare for every reasonable mind to embrace.

In conclusion, I will quote professor Farooq Kperogi’s commentary of 18th January, “It’s irrelevant if Amotekun is constitutional or unconstitutional. You need to be alive to read the constitution. Only the living debate legality and constitutionality. The seemingly never-ending widening and deepening of the theaters of bloodshed in the country, occasioned by the unrestrained sanguinary fury of homicidal marauders, in the face of the inability or unwillingness of federal security forces to protect lives has made Amotekun an issue on which most people in the Southwest won’t compromise”.

I will advise all stakeholders from the South East to take a leaf from professor Farooq Kperogi’s commentary. Decisive measures should be taken to ensure the safety of the region. There is no room to start arguing the legality and illegality of setting up such security organization. Self preservation is a basic instinct in human beings and animals. A Stitch in time saves nine.

  • Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a political analyst, investigative and freelance journalist. You can reach him via

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Project 002: The Wonders Of Nigeria (Clinical View)




By Ikechukwu Agada

When duty calls, the vast majority of men sprout emergency wings and fly away to safer heavens where the clarion call of service cannot reach. An anonymous cocoon might be a good temporary place to hide away from the missiles and derision of traducers but it is no permanent place for a champion and certainly not as roomy as a palatial home.

The Southeast and Southsouth leaders should as a matter of solidarity constitute its own community security outfit similar to Western Nigeria Security Network codenamed(Operation Amotekun) to show southern oneness and to declare the Nigerian Security Agencies incompetent of protecting the life and properties of its citizenry which is the cardinal objective of any responsible government as enshrined in the constitution. The current Nigerian Security architecture dressed in a tribal gown cannot guarantee the safety of life and properties.

Earth Shaking! Grand Breaking! Mind boggling! Ordinarily, these terms are used as exaggerations but on this creative innovation(Operation Amotekun), they could even be said to be understatements. When you think of Nigeria and its stupefying wonders, you cannot but believe that there are a lot of mudslinging and tirades that comes with the terrain of politicking.

It is therefore no coincidence that the Northern Youths and Miyetti Allah who are the unofficial spokespersons of the Presidential Cabal would flippantly unleashed missiles against this responsible community security outfit structured to save lives. It is unpatriotic and abuse of office to declare Amotekun illegal without the law courts. Every citizen has the right to protect himself or herself. Such illegality should also be extended to civilian JTF in the Northeast and Hisbah police in the North. Those opposed to the security outfit are insensitive to the plight of people suffering from insecurity.

The Southeast and Southsouth leaders should outwit the bobby trap of the Northern Oligarchs by fronting its own security outfit via the State Houses of Assembly to colour it with constitutionality. The greatest threat to the community security outfit is not the vocal Northern Groups and their sponsors but desperate 2023 Presidential Secret Southern Conspirators who are overwhelmed by political correctness and fear of being viewed with restructuring lenses(Anti-North). These ambitious men do not want to offend their Northern masters. This conspiracy played out during the inauguration of the Western Security Outfit where a top Presidential hopeful from the Southwest after observing the body language of the Presidential Cabal instructed his three coronated governors to steer clear of the venue in an apparent loyalty to the northern forces allegedly sharing presidency. He flew to Aso Rock to have a conversation with the President to technically exonerate himself of any possible backlash arising from the initiative in order to advance his candidacy. Those who are hobnobbing with these northern power brokers should learn from the political calamity that befell some former confidants of these men in total obedience to the wonders of Nigeria.


The just concluded Supreme Court pronouncement is not only a 9th wonder of Nigeria but a doctored political miracle which can only happen in the giant of Africa’s soil. The former Eastern Heartland’s helmsman was axed because of his total loyalty to the then ruling party where he held the reins of power as Deputy Speaker Federal House of Representatives. Similar fate awaits his boss the then speaker who is now a governor except by divine intervention to punish them for frustrating legislations encouraging Project 002 conspiracy theory. All the arguments and prayers in support of this Marlian judgement are mere political cosmetics conjured by integrity stunted jurists.

A courtesy visit to the top Nigerian Agencies and Parastatals will leave you with official shock because they are peopled with certain tribe from head to bottom(Organogram) making you wonder if “One Nigeria” still exist.

It is high time the Southern leaders revisits the native intelligence deployed by their sages like Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Ajayi Crowther, etc to beat a smart retreat because the North preserved and uses leadership ethos they mastered from their patriarchs like Ahmadu Bello and Usman Dan Fodio to distribute influence.

The outcome of the Amotekun Debate will shape the 2023 political games as those in support and against will be profiled. This is why most Gubernatorial and Presidential hopefuls are being careful of speaking out on the matter for fear of victimisation. If the South loses the battle to stamp its feet on this community security outfit(Which the Core North interpretes as restructuring in disguise) then the alleged Southern Presidency will die a natural death (because insecurity can never birth credible elections) and Project 002 will be fast tracked.

If the illegality tag handed on Operation Amotekun is not removed despite Southwest leaders responsible and objective dialogue approach, then “ONE NIGERIA” will remain the tallest wonder ever recorded in the history of the world. Nigeria obviously needs rebooting.


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