Scape-Goating Of A Common Man Over N355million Fraud By First Bank [Part 1]

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…The Untold Story of the Criminals in FIRST BANK

Growing up, I know that evil existed but I had thought that its existence was limited to the movies and the make-believe world. When this evil presently directed at me started I had thought that those involved were aliens exhibiting their wickedness on a human but I woke up in the cell to discover that these people were actually my bosses in office or do I say my co-workers? Yes! These people are not aliens! These are people that I have never had any quarrel with before. These are people I have taken as brothers and sisters and will do anything to fight for if they were to be accused of any crime. They are people who have in my presence insulted and bad mouthed the ruling class as been evil, little did I know that these people are worst than those they accuse. Truly, this world is full of evil! Yes! This world is deep.

These people have truly dealt with me. I have been to hell and back. However, my tormentors seems determined that they will never let me be until am dead. I must confess that I am dying gradually. Yes! I have always tried to disbelief that what I see daily is death but for how long can one deny the truth especially when it’s staring you in the face? I have always thought that these people can only torment me but it’s obvious that these people are determined to ‘’eliminate’’ me by all means. I now fear for my life and this is why I have decided to tell my story. In case I DO NOT MAKE IT. God forbid! I want the Public to be aware of my battles these years as I fear that these people may succeed in ‘’eliminating’’ me. At least let the public be in the know. I also use this opportunity to ask that you do not cry for me in case they succeed. Who has cry helped? Same tears that I have been sharing for the past 6 years that it now seems non is left? Well! I have from today decided to MAN UP and accept my fate that the evil befalling me is my fault. Yes! I now only have 2 entities to blame: Myself and my ancestors.

My ancestors because they allowed me to be born without a “name” and myself because I allowed my person to be born a common man or what else do you want me to say? The only thing I want from you is to ensure that justice is done in this case whether I live or not.


Yes! It’s now obvious to me that I actually underestimated the forces that I was actually in battles with. These people are well connected and are masters at pulling behind the scenes stings. They seem so saintly in public but these people are something else in private. And when their evil is 100 percent perfectly supported by the ALMIGHTY FIRST BANK NIGERIA PLC? Then you can be rest assured that hardly can any common man like me withstand their ‘’elimination targets’’. Off course, a common man like me stands no chance. However, as far as I live, I will continue to fight for my rights and life as I have not offended any man.

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My name is Humphrey Darlington Omeli ‘’Male’’ ‘’a Christian’’ ‘’Single’’. Am from Ezeagu local govt area of Enugu State. I live at No.2, Anjorin Close, Market, Okokomaiko, Ojo, Lagos or do I say that I used to live in the above address?

Most times I think that what is happening to me is a dream but alas it’s not. I have come to the conclusion that no dream can be this long. No! This must still be dream or is my own case different? Or is it not same work that others go and return home in peace that I have not returned home since September 25th, 2013 that I left my house? I still recall everything that has happened (and continues to happen) just like it happened yesterday.

Just like everyone, I left my house to work on the above referenced date. I worked as a Dispatch Rider at Institutional Banking Group (IBG) department of FIRST BANK, Iganmu branch, as a contract staff from SANDY MGT. CONSULTANTS LTD. A Job I had done since 1st December, 2010. That as a Dispatch Rider, my routine duties include delivering documents specified by my superiors to various officers within the branch, Head Office or to clients within Lagos State as stated in my deployment letter. Such specified documents are expressly handed to me for dispatch by my superiors. More often than not, the documents are dropped for my attention at IBG’s department‘s printer, or on any vacant space table in the department and then pointed out to me by the originator of such document(s).

At the material time to this incident; Mrs. MOJISOLA MAJASAN was the Business Manager for IBG of First Bank – Iganmu Branch. While Mr ABIMBOLA JAIYESIMI was the Relationship Manager in-charge of the account of a customer known as ‘OLAM NIGERIA LTD’ directly opposite the branch.

At about 8.ooam on 25/09/2013, I resumed work as usual and was in the driver’s room away from our department taking my breakfast when ABIMBOLA summoned me to dispatch some documents. I requested him to sign a transport claim of #500 naira for the trip and equally allow me finish my meal which he obliged. I equally drew his attention to another bunch of documents dropped by one Mrs. KELECHI OGBUEYI (another Relationship Manager at IBG on a vacant table the previous day 5.00pm 24/09/2013) which must be dispatched that same morning to our various customers but ABIMBOLA instructed me to first dispatch his own documents as top most priority that morning, and later notified me that he would leave the documents on the top of his printer for me to collect after meal. As I headed to the driver’s room to finish my meal, a man known as Mr. MIKE – A Staff of OLAM NIGERIA LTD came in and went to discuss with Mr. ABIMBOLA.

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As expected, I hurried through my meal and returned to collect those documents for dispatch but Mr. ABIMBOLA and Mr. MIKE had both gone. Among the documents which ABIMBOLA kept for me at his printer are: – RISK ASSESSMENT DOCUMENTS, BID DOCUMENTS, AND FOUR (4) FUND TRANSFER INSTRUCTION FORMS which originated from the account of OLAM NIGERIA LTD.

The four (4) fund transfer forms were duly endorsed with IBG department’s stamp, signed by Abimbola and attentioned to the Operation Manager to treat. The (4) transfer forms were for the transfer of funds totalling N355 million naira from Olam Nigeria Ltd’s account to four different corporate accounts with Olam’s original letter heading which originated from four different departments with its separate stamps and signatures properly executed on each of the transfer instructions.

Off course, I made photo copies of all the documents, including the transfer forms with the assumptions that Mr. MIKE must have brought them, and I submitted same to the Operations Secretary. I ensured she acknowledged receipt of it as customarily done, before setting out to dispatch other documents at the Head office Marina, Flourmills Apapa, Golden Sugar Tincan First gate, 7ups Bottling Company IJora, and finally NBC Iddo Plant (Nigerian Bottling Company). I was still delivering documents at NBC – IDDO when (Mr. ABIMBOLA JAIYESIMI and Mrs. KELECHI OGBUEYI) called my phone in quick succession, summoning me back to the branch saying they have more urgent documents for me.

I quickly abandoned everything and rushed back to the office as instructed. I got to the branch around 2:50pm, where I met only Mrs. KELECHI in our department and thereafter handed the acknowledgement copies of all the documents that I delivered for the day including the four (4) Transfer Instructions and some undelivered documents belonging to BAGCO-MOR -PACK at Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos of which she had to call on the department driver; Mr. Samson to go deliver the remaining ones. Thereafter, she thanked me for properly dispatching her documents and afterwards started asking how I came across the transfer forms, I then informed her that it belonged to Mr. Abimbola and she collected the copies with others. We were still talking when Mrs. Mojisola called and instructed me to report to IBG Head Office at No.35 Marina Lagos and I did though after collecting N500 for transport claim from Mrs. Kelechi.

I got to IBG department at First Bank Head Office Marina around 3:30pm but had to wait till 6.00pm as the Secretary; Mrs. FELICIA informed me that they were in a meeting. Not long after that, Mr. Abimbola emerged from IBG Board Room and to my utmost surprise took me aside and asked about the transfer Forms. After my explanation on how I submitted them that morning, he then told me that: I SHOULD JUST ADMIT SUBMITTING THE (4) FUND TRANSFER FORMS IN ERROR IF I WERE TO BE QUESTIONED ABOUT IT BY ANY ONE. When I requested to know what was amiss with the transfer Forms, he requested me not to ask any questions but “Just Admit submitting the forms in error and all will be well”.

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I therefore sensed something was fishy in the manner Abimbola was urging me to make a blanket admission, so I insisted that I would explain the whole facts about the transfer forms to anyone who asks me about the issue. But alas Abimbola became visibly angry due to my stance.

While we were still discussing, Mrs. Mojisola emerged from one of the offices and came to us. After talking with Mr. Abimbola in low tone, she asked me to go and wait at the SECURITY DEPARTMENT. Shortly afterwards, she came in and also attempted persuading me to admit submitting the transfer forms in error if questioned by anyone about them.

On that note, I had to request both of them at the presence of the Head of Security to Kindly explain to me what was actually going on with those forms, but Mrs. Mojisola instead of answering me got enraged as she felt I was delaying their time but just then, the Head of SECURITY DEPARTMENT had to intervene by trying to calm her down. At this juncture, I was ordered to sit farther from them in same room while the duo spoke in low conspiratorial tones as I kept wondering what the fuse was all about.

Surprisingly, i was never questioned by any other senior staff nor our group-head and his secretary at the Head Office till the close of business that day.

At about 7:30pm, Abimbola and Mojisola departed, leaving me with the security men who then asked me to make a statement on the issue. It was just then at the Security Department that i learnt that a fraud of about N355million was perpetrated with the 4 transfer forms.

Later that same night, the BAR-HEADED-MAN who is the head of Security men handed me over to another security man called Mr. ABIDEMI, who finally smuggled me downstairs and thereafter to THE LION BUILDING POLICE STATION where I slept that night.

What will happen at the Police Station?

Stay Tuned For Part 2 Friday 05-04-2019 as the Story Continues with Undisputable Evidences.

Omeli Humphrey Darlington can however be reached on = 08035280465


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