Please Stop Marrying Teenagers! By Activist PW Ikemefuna

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There are many broken homes today cause of early marriage.

The law of nature has it that, a lady must leave where she grew, when she matures into adulthood, she leaves both the environment & the house to a new place, where she will form a new home of her own choice with the man of her heart.

The implication of marrying a teenager is that, there is 75% tendency of her leaving you, after when she matures into adulthood in your home, cause at that juncture she is still not an adult, despite her body full of sings of maturity,

Adulthood gives her another phase of life that she has never seen before, & at that point, she desires to face the reality of life by leaving the environment where she is,


_If she has gotten married by then, she will start feeling as if she is in prison.

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_ she will realize that dreams & vision is different from marriage & will desire to pursue it, which the husband may not support.

_ she will be tired of your money & love, all she needs is to catch the reality of her life, when she looks at her mates who have fulfilled destiny, she will be hurt, feel cheated & inferior, she will develop hatred on you.

_ at that point the only thing that gives her joy is her children not you anymore, she will start saying in her heart, my children will not be like me, they will be outstanding, I will not allow them to marry early like I did.
Then mind you, your home is broken already.

Menstruation & ovulation is not a good sign of adulthood, is just a process of maturity, which starts from the body to the mind.

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The real maturity is the maturity of the mind, which occurs at the adulthoodship not at teenage level.

In most cases some teenagers in their husband’s home, will like to catch some funs with other men out there, reason is (be)cause:

_ as you broke her virginity earlier before getting to adult stage, mind you that she has no strength to control her feelings.

_ a sex at teenage level gives room for marathon fun, & peradventure you go to work in the morning & comes back late at night, yet you might not be a lovely husband, meanwhile she is on WhatsApp, Facebook, tweeter, Instagram & other social media platforms.

_ Believe you me that she can’t withstand the pressure & forces coming to her from within & from the social media.

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If she doesn’t know what to do, she will engage on online dating & when you finally see her chats, then u will send her home.

Marriage is not for boys, is for men & not for girls, is for ladies.

Marrying a teenager is a crime to nature & bridging the principle of womanhood.

Please if you love a teenager, send her to school, build her future for her, cause she depends on you to achieve her goals.

Stop abusing her, maybe she is from a poor family & they are looking for help with no option than for her to marry.


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